Do the doghouse because I always want you to see how far he is there waiting for you after work, no reason to wait for you, because when you tell him to be happy, he follows, when you are sad, he comforts you for no reason, no fear of others knowing their vulnerability, more owners not playing at home, letting them know that home is alive and warm.

Seeing this, I’m sure we all have a deep appreciation for this. And, the silence has been long enough to think about it. the DIY dog house heart, once again, becomes blazing hot.

So, don’t be late, here are three different types of DIY dog houses:


I. Plastic dog house

Plastic bamboo pattern floor mat 14 pieces

[Cost] about $180

10 minutes

[Method] It’s easy, just like a puzzle, you can put it together according to the shape of the house.

Small commentary on this method is easy, does not require high skills, and takes very little time to assemble. In addition, it provides some resistance to cold. If you want to talk about the downside, the finished product is probably more likely to be eaten by dogs.


II. Doghouse cushions

One pillow, three cushions, three sets of buttons

[Cost] Under 100 RMB

One hour


  • Step 1:Sew the buttons on all pillows and cushion corners to form.
  • Step 2: After the shape comes out, reinforce a few buttons on the connecting side to stop popping open.
  • Step 3: It is best to supplement with a layer of cloth to make it easier to clean later.
  • Final step: add more cushions as before.

[Editor’s comment] The feature of this one method lies in the reuse of waste, because you can take old pillows and cushions as materials completely when making it. Therefore, the real cost will not be too high. The only thing that is more troublesome should be the fact that it requires some sewing skills.

Three dog-specific pin combs with great practicality

Three, solid wood doghouse

Solid wood, iron nails, cushion

[Cost] $300

【Time consuming】1-2 days


  • Step 1: Buy the boards
  • Step 2:After sawing the boards to measure size
  • Step 3:Assemble and fix with nails
  • Step 4:You can put a cushion in the dog house, which can improve the comfort of the room. Of course, this step can be ignored.

[Editor’s comment] This method is the most complicated. The dog house may not be beautiful. However, it will give the dog and the owner the most memorable memories. I think the memory is priceless. If you are full of love and patience, you might as well try to do it.

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