I. Should I dress my dog?


Bichon Frise

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Bichon Frise

I. Should I dress my dog?

1. Pets have thermostability

As the seasons, temperature and length of sunlight change, the density and length of your pet’s fur will keep its body temperature constant by automatically adjusting to ensure the stability of its immune system.

In this way, the clothes, shoes and hats worn on pets become shackles for them, and even catalysts for disease. When wearing clothes, shoes and hats, pets cannot fully utilize their ability to clean and keep a constant temperature, which reduces immunity and even leads to dependence on clothes, shoes and hats. Once this accumulates to a certain level, or if the clothes, shoes and hats are not worn properly, there is a risk of illness. If the owner must dress up as a pet, he should also try to keep the wearing time short.

2. It is better to dress for the cold than to exercise.

A better way to keep out the cold is to get more exercise and participate in more outdoor activities. In addition, even if you dress your pet, the clothes must fit well, otherwise they can lead to depression, anxiety and fatigue, and serious illness. Your pet’s clothes should also be changed frequently and not washed with the owner’s clothes, as this can easily cause some infectious diseases.

3. Which dogs need to be dressed?

Weak dogs, older dogs with poor warmth, newborn bitches, dogs recovering from a serious illness, and dogs with old injuries should pay special attention to warmth. In addition, strong dogs should also be dressed appropriately for the length of their hair, depending on the breed. For example, weak pomeranians, deer dogs, Chihuahuas should wear warm clothes; like long-haired, good health of the Pekingese, Shih Tzu, do not need to wear. Owners of these pets can choose some relatively light clothing for their dogs, mainly for aesthetic reasons.

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By putting on thick cotton clothing that covers the whole body too early, your dog’s immunity will be reduced and when it is coldest, your dog will get sick because he cannot adapt to the cold wind. It’s best to take your dog out for exercise to boost their immune system. If your dog wears too thick, it will interfere with their heat exchange with the outside world, but it will make your dog uncomfortable oh!


II. Measure the three circumferences before buying clothes for your dog

Butterfly dog

title=”Butterfly dog”

Butterfly dogs

II. Measure the three circumferences before buying clothes for your dog

1. Neck circumference:By neck circumference, I mean the circumference of the baby’s neck. In other words, the position where the cervical collar is worn is usually the circumference. This position is where the collar is located. The collar should not be too fat or too narrow. The general measurement can release a centimeter!

2. Chest circumference: Where is your pet’s chest circumference? Specifically, it refers to the circumference of the widest part of the root of their front legs. Usually, it is also the fattest part of your pet’s entire body. Since there is a lot of thick flesh in this area, it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of the measurement. In general, the measurement should release at least two to three centimeters.

3. Length: The length referred to here is not their entire length, but the length from the neck hind neck terrier to the root. Note that when measuring length, your pet must be allowed to stand up straight with their body fully spread, not lying down or down, if this would greatly reduce the accuracy of the measurement scale.

4. Specific measurement of specific parts: For example, some dogs have formed a spleen wine belly due to over nutrition, so the size of the abdominal circle in its clothing making process should be put out more, these are best measured by professional pet clothing makers for your baby by hand, which can greatly enhance the accuracy of the measurement.

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If you need to make more elaborate clothes, it is best to measure their leg length, the distance between the two front legs, the lower body length male dogs can be slightly shorter, female dogs slightly longer, etc. Some special dogs also need to be measured for specific parts. After all the measurements are taken, you can start making them or you can give them to a professional pet fashion designer and maker, who will design and make a beautiful and well-fitting outfit for your baby. Well, don’t let your baby go out in their beautiful new outfit!


Three, learn to cleverly match the dog




Third, learn to cleverly match the dog

1. Keep your instrument neat and tidy

If you want your dog to be beautiful, you must give your dog a clean appearance. Dog hygiene is very important, and everyone likes a clean dog. A clean dog will be beautiful, so make sure you keep them clean. Give them a bath after about a week. Also, don’t give your dog chocolate, seafood or onions, and don’t eat too much salt, or your dog will shed easily. Go to the pet groomer regularly every month, shave and clean the ear canals.

2. Learn to dress

1 Don’t be too fancy. Don’t get too fancy dressing your dog in your daily life, or your dog will feel like an alien and add to your dog’s burden.

2 Bow ties to match. Dogs with long hair can simply have two braids with a head flower, and dogs with short hair can have a bow on their tails. The dog has dark hair, so you can choose a light head flower or bow. The dog has light hair, so a dark head flower and bow are more appropriate.

3 Observe the dog’s preferences. You can observe your dog’s favorite colors in your daily life and choose your dog’s favorite color to dress in so that your dog will like it and boost your dog’s confidence.

Better not wear shoes

It’s best not to let your dog wear shoes. Dogs have toenails, and walking can help sharpen toenails that are otherwise too long and can easily get into the bottom of the foot. If you do want to wear shoes, you can wear them when you go out and take them off when you get home, or get them trimmed regularly at the pet groomer.

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When the dog wears a nice dress, the owner should praise him, praise him, and then give him some reward, such as a nice meal. As time goes on, the dog stops loathing the clothes. Many people focus on the appearance of the dog, not knowing that the inner character of the dog is also important. Dogs are very malleable, and good character needs to be cultivated by the owner with care. Each dog has its own unique character. Dog owners should keep their dogs from shouting, don’t bother people, remember to use a leash, etc.


Fourth, the correct choice of dog clothes

Cocker Spaniel

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Cocker Spaniel

IV. Choosing the right clothes for your dog

1. Clothing material

Choosing natural fabrics, such as cotton and pure wool you should be willing to do silk, will minimize skin irritation and itching that attracts dogs, and reduce static electricity damage to the dog’s coat. Do not wear chemical fabrics, especially the side that touches the dog’s body. Chemical fabrics are prone to static electricity, and long-term friction with the pet’s fur can also cause a variety of skin diseases. Pay attention to check whether the buttons and zipper heads on the clothes are secure so that they will not be swallowed by an ignorant puppy.

Clothes should fit

If the clothing is too large, it may cover the area where the baby excretes, so that the excreted dirt is likely to wet and stain the fur and cause skin disease. Details are needed on the loose style that does not strangle the dog.

3. The cuffs have the issue of whether they are closed or not.

Many dogs put on clothes and their feet run through the holes. This is because their feet are so thin that they don’t notice if the sleeves close when they choose their clothes. Like our clothes, some t-shirts have sleeves that close. Likewise, dogs like Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and deer should choose clothes without sleeves. Also, people with short legs should be careful to choose those with short sleeves. Instead, those with strong muscular and hairy legs should choose cuffs instead of shutting them up!

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Don’t dress your dog for long periods of time, go out and put it on, come back and take it off. Dogs don’t want to wear clothes just to satisfy people, but most of our good dogs tolerate our requests because for them, getting dressed usually means going out to play.


V. Advantages and disadvantages of dog dressing

Specific ways to clean your dog's ear canal

title=”Specific ways to clean your dog’s ear canal”


V. Advantages and disadvantages of dog dressing

1. The benefits of clothing for dogs

1 Cold insulation: In this case, you have to dress the dog, which is related to its health. For example, small, low-fat dogs such as Chihuahuas and miniature Dobermans, and very young or old dogs, who are afraid of the cold and have weak resistance, are best dressed for going out on cold days, which can reduce the chance of getting sick.

2 Cleaning needs: dogs do not need frequent baths. Bathing all the time may cause them skin problems. Therefore, when it is dirty outside, wearing clothes can keep it clean for a long time and reduce the burden on the parents.

3 Protect the body surface:Sometimes there are benefits to wearing clothes when you take your dog out to play. For example, wearing clothes when you take your dog hiking in the fall will prevent your dog from bringing back too many plant seeds and prevent insects from crawling into your dog’s fur.

2. Disadvantages of wearing clothes for dogs

1 Causes skin disease: Although short-haired dogs do not have the problem of long hair tangles, fabric rubbing against the epidermis can cause skin disease, allergies, itching, and peeling in dogs. Always wear clothes can easily make us ignore some problems on the surface of the dog’s body. Ill-fitting clothing may restrict the dog’s movement and wear down the skin.

2 Causes knots in long-haired dogs:Dogs that wear clothes often have some areas that are significantly more than dogs that don’t wear clothes. For example, the armpits, neck, shoulder straps, because the clothes press the hair tightly, plus friction, it is easy to form hair clumps. If not carefully combed, it will soon become a knot of uncombed hair.

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Keeping dogs clothed when it’s dirty outside can keep them clean for a long time, but it can also ease the burden on parents. But it’s easy to overlook some of the problems on the surface of a dog’s body by always wearing clothes. Ill-fitting clothes can restrict a dog’s movement and wear down the skin.

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