Window of the heart-eyes

Pine Stiff

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Pine Stiff

I. Window to the soul-eyes

Basic Methods

Some dogs with large eyeballs and tear glands

often have large amounts of tears coming out of their eyes, discoloring the corners of their eyes, such as





Shih Tzu

, and


so it is important to check your dog’s eyes frequently.

When a dog has certain infectious diseases such as

canine distemper

, especially eye diseases, they often cause redness and swelling of the eyelids and accumulation of large amounts of mucus or purulent discharge in the corners of the eyes, so it is important to treat and care for the eyes carefully.

The method is to use a 2% boric acid cotton ball also available in cool boiling water to gently scrub from the inner corner of the eye outward, not back and forth across the eye, and one cotton ball is not enough, so you can change another until the eye is scrubbed clean. After scrubbing, then give the dog drops of eye drops or eye ointment inside the eye to eliminate inflammation.

Some dogs, such as


usually have excessive head wrinkles that make the eyelashes, and inverted eyelashes can irritate the eye, causing blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation, and cloudy corneas in dogs, and should have veterinary surgery to remove part of the eyelid similar to a human double eye surgery, but if the surgery is unsuccessful but prevents the eyelid from wrapping around the eye, resulting in an exposed eye. A simple method is to pull out the inverted eyelashes with forceps.


inverted eyelashes are genetic. Therefore, when buying a Shar-Pei, in addition to finding out its pedigree, you should also find out if its parents have the disadvantage of inverted eyelashes.

A small side note reminds us that if there is too much discharge near the dog’s eye, mainly due to irritated hair, foreign dust or blocked tear ducts or inverted eyelashes, we should pay more attention. If you can’t control the discharge, you should see a doctor quickly to avoid delaying the best time to treat it.


Listen to the World – Ear




Hear the world – by ear

Basic Methods

It is not difficult to take care of the ears. When your pet is young it’s best j he gets used to having his ear canals cleaned so they don’t refuse to clean them and catch ear canal disease as soon as possible. Wait until they are red and inflamed to clean them. She leaves a very bad impression on the dog because inflamed ear canals can be especially painful and large movements can even cause bleeding of the skin of the ear canal, which can make dogs really hate cleaning their ears, so cleaning the ears in the right way from a young age will not only protect their health on a regular basis, but will also eliminate the need to clean them like war every time? ` kind of hard work.

Ear canal cleaning method:When caring for your dog’s ears at home, use ear cleaning solution to gently drop the cleaning solution into the ear canal and don’t be afraid to fill it. Massage the root of the ear for about 6090 seconds, let go j dog shake his head, and then wipe off the dirt with toilet paper. Pay attention to the use of cotton swabs to clean the ears. Cotton swabs can damage the ear canal or stuff the dirt deeper.

[Editor’s Note] Special attention should be paid to the fact that if your dog’s earwax is black, yellow or abnormal, take it to the animal hospital immediately for examination. This is because normal ear wax is yellowish and odorless.


Smell all the flavors – Nose




III. Smell all the flavors – the nose

Basic Methods

If a dog’s nose is not cleaned for a long time, the wrinkles can become desiccated, red, and runny from the buildup of dirt.

Treatment is as follows:>

First, use a cotton swab to clean the spoil from the wrinkled area. Then dip the cotton swab in alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe the affected area, being careful not to do too much as more alcohol will irritate the dog’s nasal passages. Then apply the cotton swab to the affected area.

Keep this up twice a day for about three days and you will be significantly better. Then change to once a day for two to three days and you will be cured.

[Editor’s Note] Because alcohol is very irritating to wounds, do not wipe the affected area directly when wiping, or the dog will not tolerate it. In addition, when all symptoms disappear. Daily care should also be taken to avoid recurrence.


Taste the delicious food

Grooming care for huskies and its standards

title=”Grooming care for huskies and its standards”

Scottish Shepherd

IV. Tasting the food – mouth

Basic Methods

The average healthy dog does not need to have its mouth cleaned, and the dog’s mouth is usually much cleaner. So, the most important thing is to clean its teeth.

Decayed or faulty teeth in dogs can greatly affect digestive function and directly impact the dog’s health. Tartar or food debris left between teeth can cause oral bacteria to multiply. To protect your dog’s teeth, it is best to remove debris from between the teeth in your dog’s mouth after feeding; or scrub the teeth with a cloth soaked in saline.

To prevent dental disease, it is best to avoid the formation of tartar. Usually, we should vary the food appropriately and not feed food that is too soft and too wet. You can chew on dog bones to clean the mouth and clean the mouth by rubbing the bones. Hard cookies, dry food or special rubber dog toys for dogs to chew. It can also serve the purpose of cleaning.

Clean the mouth and teeth by opening the dog’s mouth, filling it with water, or using 1% salt water and rubbing the teeth with a cloth or toothbrush. Brush your dog’s teeth once a week. The toothbrush used should be soft. Wet the toothbrush and dip it in toothpaste to brush the teeth.

A small reminder to clean your dog’s teeth regularly every day, or you can remove tartar by soaking a cotton strip in cold water and dipping it in toothpaste. If your dog accumulates tartar through neglect, it is best to get it removed by a veterinarian to avoid harming the flesh and enamel. :

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