When we are eating, our dog’s eyes are always watery as he gazes at the food in our mouths and hands, so we are tempted to give him one or two pieces of food, and after seeing his satisfied look, we can’t stop giving him more food. But in fact, there are many foods that dogs can not eat, such as certain fruits. So we need to distinguish between these dangerous boundaries to keep our dogs healthy.




    I. Fruit danger NO.3: popcorn, banana, cherry, kiwi, sugar cane, etc.

[Reason for prohibition] Poppy peaches, bananas, cherries and kiwis contain a high proportion of the mineral sodium and potassium, which can place a heavy burden on your dog’s kidneys. Cherries may also lead to shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat or even shock in dogs. Sugar cane is coarse and difficult to digest, and can easily block the intestines of small dogs, making it dangerous.

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[Editor’s comment]

These fruits are borderline dangerous and can be eaten in small amounts occasionally, but not for long periods of time or in large amounts. In addition, cherries and sugar cane are high in sugar, and if you eat too much of them, you can easily give your dog an obesity crisis.

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