I. Everyday Part 1

Everyday Essentials I

Everyday items I

I. Daily

1. Collar and leash

If you usually take your dog out, a collar and leash are essential for the safety of passersby. Dog collars are made of leather or synthetic leather and are used to cover the dog’s neck to control its behavior. They are divided into general type and flea removal type according to their use. The flea-removal type contains medication that fleas smell and immediately escape. It is also popular nowadays.

[2. Clean bone]

Cleaning bones are also a very popular dog product. One is made of hard plastic that looks like a bone. The surface has many bumps to clean the dog’s teeth. When the dog bites, the bumpy substance rubs against the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and the teeth to remove tartar and food debris and food scraps. To make the dog love to bite, add flavoring element. Many dogs love it.

3. Plush toys

There are many different kinds of stuffed toys, and you can choose a toy based on the size of your dog. A plush toy that has the appearance of an animal. When the dog is at home, he can play with the toy by patting, biting, and otherwise playing with it. Sometimes I want the owner to throw the toy and pick it up quickly. It is a good companion for the dog and a good tool for the owner and dog to develop a bond.


I. Everyday Part II

Everyday essentials II

Everyday items II

[4. eating utensils]

One is made of ceramic or metal and is designed to provide food equipment for dogs. For the sake of your dog’s hygiene, do not throw food on the floor and fill it in a special container before feeding. Because domesticated dogs are not as resistant to bacteria, they are susceptible to digestive diseases. Owners should remember to clean their food equipment daily, otherwise immunocompromised dogs can easily get sick.

[5. Toothbrush]

A dog toothbrush is similar to a regular human toothbrush and cleans your dog’s mouth and removes odors. It prevents oral diseases such as tartar, periodontitis and stomatitis, and also has a good effect of removing bad breath. For puppies and kittens in the dental growth period, they can promote healthy dental growth and development. Cleans the mouth and freshens breathing while enhancing your pet’s appetite. Safe and edible. But not many people buy them for their dogs anymore.

[6. Biting the rope]

A dog bite leash is an item that has a plain piece of rope tied at both ends for your dog to bite. It makes it easy to clean a dog’s mouth. There is also a form that is spherical. It is very hard and does not break easily. It can help play a fast-growing role. Biting rope is indispensable in dog toys to avoid the dog’s habit of chewing on things! It is used in the same way as a fleece toy, but mainly for large dogs.

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Dogs protect their teeth in practically the same way as humans, especially older dogs, due to the increase in tartar and dental bacteria that can easily destroy tooth structure and interfere with a dog’s ability to chew properly. At the same time, the dog’s mouth gives off an odor and owners don’t want to go near it. Although chewing bones can also be cleaned, cleaning will leave new food residue. That’s why cleaning teeth with non-decaying plastic is effective.


II. Bathing Part 1

Bathing supplies one

Bathing supplies I

II. Bathing chapter

Daily restoration keeps your dog’s coat healthy, but sometimes it is necessary to give your dog a bath if he rolls on smelly objects. When you give your dog a bath, you should have the following tools:

[1. Bath tub]

Please prepare a dog-friendly bathtub according to the size of the dog. If it is a large dog, you can let the dog stand in the bathroom. Increase the edge design to reduce the possibility of throwing water, small bathtub also increases the security of the dog when bathing, space can easily cause tension in the dog, whether it is usually a bath, help the dog to wash the fragrance spa, add some essential oil, or skin disease long fleas when you need a medicinal bath, the depth of the bathtub is more suitable than the human bathtub or basin. There are many kinds of bathtubs, but you can choose according to your preference. A good bathtub will also make your dog love bathing.

2. Pet Shampoo

Similar to human shampoos, but with different ingredients than the shampoos people commonly use. It is recommended that you are better off using pet shampoo. It is best not to use it on pets. Pet shampoos also come in many different types, which are described in more detail below.

3. Large cup

When bathing with your dog, you can use it to lather your dog after giving him a shampoo. Scoop the water with one hand and gently rub the dog’s hair with the other.


II. Bathing Part II


Bathing supplies II

Bathing supplies II

[4. Towel]

Please prepare a special towel for your dog and use it to absorb excess water for your dog. Unlike regular towels, this post-bath must-have quickly absorbs 90% of the water in your pet’s hair, prevents your pet from catching a cold, and prevents owners from throwing away drops after your pet’s bath! Can replace expensive pet water dryer. Remember not to mix dog and human towels, otherwise you can easily get sick. Please keep your dog’s towel separate. It is best to choose soft towels.

[5. Cotton swabs]

When bathing a dog, water can easily reach the dog’s ears. To prevent your dog’s ears from getting infected, you can wipe your dog’s ear canal with a cotton swab after bathing, rotating it slowly and with gentle movements. Natural herbal extracts pure and natural, lemon essential oil balancing oil secretion, juniper berries essential oil antiseptic and detoxifying, and tea tree essential oil anti-inflammatory and astringent pores are injected into the tube to effectively repel ear mange Regular use can protect your pet’s ears from emitting natural fragrance. It prevents ear scabies infection and ear itching without the side effects of antibiotics and steroids.

6. Hair dryer

Once all of the above is done, finally use a warm air blower to dry your dog’s coat, which will allow it to dry faster and reduce skin diseases in your dog. Do not use cold or too hot air. Professional air duct heating body thermostat, adjust to the gear, the temperature no longer rises, another high safety factor overheating automatic disconnection sterling silver temperature control. Not only heating bracket using imported technology nano-mica sheet insulation, the air outlet wall also has a double mica, motor sound pure, no noise, so that pets obediently cooperate, safe and not afraid of heat!!!

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Bathing helps remove some skin parasites and is very beneficial for dry and oily skin. Sometimes, your veterinarian may recommend a medicated bath shampoo and conditioner. When helping dogs with baths, be more patient and care for them. Most dogs do not like baths. Only by trying to make it love bathing can the possibility of infectious diseases be transmitted. You should use the product exactly as directed.


III. Shampoo Part 1

Pet Shampoo One

Pet Shampoo I

III. Shampoo Chapter

1. Herb-based

This type of shampoo contains natural ingredients. However, some natural ingredients can harm some sensitive skin. For example, shampoos containing tea tree oil have caused damage to the skin of dogs. Therefore, more care should be taken when choosing one. The herbal granules will be activated during the cleaning process. It is mainly used to restore the shine of the coat, relieve dry skin and deep clean the coat.

2. Oat-based

This oatmeal-infused shampoo smoothes skin and has anti-itch properties. Excellent pet skin care holy grail, 100% natural formula restores healthy vitality to hair and skin. The gentle, soap-free formula cleanses, deodorizes and reduces the discomfort of dry, itchy, peeling and irritated skin. Extracted from natural oatmeal, it has a natural moisturizing effect that works to stop marks, cleanse and absorb unclean skin, while moisturizing and softening the skin to reduce redness and itching.

3. Drug-based

There are many types of medicated shampoos, including antiseptic or nutritive, skin cleansing ones. Use the correct medicated shampoo according to your veterinarian’s instructions. Do not use it lightly on your dog. It works to kill and prevent mosquitoes, ticks and mites during bathing, works quickly and permanently, and is not harmful to humans or animals. 6

III. Shampoo Part II


Pet Shampoo II

Pet Shampoo II

4. Anti-allergic

This shampoo does not contain fragrance or coloring ingredients. It contains honeysuckle, lotus and coconut extracts, which effectively kill lice and sterilize, improve skin protection, inhibit itchy skin caused by mosquito bites and allergies, and make hair soft and bright. So it is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

5. Moderated

This is a hybrid shampoo, which is a shampoo and a conditioner in one. Don’t give this type of shampoo to a dog with a hard coat. It will soften the dog’s coat and cause damage. The special formula has a triple action of cleaning, improving and conditioning the coat. The panthenol in this product can improve the quality of the animal’s coat, the aloe vera ingredient can moisturize the coat, and the silicone can help care for the coat. All of this makes caring for your dog much simpler and easier.

6. Dry powder type

This shampoo is in powder form. It contains lavender extract, rich in a variety of plant extracts, plant high protein and herbal extracts. Combined with pure natural extracts of spring chrysanthemum and rosemary sweet almond, it has a remarkable effect on removing mites and killing fungi. After deep cleansing, it leaves the hair soft, bright, fragrant and pleasant. Apply it to your dog’s hair and remove it with a brush. This is a more natural method of cleaning. It is best to use this method for small areas of cleaning.

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Different shampoos are suitable for different skin types of hair dogs and owners must choose according to their dog’s actual condition. You can choose the best shampoo for your dog. Shampoos are only preventive and if you find that your dog has contracted a skin disease, it is recommended that you use medication as soon as possible. To avoid contracting other diseases. 7

Fourth, grooming chapter

Teach you how to choose a dog shampoo

Grooming supplies

IV. Grooming chapter

[1. Dogs that are

smooth and short haired

Erasers, bristle brushes, buckskin cloths. For example, Dobermans, Great Danes, Spotted Dogs, etc. These smooth-coated dogs need these tools.

2. Shorthair dogs

Shaving brushes, bristle brushes, combs. For example: Bloodhound, Besengie, pit bull, bajido, etc. All of these short-haired dogs need these tools.

[3. Dogs with curly coats]

Shedding knife. Such as terriers, schnauzers, dachshunds, etc. These long-haired dogs need these tools.

[4. Longhaired Silky Hair Dogs]

Scraping brushes, bristle brushes, scissors, combs, etc. You can also have some cute little decorations for them. Such as Yorkshire, Silky Terrier, Afghan, Skye Terrier, Czech Terrier, etc. These silky haired dogs need these tools.

[Ark Review]

Healthy dogs are naturally good at keeping themselves tidy. They groom themselves by rolling and rubbing on the ground, scratching tangled fur, and licking their coats. Unfortunately, they also roll on harmful substances, such as feces from other animals, may rub their skin with things humans find unpleasant, and sometimes require manual grooming and occasional bathing. The choice to have a dog also changes the texture and length of the coat, so grooming methods vary and so do the tools of choice.

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