I. Need to know:How long is the best time to walk your dog?




I. Need to know:How long is the best time to walk your dog?

How long does a daily walk take? It depends on what kind of dog you have. Generally speaking, it’s better to limit walks to about 20 to 30 minutes a day for puppies, only about 30 to 40 minutes a day for medium-sized dogs, and if you have a large dog over 70 or 80 pounds, then it’s basically almost an hour a day to skate around.

A dog’s daily walk should not be too short. Without enough outdoor exercise, a dog’s energy is not depleted, and it is easy to find something in the house to give off excess energy. But don’t think of the time a dog spends outside playing as Hanson leading an army. Staying outside too long may not be a good thing for the dog. Playing for a long time can easily distract a dog’s mind and play wild, which is not good for education.

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Daily walks are more important. Those who like Arnold Schwarzenegger movies will recall that in this blockbuster shot of “True Lies,” dude goes out for a walk with his dog in his raincoat even when it’s pouring outside. Of course, the truth is that he was looking for an excuse to go out and meet with intelligence officers to spy on his wife. But there’s no denying that his excuse is really sound! This is a natural agent.


2. Be alert: Wrong way to walk your dog: Wrong way to walk your dog</span

The Great White Bear

Big White Bear

2. Be alert: Wrong way to walk your dog: Wrong way to walk your dog

Due to their busy daily routines, some owners have little time to take their dogs out from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday or because of guilt, they will take their dogs hiking and wading and do a lot of exercise on the weekend. In fact, exercise can’t make up for it. …… Due to the lack of adaptation, the dog can easily make the dog’s body due to discomfort and cause all kinds of discomfort. If your dog is over 7 years old, this practice can also harm the dog’s heart, spine, ligaments and joints.

Some owners are lazy and don’t like to walk. But what if the dog wants to walk? People are notoriously brainy creatures, not to mention tool-using. They will ride motorcycles and electric cars, pulling the leash around the dog’s neck with one hand and controlling the direction of the car with the other, so that the dog can follow the car. This seems like a good way to do it, but in fact, it’s not good for the dog. After all, except for some special dog breeds, dogs have no interest in running, especially long distance running. Otherwise walking a dog is not called walking a dog, it’s called running a dog. Some older dogs can easily cause heart damage if they exercise in this way.

In fact, walking your dog is also walking your dog. Because the best way is to walk, step by step this is the best exercise. It also helps to develop a relationship between the owner and the dog.

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I remember a user saying that there was a time when he liked to walk his dog on skates, but the dog didn’t resist the speed of the skates. But it was too dangerous. Sometimes when dogs see something interesting, they suddenly turn and run to where they are interested. There is no way for the internet users to pull the dogs hard with their skates on. When you think of stopping a dog with a code, you usually end up with your head up and all four feet in the air.


Note: Some dogs can’t be walked



III. Note: Some dogs cannot walk

Not all dogs are suitable for walks. For example, a puppy that is no more than three months old. Baby dogs like this one even have a toddler gait. What they are fit to do is eat, sleep, and eat every day, and receive occasional affection from their owners. A female dog in heat or a pregnant mother dog is not suitable to be taken out for regular walks.

A friend once took a female dog in heat out for a walk, presumably because she was too busy chatting with others …… A few days later, I found out my dog was pregnant and didn’t even know the father of the baby dog. A pregnant mother dog can go out for a walk, but the first one should not be too long, the second owner should always pay attention, and if there are other public dogs near the mother dog, we should be careful to keep the distance between the two.

[Editor’s Note]

Some pet owners like to take their new dogs out for walks, but this is really not a good habit. What about infected bacteria because dogs that are not fully immunized or starting to be immunized but are still in the two-week danger period are not suitable for walks everywhere? The same can be proved …… sick or very sick dog is also not suitable to go out for walks often. Look at the animal world. Sick animals dutifully stay in the nest to recuperate. Who will go out and play white pigeon turn, hair dispersal mood?


Four: Be careful:Middle-aged and older dogs walk carefully

Butterfly dog

Butterfly dogs

IV. Caution:Middle-aged and older dogs walk carefully

Middle-aged and older dogs should be walked with care not to do exercises with very fast heartbeats and breathing and for long periods of time. When breathing and heartbeat are maintained for more than a few minutes or ten minutes, it can easily lead to hypoxia of the heart muscle and lack of oxygen to many tissues throughout the body.

For example, a person’s usual walking speed, about 6 kilometers an hour, is not too hard on the heartbeat and breathing. When jogging, the caloric expenditure increases by about 60%, but the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle increases by a factor of 2 to 3. So for dogs and people who have reached middle and old age, the only benefit of running is just a little more calorie consumption for a limited period of time. But the goal of exercise is not calorie burn, but healthy circulation, muscles, ligaments, joints, and internal organs.

[Editor’s Note]

Older dogs don’t walk slowly and rest as much as they did when they were younger. Dogs tend to get sick when they get older. Walking a dog is not about building muscles, it’s about helping his whole body circulate and stay healthy. When parents take their middle-aged or older dog out, try not to let the dog do too much strenuous exercise.

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