Handsome dogs are always cool and sometimes bossy. In fact, they are just cold on the outside and hot on the inside. As soon as they get closer to them, they will be very enthusiastic about you. Dressing your dog in a skull pattern will reduce this intimidating and domineering spirit. Next, I will recommend five items to dog parents. The dog will look great and be very popular when wearing them:


Dog Skull Coat

Dog skull pattern punk clothes

[Clothing Introduction]

Super cool pirate punk hooded sweater. With high-grade fleece and faux leather as the main fabric, the fabric is very good, which is high-grade fleece fabric, thick and textured, and feels very comfortable. The pullover and tummy windproof tightening are suitable for dogs of different sizes.

The dress is in big red with some eye-catching faux leather black. The whole outfit is not monotonous, and the skull on it has a rockabilly feel to it.

The hat has the label Baby Dear , which indicates that it is the dearest baby. The label does not come off easily when stitched. The edge of the hat, the cuffs and the edge of the dress are the most fashionable elements. It is inlaid with a small edge of faux leather and has a skull on the back. The skull and eye parts are embroidered with silk thread and the fabric is also faux leather.

There is a small hole under the hat that the strap fits through.

Reference price $38.00–$42.00>

[Size] >

Size 2: bust 40cm, back length 23cm

Size 3: Bust 46cm, back length 29cm

Size 4: Bust 53cm, back length 34cm

Size 5: chest 60cm, back length 40cm

Size 6: chest 72cm, back length 42cm

[Editor’s word]

The eyes of the skull are turned into the shape of a star, which is less scary and reflects the care of the designer. Bones are a dog’s favorite, but the two bones are spelled out in the shape of a fork to tell the dog not to bite. This detail is also cute.



Dog Skull Coat

Dog skull pattern funny clothes

[Clothing Introduction]

Pet dog cotton jacket. Unique dog sweater, cute skull, knitted, not printed oh. Likewise, the SKULL English words on the hat are knitted. Excellent technique to avoid embarrassing off-stitching.

Breathable and warm, high elasticity, not easily static, with cotton threaded trim and attention to detail. The exquisite craftsmanship is hard to imitate.

$16..00 – $28.00>

[Size] >

S: neck 20CM; bust 30CM; back length 20CM>

M: Neck 24CM;Bust 35CM;Back 24CM>

L: Neck 29CM;Bust 42CM;Back 30CM>

XL: Neck 34CM;Bust 48CM;Back 34CM>

XXL: Neck 38CM;Bust 53CM;Back 40CM>

[Editor’s word]

Who said skeletons were scary? This dress turns the image of a skeleton on its head. Look how funny this skeleton is! When the dominant dog wears it, it will also arouse the interest of many people who want to get close to it. By the way, it feels fluffy.



Dog skull clothesline

Dog skull pattern pirate clothes

[Clothing Introduction]

The skull design is inspired by the handsome pot of Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, combined with fashionable colors and an open-tooth font, perfect for fashion.

Skulls on poison bottles are definitely a big part of the fashion scene. Celebrities and folk hipster girls are skull fans.

The striped hood is super soft cotton and the top is ultra-thin denim for breathability and stretch.

Reference price $31.00–$35.00>

[Size] >

The following three figures are neck circumference, back length and chest circumference in centimeters.

Size 2 = S: 25 24 35>

Size 3 = M: 32 30 42>

Size 4=L: 36 34 45>

Size 5=XL: 41 41 53>

Size 6=XXL: 44 44 58>

[Editor’s word]

This dress will definitely make your beloved dog a fashion favorite! Changing the strong feeling of dominance is refreshing and makes the dog exude a handsome rock style that is very attractive. Attractive enough! >



Dog Skull Coat

Dog skull pattern mild dress

[Clothing Introduction]

ForDogs Velvet Diamond Skull Print Double Layer Four Legged Pants. The back is a super cool velvet diamond skull iron-on and the pockets are decorated with shiny water diamond studs for a perfect fit, warmth and comfort, available in red or black. The outside fabric is cotton and the inside fabric is velvet, giving your dog the most comfortable enjoyment.

[Reference Price] $28.80 – $34.20>

[Size] >

XS: bust 30-32cm, back length 19-21cm, neck circumference 22-24cm

S: bust 36-38cm, back length 23-25cm, neck circumference 24-26cm

M: Bust 42-44cm, back length 26-28cm, neck 26-30cm

L: bust 46-48cm, back length 29-31cm, neck 30-34cm

XL: Bust 52-54cm, back length 31-33cm, neck 34-38cm

XXL: bust 58-60cm, back length 36-39cm, neck 38-42cm

[Editor’s word]

This dress will show you the gentlest of skulls, with a back that looks like a dress, but is actually quadrupeds! >


College-style bow ties for well-behaved dogs

Dog Skull Coat

Cool skirt with dog skull pattern

[Clothing Introduction]

TomDog glow-in-the-dark skirt. Made of cotton sweat fabric, thin, suitable for spring, summer and fall. The skull pattern on the back can glow in the dark. Even if you take your dog out for a walk at night, you won’t be afraid of him getting lost!


[Size] >

The following three figures are neck circumference, bust circumference and garment unit in centimeters.

XXS: 19 25 16>

XS: 24 33 24>

S: 24 39 26>

M: 28 42 32>

[Editor’s word]

Who says only dominant dogs are good for skull prints? Girls and dogs are pretty too! If they choose this skull dress, they’ll be a little stylish and gentle in their handsomeness! >

Whether you’re a boy dog or a girl dog, as long as you’re a handsome and cool dog, you can choose this skull print that will instantly make the dog’s popularity soar!

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