Golden Retriever prices across China

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever prices across China

I. Chengdu Golden Retriever Price

Usually around 1000 to 2500

II. Price of Shanghai Golden Retriever

Approximately 800 to 1500

III. Price of Beijing Golden Retriever

About 1000 to 2000

IV. Price of Changchun Golden Retriever

About 800-1500 for men and 1500-2000 for women

V. Xi’an Golden Retriever Price

General: 500 to 1000

Race level: from 4,000 to 10,000

VI. Price of Kunming Golden Retriever

General: 500 to 1000

VII. Golden Retriever Prices

Non-purebred: 200-700

Pet level: 800-1000

Purebred: 1000-1500

Racing dogs: 2000-50000

VIII. Golden Retriever Puppy Prices

Domestic dogs: typically 800-30,000

Kennels: typically 2000-100,000

Racing dogs: 10,000 to No cap

IX. Price of Pure Golden Retriever

General: 1000 to 2000


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Exposing the price trap of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Uncovering the Golden Retriever Price Trap

1. Most of the time, for those who buy a big dog, they don’t see the dog’s parents – most breeders are in kennels.

Even if you do see one, we recommend that you just look at it and not take it too seriously. We can’t do a paternity test, maybe the kennel just took in a bunch of puppies and gave them a random mom and dad or something. So, unless they are extremely good friends, please do not believe them – no kennel every month there are puppies out of the litter, but, every kennel dogs are never broken, why? Just think for yourself.

2. Building on the first point, my advice is to focus more than 95% of your attention on the dog. After all, it is what is in front of you.

Also, babies under pet dogs can become champions. Can 30% of babies under champion dogs become champions? Maybe even less. My point is simple. If you are careful enough, you can pick one of the best dogs from the average dog. However, if you are not careful, you could buy an average dog from a champion offspring and no longer be an average dog. However, the price difference is not a little.

3. Things to bring before picking a dog:

Weight scales

A small comb with very fine teeth


Wet wipes

Information on Golden from magazines and online especially photos

4. After seeing a puppy, Golden Retriever breed dogs go crazy in front of people. Upon seeing a person, they will usually rush forward desperately. At this point, don’t worry. When their enthusiasm has passed, they will look closely at the dog after about 20 minutes, the little guy settles down.

5. Ask the owner first, these dogs are in better birth order than before. However, the owner’s word is just a reference because they may not remember. And, for the owners, they want to sell the worse dogs first so that even if the last one or two good dogs don’t sell, they can still breed them. So, listen to it.

6. Look at the size of the dog, although it is a litter, but the size of the dog is certainly not the same. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The actual dog is definitely better.

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How to choose a healthy Golden Retriever?


Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

How to choose a healthy Golden Retriever?

1. Bone mass

This is most easily seen in the paws. A good Golden, even a young one that is only 30 days old, has thick paws that are 5cm or more laterally. Bone mass is extremely important. If there is not enough bone mass, the future Golden will have a very thin physique and will not make a good dog ideally.

2. Coat color

It’s weird. Everyone likes a different standard of blonde hair. Some friends like blonde, others like light yellow close to white – in addition to these two colors, there is black and pure white. However, as the name implies, blonde hair and the color of blonde hair is naturally the best blonde – and many kennels or dog sellers implement a different theory in order to sell their dogs that are not blonde. Oh, and when they have a blonde baby, they change their minds.

The color of a baby golden is about the same as when he grows up, a little darker when he gets older – see the color by the ears.

3. Gross volume

Naturally, the more hair the better. It is easy to appreciate the amount of hair in a golden coat by carefully combing it with a comb, and theoretically, the better.

4. Fur distribution

A straight coat is better than a messy patch of fur. When combing, you pay attention to the color of the hair, the Golden’s coat color is gradual, a good Golden baby, you can see on his body the distribution of hair color when he grows up – see it a few more times, you will know what I am talking about.

5. Head

There are two characteristics of the Golden’s head. First, there is a distinct bone protruding from the back of the head. Without this protrusion the Golden is impure. Second, the nose is solemnly concave, vertically straight, and better in depth than shallow.

6. Mouth

The thicker the mouth is when held in the hand, the wider the mouth will be in the future, otherwise it will easily grow into a sharp-tongued dog. Within moderation, the wider the mouth and the stronger the grip with the hand, the better the appearance.

7. Ears

The Golden Retriever’s ears should not be too big – ears that are too big and too long are not an advantage, but a disadvantage. Pulling in the tips of the ears, which just cover the front of the Golden Retriever’s eyes, is a disadvantage if they are too much.

8. Eyes

When a pure Golden Retriever is looking straight ahead, it should not be white – however, when choosing a small Golden Retriever, never buy such a dog. All mammals have a characteristic of eyes that change very little in size when they are newborn and grown. When many were children, they had large eyes that grew up to be smaller because the eyes themselves did not change. Therefore, when buying a dog, the white eyes should be properly exposed – note that they are appropriate.

9. Nose glasses

A golden’s nose should be black, if it’s red, then it’s even real. Take a closer look.

10. Tails

Many of you do not pay attention to the tail when choosing a small Golden Retriever. Please note the way the model Golden Retriever stands, if the tail is up or flat, someone must pull it up. When the Golden Retriever cannot stand, the tail must be tilted downward.

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Small File: Introducing the Golden Retriever

[Labrador Dog Price] _ Labrador Dog Price Survey Across the Country

Golden Retriever

Small file: Introducing the Golden Retriever

Breed Name



Golden Retriever Golden Retriever

Original Origin Place: United Kingdom

Body Type: Large Dog

Life expectancy: about 11-12 years

[Labrador Dog Price] _ Labrador Dog Price Survey Across the Country

Breed Description: The Scottish Golden Retriever Lord Twadmouth began breeding in the 18th century in the Scottish River suburb of Inverness, England. The original breed was A yellow retriever puppy of unknown breed Scottish long-eared and Scottish long-eared ? Tweed water spaniel mating. Therefore, the Golden Retriever has a strong swimming ability and can tell the prey from the water to the owner. It is the most loyal and friendly family dog and guide dog for humans. The Golden Retriever is strong and works enthusiastically to swim in the water and catch waterfowl in any climate. Popular with everyone in the family, some are now kept as family dogs.


Friendly, reliable and dependable. Under natural conditions, shows happy struggle or hostility towards other dogs or people: unprovoked timidity and nervousness, contrary to the characteristics of the Golden Retriever, punished according to its severity.


More than one inch below or above standard height.

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