A wonderful way to save tea leaves

Most dogs have the physiological phenomenon of shedding and changing hair in the spring because the summer temperatures are so high that they don’t need much hair, so when the weather gets warmer, they shed some of their old hair to regulate their body temperature. So it is normal for dogs to shed hair in spring, and dog parents need not worry. But a whole room full of dog hair is an inconvenience to parents. Here are four home skills to eliminate the dog shedding problem, as described by the following small side:




The wonderful use of rescue tea


Squeeze out the rest of the tea and keep it slightly moist. When you sweep the floor, sprinkle a handful on the floor by the way and slowly push the tea sweep. At this point, the light dog hair becomes very obedient and curls up with the tea, and then you can easily clean them up. Finally, mop the floor and the house is clean again.

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If the floor is light in color, it’s best to clean it with green tea or tea that has been brewed several times to avoid staining. The rest of the tea is actually very useful, among other things, to remove annoying dog hair from the house. Parents of dogs may want to try it.


Put old stockings to good use

Scottish Sheepdog

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Scottish Shepherd

Putting old stockings to good use


Dog parents use combs to comb their dogs’ hair, but after long use, the combs can accumulate dog hair and dust, which is very unsightly. In fact, just cut off the old stocking and put it on the bottom of the comb, and after a period of time, take off the stocking to remove the hair and dust.

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This method is easy and easy to use, killing two birds with one stone. Smart dog parents can also use a rubber band to secure the stocking to the comb handle for easier use. This is houseware DIY in this day and age, and we should keep up with the trends.


Rubber dust roller is easy to rescue




Rubber dust roller is easy to rescue


After cleaning the dog’s fur, the surface of the dirty rubber cylinder can be rinsed with soap or detergent and water, dried or air gun dried and kept for next use.

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Very handy household item, the hair on the bed and sofa is easy to clean, sometimes holding the dog, clothes covered with dog hair, then you can use the rubber dust roller to avoid the embarrassing situation of taking the dog hair out.


Relax at will instead of product tape

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Feel free to rescue rather than product tape


Cut about 10cm wide tape, wrap the glue around your hand, press the woolen clothes with your hand, and the hair sticks to the tape. On the other hand, repeat the above steps until the surface of the tape completely loses its viscosity.

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If you don’t have a special hair removal comb at home, you can use wide tape instead, and smart dog parents can try it. But this method consumes tape, is not environmentally friendly, and there is no other method available.

Dog shedding is actually a lot of work. The bed, table, couch, and clothes are covered in hair. Wool flying through the air makes it uncomfortable to breathe. Once dog parents master the four tips outlined above, they can save their dog’s hair from floating at will and keep the home environment :

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