I. Bobo Pet Nail Clippers

Bobo Nail Clipper

Bobble Pet Nail Clippers

I. Bobo Pet Nail Clippers


Pet Nail Clippers

Product specifications small size


[Product Description]

This product is made of high quality alloy material, sturdy and durable; sharp blade, not easy to produce burrs after cutting; clever arc advance design, easy to operate, advanced soft material wrapped around the handle, comfortable to grasp, giving you a pleasant trimming process.

How to use

1. Place the dog or cat on your lap and gently touch their head order.

2. Pick up one of the feet and remove the long toenail with a special toenail clipper.

3. Toenails and toenails should be at an angle of 45 degrees.

4. Do not cut too close to the fleshy root dark opaque or it will bleed.

5. In case of accidental bleeding, stop the bleeding immediately with medicated sponges and hemostatic agents


Dogs’ toenails should be clipped at least once every two weeks, preferably once a week. If the dog walks with if CLICK CLICK, the toenail is the time to be cut. Look at the dog’s toenails when you cut them. There is a hollow at the front of each toenail underneath. Usually, the bone marrow in the toenail does not grow beyond the beginning of the hollow and it is usually safe to cut there. Prepare hemostatic medication before cutting, just in case. Cut down a little at a time. In the center of the cut you will see a deeper circle that is the bone marrow in the toenail. Cut down to this point and you can stop!

[Ark Review]

Regularly trimming your pet’s nails can help prevent pain from splitting and breaking over time; it can also prevent your pet’s sharp nails from scratching furniture, couches and floors. It also keeps the dog itself and the environment clean and less likely to harbor viruses and bacteria. Therefore, nail clippers are a must-have daily necessity for pet ownership~! This is a pretty awesome pair of cat scissors.


II. Delux Medium and Large Dog Nail Clippers

Delo Medium and Large Dog Nail Clippers

Delux Medium and Large Dog Nail Clippers

II. Delux medium and large dog nail clippers

[Product Brand] Delo

[Product Name] Delux Medium and Large Dog Nail Clippers

[Product Size] 16*5.5cm

[Product Description]

1. Using a special stainless steel blade with a sharp edge the sharper, the easier it is to cut! Not sharp knife is easy to hurt the dog. ~, solid and durable, never rust! Can be used for years! ~! The blade is 2.1CM long and 0.35CM thick, making it durable and easy to use!

2. The mobile safety stopper on the head of the nail clipper keeps the nail entirely within safe limits. No worries about hurting the dog with this safety stopper! Parents don’t have to worry about cutting the dog’s flesh when trimming the baby’s nails! A very thoughtful design!

3. The spring mechanism at the handle intersection makes the trimming action more fluid. The grip is more controllable! Can better grasp! The upper end of the handle is thoughtful hand push switch, better and safer to place after use. Not afraid of children playing hurt hands Oh! Completely closed! TPE, PP environmentally friendly materials will not cause skin allergies in pets or humans. In fact, cutting the dog’s nails is similar to our human nail clipping, but the dog is very active and difficult to control. If parents can calm their babies well, there’s nothing to worry about!

[Caution for use]

When trimming your pet’s nails, be sure to choose special pet nail clippers and take care to keep your nails at the proper length. Dark nails don’t make blood vessels easily visible, so be more careful!

As long as the owner establishes a good trusting relationship with the dog in a well-lit area and gets the dog used to it, you can help the dog trim his nails!

1. The blades are sharp, so please use them carefully. When not in use, hold the handle and push up on the hand block switch to close the nail clipper.

2. Pets with deep nails need to see the microvasculature in the nail from the bottom of the nail. If in doubt, please consult a professional pet groomer.

3. Do not use for purposes other than pet care.

4. Store it out of reach of children’s hands.

5. Do not put it on a bed or chair where it can easily cause injury.

[Repair Method]

Liquids such as gasoline, thinner, and alcohol should not be disinfected or touched with hot water.

Avoid wet and humid environments. It should be cleaned promptly after use and stored properly.

[Ark Review]

When a dog is asleep or extra sleepy, he usually doesn’t fight it! Does he know his owner is good for him too? . It’s much better to put it up high and cut it up. Many parents often try to be unhappy! Clipping your dog’s toenails is best trained from a young age! Once you get into the habit, it’s not so crazy to cut them so often!


III. Nail Trimmer Nail Clippers

Nail Trimmer Nail Clipper

Nail Trimmer Nail Clippers

Three, Nail Trimmer nail clippers

Product Brand Nail Trimmer

[Product Name] Nail Trimmer Nail Clipper

[Product Size] L*W* = 15*5cm

[Instructions for use]

Triple spring design for sharper and more powerful. Suitable for medium-sized dogs and above.

[Product Features]

1. Nail TrimmerThe series is made of high quality alloy steel, which is sharp for a long time and less likely to produce burrs after cutting.

2. Unique guillotine design, easier to cut, equipped with a spare cutter head can be replaced. Overall stainless steel material, comfortable grip and very beautiful.

3. This is a rare nail clipper in the market in terms of workmanship and quality. Don’t miss out.

[Ark Review]

Usually when you have nothing to do, you can touch his feet step by step and then pinch his nails. When he’s perfectly fine with it, he’ll almost make it! Gently press down on the toe with your hand and the dog’s nails will stick out, making it easier to cut! Parents should always choose special pet nail clippers. Only buy with confidence and cut with ease!


IV. Petio Electric Nail Polisher

Teach you how to make your own dog bath

Petio Electric Nail Polisher

IV. Petio Electric Nail Polisher

Product Brand Petio

[Product Name] Petio Electric Nail Polisher

[Product Size] About 8.5cmx2.2cmx3cm

[Product Weight] About 100g

[Product Material] Metal grinding wheels are wear-resistant and durable. The dry electric type better ensures the product’s service life and avoids unnecessary loss of the built-in rechargeable battery.

[Product Description]

The sharpening head with clear plastic cover is convenient and practical, avoiding debris to pollute the environment, clean and hygienic and safe. Pets that are afraid of nail clippers won’t resist nail abrasion; even if your pet struggles or encounters a fleshy pad it won’t hurt it, sharpening nails is neat, smooth and absolutely reliable! When you repair your pet’s nails, hurt them and give your pet a better manicure to enjoy. This product will not cause any physical damage to your pet’s nails and will only beautify your pet’s nails.

Cats and dogs

How to use

The product has a pet-friendly hole in the head. Put your nails in and touch the sandpaper to electrically sharpen your nails.

[Product Features]

This product is a complete replacement for pet nail clippers, easy to operate by just one person, with a special nail chip warehouse for hygiene and no professional guidance required – simple.

[Instructions for use]

1. Open the battery cover and install 2 x #2 batteries please be careful not to install the batteries in the wrong direction for positive and negative poles.

2. Choose a comfortable place for your pet to get a manicure, such as a bed, recliner, couch, etc.

4. If it’s your pet’s first time using a nail grinder, it’s best to only grind off the tips of his nails or parts that are too long, not too deep, and let your pet get used to the grinder.

Usage Warning

1. Always cover before use, otherwise it may hurt your skin or your pet’s skin.

2. Please keep your clothes, jewelry and hair at a distance when using it.

3. Do not use water to clean the nail polisher.

4. Keep it out of reach of your child.

5. Do not use it to sharpen your nails, as it may damage them.

6. If the battery is not used for a long time, please remove it.

[Ark Review]

No need to worry about your pet cutting your baby pet’s little hands because of naughty or nervous pets, no need to worry about your home because of nail clipping and dandruff, no need to worry about uncut or pointed toenails, also need to be patient with files slowly, now well, with electric nail grinding, solve your worries! This product is especially suitable for big dogs with fat toenails and timid or naughty or some nervous little pet babies.

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