When you’re on the cutting edge of fashion, dogs are more fashionable than anyone else. What’s popular in dog clothes this year? Bunny ears, of course. Pink and tender colors are full of love. The following small series will introduce the five most popular dog clothes this year:


Kiki’s Original Rabbit Ears Dog Hat

Tide One: Qiqi original rabbit ears dog hat

[Tide introduction]

Ice velvet as the raw material, feels super nice and very soft hair, difficult to produce because the hair will fly around, but no hair loss when finished. It can be combined with a scarf and a bow to make a suit, a very cute match!


Editorial Review

This winter seems to be especially cold, but with this fuzzy rabbit ears hat, our dog can enjoy a warm winter. With such a cute hat as a New Year’s gift, dogs will love it!


Pet Ball Dimensional Rabbit Ears Dog Headpiece

Tide: Pet Ball 3-D Rabbit Ears Dog Headpiece

[Tide Introduction]

Very exquisite workmanship dog headdress, imported from Japan, three-dimensional shape, rabbit ears about 6CM long.

[Reference price] $6.99

Editorial Review

Super cute and super charming 3-D rabbit pet headpiece for parents to make their baby a real little cutie. This New Year, your dog will be the most striking and adorable leader of the party!


Pet Paradise dog bunny ears mini skirt

Tide 3: Pet Paradise Dog Rabbit Ears Small Skirt

[Tide Introduction]

Unique silhouette with rabbit ears on the hood, a short skirt design on the hem, and a strawberry-shaped crossbody bag. Material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

[Reference price] $475

Editor’s comment

This set has not only the trendy element of rabbit ears, but also the cute factor of strawberries that makes it so lovable. Made by Japanese hip brand pet paradise, it makes the dog a trendy star as well. How can you miss such a loving outfit?


BOTH four-legged rabbit cotton coats

Tide IV: BOTH four-legged rabbit cotton jacket

[Tide Introduction]

High-grade soft cotton fleece with cotton lining for a warm feel. Available in blue and pink.


Editor’s comment

The dress is thick, not very stretchy, and is a pullover design, so the chest of this dress is about 5-7 cm larger than the chest of your pet. Parents should pay attention to this issue when purchasing.

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Pretty pretty dog with big ears rabbit

Tide 5: Pretty pretty dog with big ears rabbit costume

[Tide introduction]

The dress is a single layer, the material is rocker fleece, the outer layer is pink, the texture is soft, warm and comfortable to wear, the buckle is press button, very convenient.


Editor’s comment

The pink color really brightens up the eyes, as if the dog was quickly held in the arms. Under the reflection of the rabbit ear cap, the dog is getting brighter and brighter, what about the kawaii?

After seeing five cute and warm dog clothes, those rabbit ears will surely fascinate you. Hurry up and dress up your dog for a cute and sweet family party that’s sure to be the star of the party!

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