I. Moderate meat consumption and avoid seafood

Don’t eat meat on New Year’s Eve and avoid seafood, beef and lamb to prevent allergies.

Do not allow your dog to eat meat fresh from the refrigerator because these foods can easily cause dysentery. Excessive meat consumption can cause anorexia in dogs, eat less.

Seafood also contains substances that can cause skin irritation in dogs, which can lead to allergic dermatitis, resulting in red pimples and even trauma from extreme scratching. In addition, some deep-sea fish are high in vitamin A, which can also lead to vitamin A toxicity in dogs.

[Editor’s note] The reason dogs have access to meat and seafood is because dogs always beg when their owners are eating. When the owner looks at him poorly, he feeds the dog these foods with unfortunate results. Here’s a tip: feed the dog with the dog before the owner eats. That way, the dog won’t keep begging.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

II. Easy to cook, easy to season

When cooking, do not add harsh spices such as ginger, curry powder, or chili pepper as this is too harsh for the dog’s stomach.

Eating salty foods can irritate your dog’s stomach and kidneys, so foods high in salt should not be given to your dog.

Foods that are not easily digested, such as shiitake mushrooms and fresh mushrooms, can cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Onions contain toxic red globules that dissolve and can cause poisoning symptoms such as hematuria or anemia after ingestion.

A small reminder that in fact, diarrhea poisoning can be easily avoided by not feeding your dog anything but dog food. Perhaps you must feed your dog the same food that people eat and then deliberately reduce the use of condiments when cooking.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

III. Anorexia with less food and recipe adjustments

Dogs are anorexic, eat less, other conditions are good, we should consider that the dog is averse to eating food every day, and then must adjust the feed, you just need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The internal organs of the animal must be clean, not dead animals.

2. The offal should be fully cooked, adding only salt in the process and not any other seasoning, as many seasonings are harmful to the dog’s health.

3. Offal, except liver, can be consumed daily, and liver intake should not exceed 30 grams per week, because excessive consumption of animal liver can lead to vitamin A overload, diarrhea or even poisoning, and affect calcium absorption, especially in puppies.

4. Change the taste of dog food, you can intersperse dog food feeding, a dog food, a dog food, because the nutrients in the dog food is more balanced, you can also soak the dog food with boiling water and stir.

A small reminder that anorexia in dogs always occurs during springtime, so medication to aid digestion is essential. As long as the dog is given the medication regularly and quantitatively, I believe it will reduce the chances of anorexia and less eating.

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IV. New Year sweets, remember to stay away

Avoid sweets during the Spring Festival because they can easily cause indigestion in dogs and long-term consumption can easily lead to obesity. Obesity can easily induce fatty liver, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and a series of other diseases that damage the motor, circulatory, reproductive and other systems. When the dog is old, these diseases can threaten the dog’s life.

Of all the sweets, chocolate should not be eaten. Because the theobromine in chocolate causes severe oxidative stress to red blood cells and liver cells, divalent iron ions are oxidized to trivalent iron ions and hemoglobin is converted to methemoglobin, which loses its ability to carry oxygen and leads to oxygen deprivation in dogs.

[Editor’s Note] There are many different kinds of desserts in New Year’s food, and there is always one that will captivate the dog’s attention. At this time, for the sake of your dog’s health, you as the owner need to be cruel and not allow your dog to eat sweets. >

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