If dog parents have girls’ dogs at home, they will certainly treat them as princesses in their hearts. To keep the princess beautiful and perfect in appearance, the dog’s parents will have the dog groomed regularly. If you dress your dog in a princess dress, then the dog will definitely become more lovely. Here are five princess-inspired spring and summer items for your dog’s parents to recommend from the small side:


Dog Princess Dress

Dog lace princess dress

[Clothing Introduction]

Japanese PIPI dog princess lace dress. Made of velvet and thin wool material, the design tends to be vintage. The back reflects each other with lace and bows, and the side is printed with a gorgeous little crown. The cuffs are ruffled and the double plaid skirt is lace-trimmed for an elegant style and overall retro and playful look.

Reference price $34.20–$36.00>


Size 2: bust 36cm, back length 25cm

Size 3: bust 40cm, back length 29cm

Size 4: Bust 47cm, back length 36cm

Editorial Review

This gorgeous vintage design could only be owned by an ancient royal princess! The princess breeze is blowing. How can a dog not be a princess this spring? >



Dog Princess Dress

Dog see-through princess dress

[Clothing Introduction]

Sexy princess dog tutu dress. This is a sexy little skirt. The skirt has a tutu design and is fluffy and cute. The back is adorned with a lace net that is a little see-through. The puffy sleeves are nicely cut and never collapse.

Reference price $38.80 – $41.80>


XS: bust 28-30cm, length 24-26cm

S: Bust 34-36cm, Length 28-30cm

M: bust 38-40cm, length 32-34cm

L: Bust 44-46cm, Length 36-38cm

Editorial Review

Princesses aren’t just cute, they’re kind of sexy! If you want your princess dog to show off his sexy side, then look no further than this vision tutu. The dog’s attractiveness to the opposite sex will skyrocket immediately when he wears it! >



Dog Princess Dress

Dog cake princess dress

[Clothing Introduction]

Pet Sweetie dog pink princess bow cake dress. With smooth satin as the fabric, it definitely gives the dog the softest touch. In addition to the design ladies cake dress, there is lace plus edge. The delicate panels are uniquely designed and the sling overlay will be easy for the dog to put on.

[Reference Price] $25.20 – $28.00>


The following three figures are the garment length, bust and neckline.

SS: 20cm 30cm 24cm

SG: 26cm 36cm 26cm

SM: 30cm 41cm 28cm

MM: 35cm 46cm 30cm

ML: 40cm 50cm 32cm

Editorial Review

The super pink dress is really too tender. The big bow on the back is too show-stealing to be noticed. However, a princess should be so striking! >



Dog Princess Dress

Dog polka dot princess dress

[Clothing Introduction]

Dogs wear lace lace dresses in spring and summer. The white background color, embellished with black dots, and more lace elements are involved, spreading from the collar to the back, all the way to the skirt, making the dog elegant and moving. A scattered pearl at the back highlights the dog’s princess-like qualities.


[Size] >

S: Bust 30cm Back length 23cm

M: Bust 37cm Back length 26cm

L: Bust 44cm Back length 30cm

XL: Bust 49cm Back length 33cm

XXL: Bust 55cm Back length 35cm

Editorial Review

This princess dress is classy, pure and elegant. If you can pair it with a pearl necklace or lace headband, your dog can go straight to a royal party and get a lot of admiration from passersby.


Gorgeous pearl necklace turns dog into princess

Dog Princess Dress

Dog undershirt princess dress

[Clothing Introduction]

Dog pink tank top cake dress. The dress is breathable and not too thick for dogs to wear in air conditioned rooms in spring and summer. The rubber bands on the cuffs are not too tight and will never strangle the dog and will make it comfortable to wear.

[Reference Price] $36.00>


The following three figures are neck circumference, back length and chest circumference in centimeters.

XS Subminiature is #1: 20 21 32>

S small i.e. #2: 22 18 34>

M medium that is size 3: 26 23 37>

L large that is size 4: 29 26 41>

XL Ultra Large i.e. size 5: 32 32 50>

Editorial Review

This pretty little dress is like a casual dress for a princess vacation. It is neither flashy nor high-profile. It’s simple, but it fully complements the princess’s vivacious loveliness.

Beautiful dresses are essential to a princess’s closet because they bring out the best in her. Want to turn your dog into a princess for a second? Wear a princess dress!

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