Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel


1. Frequent urination or defecation

The dog makes frequent movements to urinate and defecate but does not pass urine or stool, or only traces of feces and urine are seen. The dog may have a problem with the bladder or urethra for frequent urination, or the intestines for frequent feces, and the dog should be taken to the veterinary hospital in time for diagnosis and timely treatment to avoid delays.

2. Scratching the skin

If a dog is restless and scratches its skin and coat frequently, it has fleas, ticks, or is infected with mange, fungal skin disease, eczema, or pseudorabies. At this time, the dog’s coat is thin and there may be bald patches of hair. Such a dog is unhealthy and should also be sent for immediate medical treatment. Under normal circumstances, dogs shed and change their hair normally in spring and autumn. And abnormal hair loss is seen in the following conditions: skin diseases, too many baths, using human shampoo shampoos, and symmetrical hair loss in dogs with endocrine disorders.

3. The color of the dentition and tongue

The redder the color, the healthier it is. White is anemia, or it could be parasites in the intestines or blood in the stool microviral disease or hookworm disease. There are also abnormal tongue colors that should be noticed.

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