NO.1 PVC shiny leather waterproof high boots

It’s winter. Are your dog’s little feet still on the cold floor? It’s not warm enough to freeze your dog at home, but when you go outside, your dog’s feet will freeze on the snow or frozen floor, so when you go outside, it’s best to put shoes on your dog. Boots are the warmest gift in winter!

Shoes are a must for dogs when you go out in the winter:

Many people might say that dogs wearing shoes is drawing a blank. Dogs have not worn shoes since ancient times, but now when it snows, salt is sprinkled on the road as a snow-melting agent. The salt used as snowmelt is coarse salt grains. When dogs step on it, coarse salt grains will be caught in the middle of their paws, clucking feet. Wearing shoes ensures that the dog’s paws don’t get hurt by the coarse salt.


5 winter boots that let dogs run wild in the snow

NO.1 PVC shiny leather waterproof high boots

These dog winter boots are PVC skin with shiny, rubber bottom, so dogs won’t feel cold when wearing them in the snow. Inside is all wool, 2. thick edge sticky surface fixed more warm and thick, the design of the claw embroidery on the shoe is also very fashionable and cute.

Reference price: $79


NO.2 Velcro Zipper Camo Boots


NO.2 Velcro Zipper Camo Boots

With these boots PVC leather, Oxford cloth with rubber sole, the boots have a zipper in the front for your dog to wear, and the camouflage design makes it cool for your dog to wear.

Reference price: $65


NO.3 Long Christmas Boots


NO.3 Long Christmas Boots

This dog long Christmas boot can be described as a condensed version of Santa’s boot. At first glance, it is very warm. A circle of white fleece in the shoe reveals a warm feeling. Do you want your dog to become Santa Claus and run in the snow? Get this pair!

Reference price: $35


NO. Rose Red Waterproof Warm Rain Boots


NO. Rose Red Waterproof Warm Rain Boots

The most special thing about these shoes is that the lacing part is glow-in-the-dark, advanced PVC waterproof fabric, non-slip rubber sole, breathable and lightweight, your dog will be very comfortable to wear, and it’s no problem to go out for a dog walk on a rainy night.

Reference Price: $69


NO.5 suede cotton boots

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NO.5 Suede Cotton Boots

These cotton boots are wool leather with a non-slip rubber sole. The wool leather gives a plush feel and looks super warm in winter, and this design is also simple and the best choice for those who don’t like too complicated designs.

Reference price: $43

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