I. The three main nutritional elements of dogs








II. Knowledge of the nutritional structure of dogs

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I. The three main elements of nutrition for dogs

1. Animal protein-based

Dogs are omnivores; people want to eat anything, but their nature still leans toward meat. Therefore, it is best to feed a diet containing animal protein, especially in puppies at normal developmental stages, supplemented with about 8-9 grams of protein per kilogram per day. There are many ways to eat animal protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, beef or chicken liver, milk, etc. However, in general, fish is the richest in protein and should be fed to dogs as much as possible. The nutrient second only to protein is fat, which puppies need to be twice as much as dogs. Meat and dairy products are still an indispensable source of the fat puppies need to grow, but note that fish is safer to cook.

2. Provide adequate vitamins

Vitamins are an important factor in physical strength and metabolism. Healthy dogs can synthesize vitamin C in their bodies, but other foods containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and D wait to be supplemented by the main feeder. Therefore, when arranging three meals for the dog, should kind of food should be included in the menu. The problem with mixing beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, and dairy products in the food is that dogs may not like these foods, so they should be mixed with foods that they usually like and let them eat so as not to create an impact bias or a vitamin deficiency.

3. Foods that should not be consumed

When dogs see their families at the dinner table eating large fish, meat, and tasty snacks, they crave them too. However, to consider his health, the dog should be denied begging food for all but dinner. The following foods should be collected.

① Fish and milk fresh from the refrigerator dysentery is easily caused>

②Squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, crab and other seafood not easy to digest>

③ Chicken or fish bones sometimes cause intestinal bleeding>

④ Sweet preserves can be a major cause of tooth decay and obesity>

⑤ Stimulating spices

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Balanced nutrition promotes healthy development, strengthens immunity to disease, and resists harsh external environments factors such as temperature. According to research, many dogs are now fed leftovers. In today’s age of abundant food, there are still many dog owners who feed their dogs leftovers in the mistaken belief that dogs have the same nutritional structure as people.


III. Nutritional supplements for dogs




II. Knowledge of the nutritional structure of dogs

1. Feeding utensils

As a food bowl, thick ceramic pots are generally less likely to be broken by dogs. If you cook meat for your dog, you can use a pot with a long-handled lid, but from a sanitation standpoint, it’s best to keep your dog’s cooking utensils separate from the rest of the kitchen cookware. Of course, be sure to wash all the bowls and utensils after each meal and store leftover canned food properly with plastic lids on. As with people, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days and then thrown away if you can’t eat it all, as the food many bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

2. Vitamins and minerals

There is a need for regular proactive vitamin supplementation. Your dog should be getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs from a nutritionally balanced dog food. However, there are certain periods when dogs need special vitamin supplements. For example, during pregnancy, during lactation and the growth period of puppies, and during recovery from illness must also be supplemented. However, you must supplement under the guidance of a veterinarian or specialist, as oversupplementation and deficiencies can also be harmful.

Dogs need calcium too

Dogs have a high need for calcium, especially puppies in the growing season and nursing bitches. Rather than taking calcium pills, calcium is supplemented in a more absorbable way, such as adding calcium powder to soup or mixing food.

4. Vitamin tablets

Dogs are often deficient in vitamins, but a good tasting vitamin tablet can be a reward for your dog.

5. Bone meal

Sterilized bone powder is a good source of calcium. However, it is important to consult a veterinarian or specialist and use different doses for different sizes, ages and breeds of dogs.

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There is a lot that goes into the feeding of a dog. Dogs need vitamins, minerals and calcium supplements. There are many different kinds of food for dogs. It is best to choose a food that is balanced in carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. If the dog cannot accept a dog-only diet, owners should add dog food to other foods at least daily to ensure your dog’s nutritional balance.


Dogs need five nutrients

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Australian Shepherd

III. Nutritional supplements for pet dogs

1. Multivitamins and minerals:Only normal amounts are needed. If you are feeding a nutritionally complete and balanced American pet food, you don’t need to supplement.

2. Calcium: mainly for strengthening bones and teeth. Do not feed calcium tablets to your puppy as this can cause severe bone deformities.

Zinc: Usually used to improve coat and skin.

4. Fatty acids: Improve coat, skin and joints. A balanced diet is essential for the intake of fatty acids, so pet owners must be careful not to feed their dogs leftovers from the human table.

5. Digestive enzymes: These are beneficial bacteria, such as acidophilus, that promote proper digestion and immune system function and are used to treat diarrhea and allergies. Please consult your veterinarian before use.

6. Glucose and chondroitin: These are very popular supplements that are commonly used to treat dogs with arthritis. There is plenty of evidence that this supplement is very safe, with only a few reports that taking large amounts of these products may impair blood clotting. In fact, as long as you feed your dog special American pet food, you can ensure that your pet has the proper requirements for both nutrients.

7. Antioxidants selenium: Helps to consolidate cellular repair functions. There may be a risk of kidney stones or bladder stones when taken, but many experts still prefer supplements containing these elements, especially in adult dogs.

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Whether the product is reasonably priced; whether the product is right for you; whether a product that claims to be safe can only indicate that its product is natural; and whether the list of ingredients is listed separately or just labeled as an herbal blend. Nutritional supplements are usually capsules or powders.


V. Homemade nutritional packages to enhance your dog’s fitness</span

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Dogs need five nutrients

1. Meat

Meat provides the elements needed for bone growth and cellular tissue regeneration and boosts metabolism; however, eating meat alone is not enough, so no more than half of the dog’s meat should provide rich protein.

2. Fat

The fats contained in meat and plants provide the fatty acids that dogs need on all sides of the body for healthy, beautiful skin, hair, and hair.


The other nutrients a dog needs each day should come from carbohydrates such as cereals, rice, dough, dry dog food, and potato boys. Carbohydrates add weight to your dog’s food and help the intestines move properly ……

4. Vitamins

Other supplemental vitamins such as calcium tablets, vitamin tablets, and bone powder can provide the needed vitamins to order nutritional balance.

5. Hydration

Dogs lose water every day. Water is about 60% of an adult dog’s body weight and about 150% cc per day but if there is too much water, it won’t taste like food

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Some people are not only rich, but they love their dogs so much that they feed them only meat for a long time. The long term nutritional imbalance gives their dogs acute dysentery, vomiting and other diseases that jeopardize their health. The above feeding methods cannot provide the dog with the nutrition to meet its requirements. Therefore, our dog friends should know what is suitable for their dogs. If economic conditions allow, it is better to buy dog food that is sold in the market.


Five Common Skin Diseases and Treatments for Pet Dogs

title=”Five Common Skin Diseases and Treatments for Pet Dogs”


V. Homemade nutritional packages to enhance your dog’s fitness

1. Pig cross Li Shui

It is well known that dogs should not eat animal offal, especially liver. Dogs that eat liver can get sick because they can’t get rid of the toxins. Pig cross-libs are the spleen pancreas of pigs, which are digestive organs. It is mainly used to strengthen and nourish the spleen. It is especially suitable for all dogs that are weak and malnourished. The specific method of consumption is not to boil water directly. Instead, chop up fresh pig cross-libs, mince them and steam them slowly. Take only its juice. Do not put any seasoning when steaming. Feed a small amount at a time, depending on the dog’s condition. It can be taken several times. For example, dogs recovering from post-operative inappetence can be fed 5ml-10ml at a time. every half to one hour.

Pentavita Oral Solution

Available at all major pharmacies. For dogs with vitamin deficiencies and dry skin after a medium illness. When sick, it is important to pay attention to nutritional intake, especially vitamins. It helps to restore the body. It is also a few milliliters at a time and can be fed several times. How to reflect dry skin, look at your own dog

Dogs skin, hair loss, look at the lines of the skin, more and dandruff, is dry. It can be caused by problems such as body wash, vitamin deficiencies, skin disease infections, and nutritional deficiencies. Usually you can also feed your baby some special multivitamins.

3. Probiotics

This stuff is well known. Many people know about it. It helps to regulate the balance of intestinal flora. Good for digestion and absorption of food. The most important thing is to promote the absorption of vitamins. Stinky stools, no dental problems, but bad breath also has the ability to regulate.

4. Minced pork bones

Because the pork bone can’t be fed directly. So you need to make it into ends. Take the pork bones and soften them in a pressure cooker. Scrape out the ends with a spoon. Just like scraping apple puree. Since you can only feed a small amount at a time, you can put it in the fridge. Take it out and heat it up if necessary and feed it 1 gram at a time, twice a week. There are also calcium supplements to increase body mass. But don’t eat too much. Bone marrow is not suitable for dogs.

5. Oral amino acid solution for children

I don’t know if there is a special amino acid oral solution for dogs. Doctors recommend using children’s clothing. Similar to probiotics, it is also indicated for the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to being helpful for constipated dogs, it is also indicated to boost the immune system. The dose should not be too high. Dogs acting on human nutrition must be reduced. Or it must be reduced at the beginning of the feeding. In short, feed it to different dogs according to their constitution.

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These foods contain all the nutrients that dogs need and are fed regularly to play an important role in their health and proper development. In addition, dog foods are divided into puppy, nursing bitch, adult, and senior dog. These foods have different nutrition and calories according to the different growth stages and conditions of the dog. These foods are readily available in the market and are very easy to purchase.

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