Chasing cats is one of the joys of almost any dog’s life. Although they have little certainty of success, they still enjoy it. Cats can be in danger out of fear, and two little runners can bump into furniture, break cups, or even hurt people’s knees. The following mini-series teaches you tips for turning enemies into friends:



Resolving cat and dog discord

[Why do dogs always chase cats]

Chasing cats is one of the joys of almost any dog’s life. Although they have little certainty of success, they still enjoy it. Cats can be in danger because they are scared, and two running little ones can hit furniture, break cups, or even injure themselves.

Cats are solitary animals, proud and independent, and dogs are pack animals, outgoing and like to join in the fun. They also have very different ways of expressing themselves – cats like to purr sweetly when expressing pleasure, while dogs purr as a warning signal; dogs are usually friendly when they wag their tails, but wagging their tails is a cat’s way of expressing discontent – a misunderstanding that is inevitable.


Pet parents, if you find that your dog is always chasing your cat, don’t scold the dog, because the dog means no harm, and you should collect breakable items at this time to avoid accidents.




Resolving cat-dog discord

[Two youngsters are ideal]

If you want to have both a cat and a dog, you should give appropriate guidance based on your personality and age.

Two little ones are ideal

Whether cats and dogs make good neighbors depends on the cat’s personality. Cats are sensitive and timid and don’t like to party as much as dogs. However, kittens are more accepting of dogs, and even fall in love with this big, silly companion.

The ideal situation is to introduce both puppies and kittens. An adult cat that was once with a dog may also become a good friend to an adult dog. Adult dogs can usually relax with kittens, but adult cats are not as receptive to puppies. Don’t expect an adult cat to initiate play with a dog.


Cats and dogs live together from a young age and get along easily when they are older. However, if the dog only joins later in life, there will naturally be disputes due to the class status and territorial factors between the animals, which will need to be resolved in other ways.


German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Resolving cat and dog discord

[The choice of dog breed is important]

Adult dogs with a strong predatory nature are likely to be a threat to cats, often treating small animals as objects of pursuit, and may have difficulty living peacefully with cats. And those breeds with flat faces and protruding eyes, such as Pekingese and Pug, are also unsuitable for getting along with aggressive cats because their eyes are highly susceptible to injury.

Controlling the dog’s behavior

Dogs have a strong sense of territoriality. If a dog comes into a home with a cat, it will think it is intruding on the cat’s territory, so it respects the cat. When introducing unfamiliar cats and dogs, control the dog with a chain. Let the cat smell the dog if it wants to, but do not let the dog’s power overpower the cat or force the cat to come close to the dog. Whenever the dog gets too close to the cat, immediately pull the leash tight.


Some dogs are bred by hounds and always have a certain hunting instinct, so you can choose some docile dogs like poodles and schnauzers.

If the dog knows how to keep his distance, reward him promptly. Make sure the dog understands that keeping your distance from the cat is one of the house rules that must be followed.


Showing you the right way to hold your dog

Big white bear

Resolving dog-cat discord

[Arrange a retreat for the cat]

Usually, when a cat is stationary, the dog will watch it without moving. Once the cat starts to run away, the dog will chase it excitedly. Careful owners should arrange an escape route for the cat, such as the top of a cabinet or a small door that only the cat can pass through, and arrange the cat’s work and toilet in a high place or a place isolated from the dog. A smart cat knows it has a safe retreat and will be more relaxed and tolerant with the dog.


In fact, arranging a retreat for your cat is a very practical way. On the one hand, it can ensure the safety of the cat. On the other hand, cats and dogs can still keep up the chase game, which is good for their health.

However, owners should make sure that the cat’s path is really safe, otherwise it will get hurt when it escapes. :phototribe>

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