German Shepherd Training Methods

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

1. German Shepherd training methods

1. German Shepherd puppy training

During the Shepherd puppy years, the Shepherd can take in a great deal of external information and analyze itself. The different periods of a sheepdog’s life require attention. This developmental process is also known as individual development with zero vision. So they only crawl in a fixed circle and do not stray too far from the nest.

At the end of the second week, shepherd babies open their eyes and enter the third week, the transition period. Although the eyes open, shepherds and puppies still can’t see anything. It is not until the 17th~18th day that shepherd puppies have vision. During this transition period, the Shepherd and puppy begin to communicate and lick each other. On the twenty-first day, the Shepherd puppy leaves the kennel. At the German Shepherd Kennel, one can see all the pack members caring for the Shepherd puppies. When the Shepherd Puppy leaves the den, the adult male Shepherd Dog will collide very roughly with the Shepherd Puppy. In this way, the puppy will realize that the world outside the den is a cold, even dangerous, place. This rough play will stop as soon as the shepherd puppy returns to the litter. This is an important way to teach children in dog life.

From the fourth week to the seventh week, the shepherd dog enters the period of influence. This period is very important for the dog’s later behavior. All of the senses of the shepherd and puppy are fully formed during this period and can distinguish between their own kind and humans external situations. During this stage, contact with kindred and humans especially children is very important and may influence the Shepherd’s future social behavior. Otherwise, it will fear or attack humans.

Weeks 8 and 12 are the socialization phase, where the puppy should be educated to become a socialized member of the human-dog relationship. This requires constant training. People should not allow a sheepdog to do wrong because it is cute. They should demand it just like an adult dog. If a sheepdog does not behave, punishments can be meted out by suspending play and isolating the sheepdog.

Of course, a 12-week-old shepherd puppy is unlikely to complete any training subjects and should not be overly demanding. Play is the best way for a shepherd puppy to learn. In the case of wild dogs and wolves, for example, a clear hierarchy has been established to avoid future injuries in combat. Our dogs will also test their owner’s authority during the rank determination period from week 13 to week 16. During this period, shepherds and puppies will establish a fixed position in the family dog.

Shepherd puppies enter the dog order period in their fifth and sixth months, when people can begin education and simple dog training. During this time, you must spend more time playing and traveling with your dog. In this way, the Shepherd puppy’s learning ability is positively influenced, the brain structure yu quickly, the cerebral cortex increases accordingly, and the Shepherd puppy’s enthusiasm for learning is enhanced.

At the seventh month, the dog enters sexual maturity. The male dog lifts his hind legs when he urinates for the first time, and the female dog suddenly begins to attack the shepherd and puppies, entering the first estrus phase. During this stage, the dog may be very disobedient and even try to break the existing hierarchical order. The owner must maintain authority over the dog and not drop the ball at any time, or the dog will be seen as weak and cause problems in the future.


German Shepherd Adult Dog Training

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

2. Adult German Shepherd Training

Don’t think that your German Shepherd is old enough so you can’t train it anymore. In fact, no matter how old a dog is, it can be trained. However, it requires more physical strength and patience than puppy training. If you haven’t spent more time caring for or putting a dog in a habit before and have gotten into bad habits, it will take $2 ~ three times as long or even longer, but by all means have faith in your dog that with training it will adjust.

3. Tip: The best time to train a German Shepherd

The ideal period for training begins about 70 days after the German Shepherd’s birth. In addition, daily training starts the day the puppy comes home and proceeds slowly, step by step. At this stage, the puppy has not picked up any bad habits and is relatively weak, which is much less effort for the breeder.

Dogs grow fastest in the first year of life. During this time, the brain is gradually developing and this is a critical time for the dog to learn good and bad. Therefore, this is the best time to train your German Shepherd.


How to train a German Shepherd

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German Shepherd

II. How to train a German Shepherd

1. Up and down boarding and descent training

Bring the German Shepherd to the ladder and place the food on each level of the ladder or on the highest level of the platform. After the handler gives the up code, let the German Shepherd go up the ladder. Because the food excites the German Shepherd, the German Shepherd will probably walk up the platform without any problems. You can also give the “up” code and let the owner climb the ladder with the German Shepherd, then train the Schipper to go up and down the ladder alone.

2. Jump training

Start training the German Shepherd’s jumping action by jumping a small board wall 30-40 cm high. The owner leads the German Shepherd 5-6 steps from the small board wall to the small board wall and gives the command “When the German Shepherd jumps, the command pulls the leash to the small board wall and gives a reward. This training can be repeated 2-3 times at the same time. In addition, food teasing can also be used. When this training becomes proficient, you can gradually switch to the code and hand signal method, gradually increase the height, or train jumping fences, jumping high shelves, rings, and ditches as needed.

3. Prostration training

This action comes after the German Shepherd has developed the ability to sit” and “lie down”. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. German shepherd does not crawl to stand, should immediately lie down, with the left hand pressed back, continue to command German shepherd Deen. After many repeated training, you can develop the ability to crawl forward. :>

German Shepherd

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