What do Chihuahuas eat?




I. What do Chihuahuas eat?

1. What do Chihuahuas like to eat?

Chihuahuas like to eat many foods. Meat such as beef, raisins, cereal, vegetables, etc. . When preparing food for Chihuahuas, breeders should pay attention to the nutritional mix to keep the nutrition complete. Of course, dog food is also a favorite food for Chihuahuas.

2. What Chihuahuas can’t eat

1 Avoid feeding your Chihuahua foods that are too salty and high in calories Q They can make your pet dehydrated and fat.

2 Sugar cookies that are high in sugar can reduce a Chihuahua’s appetite, leading to malnutrition and even diarrhea or vomiting. Chocolate in particular can cause death in dogs.

3 Too much fat in meat such as ham, which is not easily digested by Chihuahuas and contains a lot of seasoning, can be harmful to their digestive system.

4 Bones fish bones, chicken bones are also a dangerous food for Chihuahuas and should be avoided.

5 Don’t give your Chihuahua any drinks other than water, such as soda with too much sugar and additives, and alcohol is also harmful to dogs and can be fatal in excess.

6 Onions can add flavor to food, but too much of them can cause hemolysis. Garlic also contains high levels of toxins that can cause blood poisoning in dogs and is not good if fed too much.

7 Dry dog food is a deadly killer for Chihuahuas and should not be fed directly to dry dogs.

What dog food does a Chihuahua eat? </span



II. What dog food does a Chihuahua eat?

1. Top 10 dog food brands ranked:

1 Royal Canin Royal Dog Food

2 Pro Plan Crown Dog Food

3 Innova Lingcai dog food

4 Hills Prescription Hills dog food

5 Eukanuba Eukanuba dog food

6 Nature’s Gift Noble Dog Food

7 DogChow Condoleeza dog food

8 Pedigree Prolu dog food

9 BridgeBirgit dog food

10 Cambery Kebab dog food

Standard Chihuahua meals generally focus on variety, usually dog food with a few vitamins and calcium tablets as the mainstay, supplemented by meat foods. Feed it some fruit after the meal, such as grapes, apples, pears, etc..


2. Chihuahua homemade dog food recipe

Many Chihuahua experts say Chihuahuas can’t eat dog food all the time it can cause Chihuahua stomach problems, so we suggest you make your Chihuahua homemade dog food. The recipe is as follows:

Corn meal, chicken liver, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and a pinch of salt.

Also, sometimes the chicken liver can be replaced with beef. Chihuahuas have a faster metabolism than other breeds, so it is important to eat fewer meals, 3-5 a day, and just feed them 7 portions at a time.
Feeding of Chihuahuas at different stages

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III. Different stages of Chihuahua feeding

1. Puppy stage

Before three months, the Chihuahua’s gastrointestinal function is not perfectly developed and is relatively fragile. Dog food should be completely soaked for the little Chihuahua, preferably four times a day, about 20 grams each time. As the Chihuahua grows, you can increase the dog food appropriately, not too much at once

Slowly start eating hard dry dog food until 6 months of age when you can gradually increase it. An eighth of a full stomach is appropriate.

2. Adult dog stage

Until the adult dog, Chihuahuas still need to be fed two meals a day because their stomachs are small and unlike larger dogs, they must be fed twice to provide their nutritional and health needs.

Feeding is best done on a dry diet, with some wet feed in moderation. Chihuahuas are very tasty, but care must be taken not to overfeed the dog to avoid gaining weight.

Give him 60-90 grams of meat a day. Large Chihuahuas only need about 150 grams of meat a day, plus a similar amount of vegetables and cookies.

3. Senior dog stage

Due to endocrine and other reasons, older dogs have reduced calcium intake and increased losses. At this point, senior dog food should be fed, or else calcium should be artificially supplemented while maintaining a certain amount of exercise. Otherwise, it can lead to osteoporosis and increased incidence of bone spurs and fractures.


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