1. Build the dog’s dependence on you



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1. Build your dog’s dependence on you

For the first two weeks of a dog’s stay in a new home, the only time you let the dog out of the crate is when you take the dog out for a walk, and I’m on a leash, which means the dog is basically free for the first few weeks! During this time, I will never train my dog to learn any skills until the dog knows I’m the boss and no one else! Some people will definitely say this is cruel, but give this 1-2 weeks and you and your dog will get to live happily and peacefully together. It’s like a high school student who took 110 sleeping pills for love. You say it’s cruel to pump his poop and wash his stomach? Haha, I always like to use the disgusting stuff as an example!!! This practice is really important for dogs. The rules for dogs are simple. Unlike people, dogs know that you are either the leader listening to you or the leader of our city listening to me. Definitely not as smart as people, face to face, vainly accepting and determined not to change. ~ Of course, there is one more very important training you need to do with your dog within 1 or 2 weeks of confinement, and that is to let your dog know that you will only let him out of his crate if he does the right thing, and I won’t get into that part here. If this is all being talked about, then this whole thing starts to say I must die. Can’t finish writing for three days.

In fact, it usually takes a few weeks for the dog to accept your home as his new home, and the older he is, the longer it takes, with not much difference in 6 months. If the dog is not changing owners for the first time, the adjustment period will be shorter. In fact, there is a very relevant topic in this section, that is, how to make a dog an obedient dog when people are not home, as above, not here, but I would say that the longer you manage the dog, the more you help the dog to be an obedient baby when he is independent. When your dog is in the crate, he will watch the subtle relationships between family members, learn how to live in your home, learn how to get along, keep some toys near the crate, and when family members go through the crate they can pick up the toys and throw them to the dog to play with, but make absolutely sure no one will let the dog out and about.

For new dog owners, I’d say you can never imagine how much a dog’s pack habits affect them! ~That’s why it’s stressed here that the right way to raise a dog is to be a dog leader, not a dog sitter! Many people think that training a dog means correcting it when it does something wrong. Over time, this is ridiculous. Just talk to someone who tried to teach their dog to use the bathroom and couldn’t learn for years and you’ll understand. This is definitely not the right argument! Of course, on the flip side, you can let the dog know you’re the boss and only listen to you when the dog does something wrong, but this approach can sometimes undermine the dog’s trust in you and the dog’s dependence on you. And there are better and more effective ways to let the dog know who the real boss is,

So why should we do it any other way? >

Using a dog crate is the first step in establishing your leadership position, you manage the dog and you may act like the dog will be cruel to you, you are wrong, if you take the dog out for a walk every day, in the dog’s memory you rescue him from the closed crate, the dog will love you and at the same time they will find out that you also have the right to keep them in the crate and so bow to you! In some ways it may not be good for a dog to be in a cage, dogs sleep 15-16 hours a day, only 8 hours a day, and big dogs like to sleep too, so dogs usually sleep in cages every day!

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Dogs are known to be pack animals. Over tens of thousands of years, dogs have evolved into our lives and have become a part of our lives. In another way, we have become an important part of the dog’s life. Compared to other animals, humans are far more important in a dog’s life, and no other animal depends on humans as much as a dog does! So a dog may see us as his leader or he may see himself as our leader!!! Their nature dictates that they do not need a strong force to encourage them to obey their leader. If they think you are their leader, they can say that they obey you completely and unconditionally!

Furthermore, the fact is that some owners’ excessive force persuasive education has turned from a leader demonstrating a lesson to a subordinate to an enemy attacking the dog. In the dog’s eyes, such an owner is not a leader, but an attacker. His obedience can only be forced under force, so some dogs absolutely do not listen beyond the problems within the power of the master! Because they know you can’t beat them!


II. Establishing your control over your dog




II. Establishing your control over your dog

This part is not about training the dog in some skills, but about making your leadership of the dog more consistent. We are only talking about how to be a leader of the dog and not about skills training. Some people ignore this part of the training, or skip it and go straight to skills training, tell me about my personal experience. There are a lot of after-effects. Really a lot! This part can be described as teaching the dog the laws that he should follow in his daily life living 24 hours a day in your life, this is the part that he must obey, just like we must obey the law.

Everyone can train their dog to learn skills such as seat and come and down by pulling hard on the leash or punching and kicking. If you train your dog like this, the consequences will be reflected in your and your dog’s future life. In fact, many people training dogs will use this method because this method works fastest, do not need to spend time nuclear dog to develop feelings, directly to the subject, but training dogs tend to have an unstable relationship with the owner, simply put, the dog will not give up on you. I spend time training dogs. I have methods of training dogs that have been effective. Some people disagree with my training methods. I should say that my methods must have some limitations. I have compared the other person’s methods with others. I found that his method is also quite good, but also has some limitations. I will talk about my method here for your reference. I hope you can look at my method correctly and objectively.

When a new dog comes to my house, after 1-2 weeks of crate training, I will start the second step, which is to control the dog for 24 hours, that is, 24 hours in a day, the dog must acknowledge everything, if I do not like it I will stop it immediately, but I will not say today like he is in my bed, tomorrow becomes dislike, that is, I have a continuous uniformity of policy for the dog, once it is established, it will not change So once the dog knows what to do, he won’t doubt that if he changes the rules often, it will cause the dog to judge your rules confusingly.

Some people say that if you are too authoritarian, you won’t have the personality of a dog at all, but let’s look at the military. A soldier friend of mine has spent his military career getting up early and going to bed every day. All behavior is disciplined, which means that others are strictly disciplined. Our country uses the same tactics that I use with my dog. And it works, so to speak, the same tactics are used all over the world, so that side rate should be the best!!! I’m not going to belittle the country or the military here!!!

When walking a dog, the dog should always be on a leash, telling the dog that it is under control 24/7. This does not mean that the dog should be controlled for the rest of its life, but that the dog should be taught in this way before it learns obedience. Of course, my method is only for those who want their dogs to learn obedience. If they don’t have such a requirement for their dog, they don’t need to go through such a process at all.

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No matter how old your new dog is, no matter what breed your dog is, no matter how big or small your dog is, no matter where your dog comes from or what background your dog has, no matter what training your dog has or doesn’t have, dogs need an introduction to a new pack for a while, and there are many ways to introduce a dog to the family circle of life. Some dogs are bitter and noisy when they are confined. It can be useful to give them a very chewable dog chew, or surround the cage with cloth so they can’t see outside. It’s no use whipping, beating or scolding the dog at this time. The most important thing is to establish your control over the dog.


Let the dog know you love him



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Let the dog know you love him

Every day, I spend some time with each dog. I gently pet them with my hand and let them lean on me. This behavior is a bond of trust enhancement for pack animals. Also, for dogs, they really know right from wrong. In their eyes, there are only two choices: right and wrong, so when you want to show love for your dog, don’t interfere with their behavior. If you must interfere, put that gentle exchange a few minutes later. Finally, there are some tips that you should be aware of in your life. That is, the practice of infiltrating the basic training part of your dog’s life. Keep your family members and your dog at a distance. If you want your dog to be your pet and don’t want your dog to be inordinately close to anyone, be careful not to let strangers touch the proposed dog, so that the dog will be wary of strangers and will not be easily led away by strangers. When you and the dog through any door, be sure to let the dog walk behind you, do not let him walk in front of you. The same goes for crossing the street. This training can be done anywhere there is a door. You open the door and the dog goes through.

If the dog is in a hurry, you will gently watch the door. The door may hit the dog’s head or catch on the dog, but it won’t hurt very much. This way, the dog learns to walk behind you the first part of a few times. Then you open all the doors. If the dog is still in a hurry, close the doors suddenly so the dog will be scared a few times, and then the dog will learn to go out behind you. At home, don’t let the dog walk around, step by step, you can’t even let the dog move around at home, go home into the crate, many children will disagree or even object, I’m not saying never let the doggie move around, but wait, when you find the dog always pay attention to your every move, don’t see the guard dog, the guard dog’s eyes always look at their master, only when the dog behaves like this, the dog can establish a good leader and be leadership relationship, this is the best time to let go of the dog.

In the beginning, let the dog move around the house. You can use a leash to secure the dog near a certain point, close to you. If he behaves well after a few days, you can put him on a leash, but don’t fix him at a fixed point. Eventually, you can fully trust the dog to move around the house as he pleases. This is a relatively gentle process. It’s best to play games with your dog, and when the dog does something right, let the dog know that the toy is yours, not the dog’s, and that you let him

play so he can play! Any lunging at people while playing is forbidden, and little rain 12 months old dogs are not suitable for long distance running, or high jumping, swimming and walking are good forms of exercise for dogs. When walking it is highly recommended to use a leash until there is an absolutely safe place to let go to let the dog play at will, but this process should be completely under the control of the owner.

Feeding: I recommend that only the owner feeds and not others, but that seems hard to do for our urban dog owners!!! When a dog is trained as described above, you will find that your dog is more obedient than someone else’s dog, and yes, proper basic training will make you the core of your dog’s life, and these are the foundations of training any skill that seems to teach the dog nothing, but the dog knows, and he knows how to survive in your life group.

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How to make our human owners the team leaders of the dogs, or how to show the dogs that we are the real bosses! This question is directly related to when the dog obeys our commands. On the flip side, being a leader in the dog’s eyes is an important prerequisite for proper dog training!

Their nature dictates that they do not need a strong force to encourage them to obey their leader. If they think you are their leader, they can say they obey you completely and unconditionally! In fact, the excessive forceful persuasive education of some owners has turned from a leader demonstrating to teach his subordinates to an enemy attacking the dog. In the dog’s eyes, such a master is not a leader, but an attacker. His obedience can only be forced by force, so some dogs absolutely do not obey beyond the problems within their master’s power!


IV. Pay attention to the attitude towards the dog




IV. Pay attention to the attitude towards the dog

Sometimes dog owners will find that their dogs suddenly develop some bad problems with people or in their lives at home, or little by little. Some dogs are raised by their owners, and some come to the family as adults. I think a big reason why dogs develop these bad problems is that the owner has the wrong attitude towards the dog or there is some problem in the relationship between the owner and the dog!

Dogs are different from people. In my experience, people always say that history is the mirror of the future and look to history to find solutions to current problems. This is true, but this view does not necessarily apply to animals other than people. Of course, it refers to a specific animal: dogs!

Generally, when people have a problem, they find the solution in their past experience, and dogs find the solution in their instincts. I talked about dog instinct here, what is dog instinct, I think the nature of pack animals is dog instinct, for example, a dog knows that a pack will have a leader, if it’s just you and the dog, the dog will think if you’re not the leader, it must be me! It is instinctive, instinctive to find a leader, it will not appear to say that two dogs together have equal status! This is not the result of a dog learning later in life, but instinct! It’s innate!

In addition, the attitude towards dogs, many people have the attitude that dogs are people and pets, that is, he defines the owner and the dog in the position that the owner is a human being, an advanced animal, and the dog is just a pet pastime animal, so it is good because if this definition, people will be easy because you have no expectations of the dog as long as you need to see your dog wagging its tail, in this attitude, training the dog is impossible because the owner has pets have low expectations and don’t need to learn anything to live a good life. There are also owners who treat their pets like their own children, treating their dogs like children, from eating, sleeping, pooping, getting married, having babies, taking care of everything! I used to be such an advocate, but I’ve changed now. I think if you want your dog to treat you as a leader, you should treat your dog not as a child, but as a member of your family, which is really what it means to live in a pack. Haha, the dog has become part of your living community, and you have become the leader of that living community! I would like to expand on the fact that even in real life, nee should find that the most leading people in companies and teams are definitely not the kindergarten nannies. Being a dog sitter doesn’t get you the respect of a dog!

Talking about how to build a relationship where the human and dog become the leader and the led is training, but it’s totally different from how to train a dog to sit, come, and stop! The discussion here is about how to live with our dogs as our dog owners, how to control our dogs, how to make a new dog part of the family pack, how to let the dog know his place in the family pack, etc. If you find some problems with your dog in your family life, it’s definitely not too late to die sheep ~ go back and see if your relationship with your dog is off.

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It could be said that having a dog is a privilege for humans. If one day you can feel the deep love of a dog for you, that they give you everything unconditionally, and you can happily consider the dog as a member of your life group, then you will be obsessed with living with a dog, which is just addiction. So if you don’t want to be attracted to dogs, you should take care to keep a certain distance from them!

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