In general, the taste of what you eat before and after the weaning period determines the taste of future food preferences, and the more variety you get during the weaning period, the broader the range of tastes you will prefer in the future. From a preventive medicine perspective, it is ideal to feed your pet a “high quality” pet diet.


Living with pets, you can’t help but want to give them snacks treats. “The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the development of new products and services that will help the company’s customers to achieve their goals. Such psychological guilt, as well as “good stay at home is a good boy” and other pet director psychological satisfaction, so people can not help but want to give them to eat write delicious snacks. However, once the frequency of snacks increases, there is a danger of falling into the “snacks not feed”. According to the weight conversion, a dog’s weight may be less than one tenth of our human weight, so give your dog a cookie is equivalent to you eat ten pieces. So, giving your pet uncontrolled snacks will make your dog happy, but the consequences of such behavior are beyond your imagination.


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