Chicken Spiced Rice Dog Food

1. e-WEITA Chicken & Rice Dog Food

[Brand] e-WEITA>

【Applicable Stage】Adult Dogs


Dehydrated Chicken Meal, Rice, Soy, Corn, Deep Sea Fish Oil, Deep Sea Fish Meal

【Reference Price】$100

The best feature of this dog food is the addition of deep sea fish oil DHA colostrum rich in natural antibodies for the healthy development of the dog’s digestive and immune system. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs’ needs and worth a try.




2. Kendall kennel dog food

[Brand] Kendall

【Applicable Stage】Adult Dogs


Main ingredients crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, linoleic acid, calcium, vitamins, water, salt


The unique nutritional formula of Kendall can meet the different needs of dogs. Enriched with methionine to promote hair growth. It contains grade animal and vegetable fats, rich in essential fatty acids for smooth and bright hair, etc. Therefore, it is a cost effective product.



Royal France

3. Royal Canin A3 puppy food

[Brand] Royal Canin


[Specifications] 11kg

Rice, dehydrated poultry meat, dehydrated poultry liver, yeast, trace elements, etc.

[Reference Price] 200 RMB>

Mini Review: The advantage of this dog food is that it is easy to digest and can maintain the ideal posture of the dog. It is nutritious and provides all the nutrients your puppy needs after leaving the milk, no more need to add other nutritional supplements, and can satisfy all kinds of nutrition during the growth period.



Australian Guaneng Chicken Rice

4. Australian Kuaneng Chicken Rice

Crown Energy Australia

【Application Stage】Adult Dogs; Puppies


[Main ingredients] Beef tallow, corn bran, animal hydrolysate, egg products, fish oil, salt, taurine, vitamins and minerals protected with mixed tocopherols

[Reference Price] $260

Mini Review: The best feature of this dog food is strong bones and teeth with balanced nutrition for a balanced and healthy development. The best protein to fat ratio helps dogs grow strong muscles. In addition, the comprehensive nutrition with important antioxidants helps support a healthy immune system.

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