4 Essential dog worming supplies

1. BayHelix feature tablets

Bayer, Germany

The main ingredients of this product are febantel, praziquantel, and thialdine dihydroxynonate.

[Application scope] This product is a slightly yellow tablet for treating nematode and tapeworm infections in pet dogs. Such as arched roundworm, lion roundworm, narrow-headed hookworm, hook-headed nematode, hairy-headed nematode, echinococcus, tapeworm, and compound-hole tapeworm.

[Usage] For internal use in pet dogs, one dose kg body weight, febantel 15 mg, praziquantel 5 mg, thiadiazole dihydroxynonate 14.4 mg be swallowed directly or wrapped in meat or food for administration. Fasting is not required.

[For Dog Types] Puppies and puppy medium dogs

[Features] No fasting; high safety; slightly more expensive.

[Ark Review]

When this medication is used to control arch head roundworms, lactating bitches should be dosed 2 weeks after delivery and every 2 weeks until weaning. Puppies should also be given at 2 weeks and every 2 weeks until 12 weeks. The medication should then be given every 3 months. We recommend dosing the puppy at the same time as the bitch: for dogs with severe nematode infections, this should be repeated 14 days after the first dose. Adult dogs are routinely dewormed once per deworming. This product is generally used with no adverse reactions. Dogs have occasionally seen vomiting.

This product is for use in dogs only: Do not use piperazine concurrently.1 It can be used by pregnant women and must be used strictly following the recommended dose. Do not allow children to come in contact with this product. Staff should wash their hands after administering medication. Do not leave the remaining part of the pill after use. Bayer can effectively kill 99. If there are 9% of intestinal parasites, consolidation after 2 weeks can remove the maximum amount of residual parasites in the body. Bayer Bayer PetCare eliminates common intestinal parasites. Only take it once against all parasites.

4 Essential dog worming supplies

II. Swiss vapor lopatol deworming pills 500 for dogs

Swiss Motorbars lopatol

【How to use】 In the morning, give the vapor deworm pills with a small amount of dog food, and let the dog normally eat after about 8 hours. Also, please let your dog drink plenty of water.

1 capsule for 7-10 kg dogs, 2 tablets for 20 kg dogs, 3 tablets for 30 kg dogs, 4 tablets for 40 kg dogs

[For Dog Type] Medium to large dogs 7kg+ dogs

Deworm time

Birth to 3 months – every 2 weeks;

Three months to one year – every two months;

Over one-year-old – every 3-4 months;

Mother dog – post-mating, monthly service before and after birth;

Kennel – eat every 2 to 3 months;

According to the table above, worms are found in the dog’s feces – takes every 2 weeks until the wastes are free of worms.

[Characteristics] Highly effective; slightly more toxic; requires fasting.

[Ark Review]

In a single dose, a broad-spectrum dewormer removes 13 species of internal parasites, including roundworms, nematodes, and tapeworms. Safe and reliable for dogs of any age, pregnancy and lactation. No medicinal taste and easy to feed. Highly safe and does not require fasting before administration. Many newborn puppies. During the first dose of dewormer for worming. Can irritate the stomach and intestines. Causes vomiting. Diarrhea. Parents should not worry too much. Special for dogs! Cats are forbidden to take!

Supplementation with some lactobacilli is recommended after deworming. Probiotics. Use it to protect your puppy’s gut. Healthy and safe through the deworming process!!! Many parents say that they don’t see worms after their dog takes the wormer and think they are buying fake medicine or that the dewormer is inadequate. There are more than 20 types of parasites in dogs, only one or two of which can be seen with the naked eye, e.g., roundworms, and tapeworms, while 80% of other insects cannot be seen with the naked eye. Many worm eggs turn up in the dog’s feces.

4 Essential dog worming supplies

4 Essential dog worming supplies

III. French Foleyne Booster Drops

[Brand] Flareon

Fipronil, methylphenidate

[Specifications] Single 0.67ML, one monthly dosage. for dogs under 10kg.

[Directions for use] This product is applied by the contact insecticide method by breaking the dropper tip along the line at the top of the dropper. Separate the hair between the shoulder blades and squeeze until the drug is wholly dripped directly onto the skin. Seventy-two hours before and after using caries, please do not clean animals. They need to be dogs over 8 years old.

[Features] Cost-effective and unique method of killing insects

[Ark Review]

How long has it been since you’ve dewormed your dog? Not worming regularly and on time can lead to loss of appetite, gradual weight loss, malnutrition, etc. in dogs and cats. Oh, and adult dogs should be dewormed at least once a quarter. It can kill fleas within 24 hours to avoid flea bites and egg laying, in addition to killing flea eggs. Prevention and Treatment of Dog Flea Infection and Dog Flea Wall Flea Infection. Each application lasts about one month to prevent flea infection in dogs. Effectively controls flea allergy dermatitis and interrupts flea life history. 48 hours? Jenni Spicy Eight dramatically reduces the spread of wall flea media diseases. The effect of flea removal is not affected by rain, bathing, etc.

Foley can kill and control fleas and lice. Fleas and ticks are killed when they come in contact with the skin or hair. Follow does not enter the body or bloodstream of cats and dogs, and there is no fear of harming liver function in cats and dogs.

4 Essential dog worming supplies

IV. Pfizer Aventis 50 Pet Worming Spray

Fairey Brand the USA

Main ingredient fipronil selamectin EP ADD

【Applicable to dogs】Small dogs over 4 days of age, including estrus, pregnancy, and lactation.

Fast treatment for fleas, ticks, lice, scabies, ear mites, etc.

Prevent re-infection dogs with fleas, ticks, lice, mange, and ear mites.

[Application process] Have the dog stand or lie on its back and spray the nozzle against the tip of the hair. After spraying, comb the hair twice with a comb in the forward and reverse directions. Make complete contact between the medicine and the epidermis to achieve the best treatment effect. Protect the dog’s eyes with your left hand before applying the mixture, and then spray. Please tighten the nozzle switch after medication.

Total dose per dog = dog weight total kg multiplied by the number of sprays per kg 0.15 ml per spray, calculated as follows, long-haired dogs – 45 sprays per kg of body weight for fleas, ticks, lice, mange; short-haired dogs – 30 sprays per kg of body weight for fleas, mange; short-haired dogs – 45 fountains per kg of body weight for ticks, lice.

The temperature is 15°C or higher, and if the dog is infected with ectoparasites, it can be treated with medication, if necessary, after 7 days, and the environment should be fully wormed.

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