Flat Buckle Dog Toilet

Flatbed Snap

Flatbed snap-on

1. Flatbed press-fit dog toilet

Blue, teal

Resin material


Small: length 49 width 37 height 3.2cm weight 650g

Large: length 65 width 55 height 4.0cm weight 1.4kg



Small CommentsThis dog toilet has three functions: it can be used to hold a cleaning pad, it can be used as a litter mat, and it can be used as a food tray. The utility is good. However, due to the design, the product is easily broken, so the utility is slightly reduced.


Dog toilet with enclosure


With enclosure

II. Dog toilet with enclosure

Blue green, red

[Material] PP resin


Small size Length 42 Width 41 Height 16cm

Large size L50 W40 H18cm



Small CommentsThe most outstanding design of this dog toilet is that it has a wall to protect the dog that is going to the toilet. In addition, it is more common and relatively single use. But the bottom is made of rubber material and the design that won’t scratch the floor can be very bright.


Standing dog toilet

Encyclopedia: AKC Standard for Curly-Chaired Bichon Frise

Standing column type

III. Column Dog Toilet

[Color] Blue, Pink

【Material】PP material

[Size] 46CM long, 34CM wide, 4CM high, 18cm high column



[Editor’s Comment] The unique column design is entirely for male dogs’ toilet habits, which is commendable. At the same time, after removing the column, female dogs can go to the toilet as usual. Therefore, it is also very practical.

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