It’s dry out there in the winter. Every time you come back, you have to wipe the dog’s feet. If it steps in mud, it will be washed with warm water to make sure the dog’s little paws don’t get dirty and to prevent bringing home the dirt from outside. However, his fleshy pads can crack from the dryness, but rubbing ointment is not easy. Washing the feet in such cold weather is painful for both the dog owner and the dog, so we should put shoes on the dog. After putting shoes on the dog, we don’t always have to wash the dog’s feet. In addition, long-haired dogs may not be dry for a while after washing their feet. The prolonged humidity between the toes may make the dog’s foot disease or develop into interdigital toe infection, which will be more troublesome in the future. Especially when it snows, people sprinkle coarse salt as a snow-melting agent. When a dog walks barefoot on it, his feet are miserable, so get a pair of warm shoes for your dog.

So what size shoes should we buy for our dogs? Here’s how to measure:>

The leather ruler measures the horizontal width widest sole and length longest sole of the dog’s foot, and compares the shoe size to the size of the dog’s foot to buy the right shoe. When choosing the size, the size of the dog’s foot sole must be smaller than the shoe about 0.3cm-0.6cm, feeling and we buy our own shoes. The shoe is certainly larger than the foot, or you can not wear it!

Also, it is important to note that to measure the size of a dog’s foot, you need to measure the actual length and width of the dog’s front foot behind the ground. The measurement must be the size of the foot when the paw is firmly on the ground. If the dog’s foot is lifted and measured, it will be inaccurate and the size will be too small.

When the owner first puts shoes on the dog, he must take care to observe the dog’s behavior closely. If the dog can’t walk at first because of the shoes, the owner can guide appropriately; if the dog tries to bite because of the discomfort, the owner should make appropriate stops, such as gently patting the dog’s mouth and saying no or NO”! Just like teaching the dog not to bite slippers and walls ~ the dog is used to what happens OK, the owner can be much easier. Once the dog is used to wearing shoes, later take it out and sneak back in to save the trouble of wiping the feet.

Here are four stylish winter dog warmers:



Chanel Dog Winter Shoes


Size 1: L4.8CM*W3.3CM   For fawn dogs, Chihuahuas and other puppies

No. 2: L5.7CM*W3.8CM   for toy poodles, Chihuahuas, etc.

No. 3: L6.0CM*W4.1CM   for bear, mini schnauzer, poodle, etc.

No. 4: L6.5CM*W4.8CM   Suitable for Chenery, etc.

No. 5: L7.8CM*W5.5CM   Suitable for Hilary and so on

No. 6: L8.2CM*W6.0CM   Suitable for Coca etc

Reference price: $68



Winter Dog Sneakers

Pink is perfect for a dog that loves to look good! >


No. 1: Length 4.5*width 3.5cm

No. 2: Length 4.8*Width 3.8cm

No. 3: L5.5*W4.3cm

No. 4: Length 6.0*Width 4.5cm

No. 5: length 6.6*width 4.9cm

Reference price: $28



E030108 Winter Warm Dog Slip Resistant Zipper Shoes

With a waterproof, non-slip soft sole that can be worn as rain shoes, these shoes are a cool must-have for dogs on the go! >


Size 1: 3.5cm long *2.5cm wide

Size 2: 4.5cm long *3cm wide

No. 3: 5cm long *3.5cm wide

No. 4: 6cm long *4cm wide

No. 5: 6.8cm long *4.8cm wide

Reference price: $34


Pet Home Tips: Creating a Cozy Home

Keeping warm with winter shoes

I’m sure your dog will love the fashion! >


Large:L 6..5 cm *W 5.5cm

Medium:Length 5.5 cm * Width 4.5cm

Small:L 4.5 cm * W 3.5cm

Reference price: $30

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