Hagen Dog Live Water Filter Food Bowl Set

1 Hagen Dog Live Water Filtered Food Bowl Set


◆ Designing large dog breeds

◆ Increasing the amount of water the dog drinks

◆ Food bowl epilepsy plant haunting? >

Product Description:Contents H-a set of 73651 live water filter drinking fountain, H-a set of 3660 shelf height food bowl, H-736552 cleaning tablets, the combination as attached, can also be used separately. Highland combination discount combination, multiple dogs, large dogs, etc. are perfect for a single purchase economical and durable enough.

Brand: Hagen Canada

Product specifications: One waterer set One food bowl set Cleaning tablets 2 tablets

Unit: group

Price: $720


Organix Organic Dog Food 2.72kg

2 Organix Organic Dog Food 2.72kg


◆ Designed for healthy adult dogs

◆ Certified Organic by Nature USA

◆ Made with healthy ingredients

Product Description: Organix Organic Feed is based on certified organic chickens Each chicken is fed organic feed and raised without any drugs or antibiotics is an excellent source of protein and amino acids for dogs. Crude fiber can collect water, promote colon motility and prevent constipation, using organic barley and brown rice / organic flaxseed. Soluble fiber regulates the movement of waste products in the digestive tract, lowers total and bad cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Containing organic flaxseed Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids can make your pet’s coat healthy, less itchy and inflamed, and shiny. The addition of Glucosamine is an important nutrient for maintaining the viscosity of the bone and joint cavity fluid. Chondroitin helps chondrocytes produce collagen and proteoglycans in the bones, which then help rebuild cartilage tissue. Probiotics and prebiotics stimulate the growth and activation of one or more probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract and reduce the number of harmful bacteria. It is the guardian of gastrointestinal health, maintaining a healthy gut and sound intestinal nutrient absorption function.

Guaranteed nutritional values:

Protein: 28 %>

Fat: 15 %>

Fiber: 3 %>

Water: 10 %

Calcium: 1 %

Phosphorus: 0.9 %

Omega 6: 0.6 %>

Omega 3: 3.6 %>

Product specification: 2.72 kg .

Unit: package

Brand: American Organix

Price: $150>


I DOG Milk Teeth Cleaning Bone

3 I DOG Milk Teeth Cleaning Bone


◆Local production in Taiwan

◆Milk wheat lecithin

◆Preventing oral cleansing stones

 Product Description: Snack supply, 450 degree dental cleaning stick made in Taiwan, designed for dental cleaning. Does not harm teeth, rich in fiber milk flavor, wheat cream and plant-based formula. Provides a high quality supply of protein, each angle is different and can clean teeth completely. Rich in calcium vitamins to eliminate bad breath and keep teeth healthy.

Brand: I DOG>

Item size: 960 g 16pcs about 8.5 cm each>

Unit: box

Price: 210>


Nummy Canned Organic Vegan Sweet Potatoes

4 Nummy Canned Organic Vegan Sweet Potatoes

Symptoms and treatment of keratitis in dogs

◆ USDA Certified Organic

◆ Fully vegetarian and ready to eat

◆ Rich in dietary fiber to stimulate gastrointestinal motility

Product Description:USDA canned whole vegan sweet potatoes add dietary fiber that pets often lack. 100% whole vegan canned food can be eaten as a main meal or fed as a treat or side meal. 100% of the ingredients are organic and free of chemical pesticide and fertilizer residues. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Dietary fiber stimulates bowel movement, prevents constipation and keeps the bowels open. It is the most effective enzyme replacement product.

Ingredients:Over 95% organic sweet potatoes

Brand:USA Nummy Tum-Tum

Product size: 425 g

Unit: bottle

Price: $33

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