The spring weather is getting warmer and everything is back to a good day. Many dog parents relax the management and care of their dogs, but the change of seasons causes diseases that are likely to affect their health. When the seasons change, our beloved dogs actually need our careful care. Let’s take a look at a three-part series on dog health:

Health Part 1: Regular grooming at coat change

[Spring Health Needs]

A dog’s hair will change from the warm coat of winter to one that can easily dissipate heat in the summer. Generally, the hair change process takes a few weeks to complete. At this time, it is important for the owner to comb or brush the shed hair daily to make the hair change process smoother for the dog. It also helps to groom the dog for a soft, bright, shiny body coat and prevent skin diseases.

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When we change into winter and spring clothes, dogs change their hair in the spring too. Dog parents can crossover between combs, flexible wire combs, and long, sparse metal combs to make the combing process more efficient.

Combing should be done from the neck, front to back, and top to bottom in sequence. This means that you start with the neck to the shoulders, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, body, then the head, and finally the limbs and tail, combing one side and then the other.

In fact, regular brushing of the dog’s hair not only removes dirt and prevents tangles, but also improves blood circulation and strengthens resistance.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Health Song #2: Preventing Mite Skin

[Spring health needs]

Spring temperatures and warm weather make mites active. Mites are a skin disease caused by a fungus and are classified as scabies mites and worm mites. The itching in dogs is unbearable. If scabs form on the surface of the skin, all the dog’s hair will fall out. Although this is not a serious risk to the dog’s life, once it has mites, the dog will itch, which is a great physical and mental torture.

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The first task is to clean and remove the insects from the dog. To get rid of parasites inside or outside the dog, you can take the dog to an animal hospital for an injection or dewormer. Usually, the owner must prepare various cleaning supplies, such as the use of long-term parasite prevention medication or body wash, to clean the dog. The basic approach to eliminating these parasites is to not only remove the pet, but also to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area where the pet moves and rests.

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Health Song #3: Spring melt requires sun protection

[Spring Health Needs]

During the long, cold winter months, the sun always seems to be everywhere. So when spring arrives, many parents take their dogs outside to bask in the sun. But prolonged exposure to the sun can affect a dog’s health because of too much heat or direct UV light. When the sun is strong, add a curtain to shield your dog from the sun.

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For outdoor dogs, you might consider helping them build a shed from spring to fall. If you are a dog that lives indoors, you can choose to walk in the morning or evening to avoid direct sunlight. If you walk in the middle of the day, you can adjust the length of the walk.

Your dog’s health is the greatest wish of all of us dog parents. Spring is a wonderful time of year, and as long as we don’t let up on germs, our dogs will be healthy and happy through the spring. :

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