Petio Wasp Smart Toys

1 Petio Wasp Smart Toys


◆ Petio patented design

◆ Training dog agility

◆ Cute shape won’t hurt teeth

Product Description:Imported pet toys from Japan, quality assurance from famous big manufacturers. Puppy-specific functional toys, can be teeth grinding / increase flexibility / practice scratching and biting … etc. The small bee/small floating insect inside the square a b can be pulled out, you can put the dog’s snacks in the back to attract the dog to play. Two shapes to choose from.

Brand: Japan PETIO

Item size: about 15 x 15 x 15 cm.

Unit: piece

Price: $116


Pettio simple fashion cart 106

2 Pettio Simple Fashion Cart 106


◆Original one-year warranty

◆Fashionable washable upholstery

◆Breathable and comfortable, convenient storage

Product Description: for pets up to 7 kg The mesh skylight provides optimal heat dissipation and circulation, allowing you to keep an eye on your pet’s condition. Pets can poke their bodies out from the front and lean back to enjoy the view from the resting seat. The whole structure is designed to be fast and easy to carry and store.

The entire vehicle is designed with a fast integrated structure for easy portability and storage. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees for smooth implementation. Rear wheel brakes and ramp parking are safe. The thoughtful owner’s drink holder and portable items are very convenient. There is an item mesh bag in the back where pets can be placed outside.

Brand: Pettio

Product weight: 5 kg

Unfolded frame size: L 82 cm x 48 cm x H 97 cm.

Cockpit accommodation size: L 37 cm x 31 cm x H 37 cm.

Unit: group four colors available

Price: $680<font






3D Folding Car Pet Bag



3 3D Folding Car Pet Bag  



◆ The material is CPE which is waterproof, tough and easy to clean.

◆ The pet bag has a D buckle ring that snaps directly onto the pet’s collar to prevent it from sliding.

◆ The material is ultra-light, easy to install and disassemble for operation, lightweight for storage, and Zhuojianhuan

◆ There are mesh transparent pockets on the outside left and right of the pet bag for pet food or other items.

◆ Pet owners can carry their pets on their shoulders, increasing the practicality of the product.

Product Description: 3D shape can isolate the back seat of the car into a separate space, so that pets have more room to move, waterproof dirty not afraid of pet drool or hair dirty car, even if? j pets are not afraid to drink water or eat dirty things, so that your favorite pet can also light? travel with you!

Brand: Fuka

Price: $190


Mungo&Maud Traction Belt

4 Mungo & Maud Traction Belt

Dogs love food recipes for Golden Retrievers

Brand: Mungo & Maud, UK

Product & Maud Mungo & Maud is a gentleman’s country style high-end pet store that opened in central London in 2005. The design is simple and elegant, generous and stylish, with a strong focus on product quality and the use of natural materials such as wool, leather, cotton and linen for timeless use.

Price: $1023

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