Puppy Diarrhea Causes of Dog Diarrhea



I. Puppy diarrhea causes of dog diarrhea

1. Not vaccinated. The five or six vaccines are very important for dogs and can prevent many deadly diseases. If your dog was bought at random or if the original owner did not vaccinate him, you should be especially careful about diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. There is a condition called microvirus that causes diarrhea and vomiting. Sick puppies start out with what looks like gastroenteritis. If left untreated, the dog can die. Here’s another reminder: If you have a puppy at home, get it vaccinated as soon as possible.

2. Parasites. Because parasites cause diarrhea in the BB if you see this, you may see blood in it. BB, better be sure to test.

3. Enteritis. The symptoms are that the dog has diarrhea in addition to a poor mental state and an elevated body temperature. In this case, the dog’s symptoms are very similar to those of infectious enteritis canine distemper.


4. Change of food. Dogs have weak stomachs because their digestive systems are fragile and lack many digestive enzymes. When dogs eat canned food or simple meat for less than three months, it can easily lead to indigestion, and indigestion can lead to diarrhea.

5. Eating too much. Diarrhea in dogs is an easy problem to encounter. Eating too much, too much oil, too fast, or something that is not easily digested can cause diarrhea in dogs.

6. Seasonal changes. When the seasons change and the temperature alternates, dogs are often prone to diarrhea because they are so sensitive. It is especially likely when the humidity rises too quickly and the temperature suddenly drops three to four degrees. Generally speaking, as long as his spirit and appetite are no different than they usually are, you can consider a sudden change in weather and a cold causing diarrhea to properly warm and regulate your dog’s digestion.

7. Infectiousness. If you know that the dog may have been exposed to a sick dog, or something used by a sick dog or feces from a sick dog, you must go to the hospital as soon as you notice the dog has diarrhea or vomiting, because this indicates that the sick dog may have an infectious disease, a small virus that is highly contagious. In addition, cluster dog diarrhea and vomiting indicate that the dog’s illness is caused by a non-accidental cause such as infectious or collective food poisoning. We should know the cause as soon as possible to avoid the spread of the disease.
What should I do if my puppy has diarrhea?


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Second, what should I do if my puppy has diarrhea?

1. What should I do if my puppy has diarrhea and vomiting?

Starve all day. This is very effective for dogs that eat a lot of diarrhea, but be careful not to cut off water by fasting.

If it is caused by a change in food, stop feeding canned food, meat, and other indigestible foods, and feed two tablets of lactase at a time, two or three times a day, and this will take effect for a day.

2. What should I do if my puppy has diarrhea and fever?

The temperature of a dog with enteritis will be elevated. After confirming that the dog is immune, you can treat it as follows, otherwise please go to the hospital as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis. You can give oral gentamicin injections. It is common in pharmacies to give 2 ml of 80,000 units and drink 20,000 units twice a day. It should be noted that half an hour after taking Gentamicin, you need to feed your dog some live bacteria digestive agents, such as lactase, mother’s love, etc., to help your cat restore its digestive ability.

Parasitic causes are recommended to be dewormed every three months to eliminate this completely! Meanwhile, the most important thing for dog diarrhea is to pay attention to his mental state and appetite, if there is no difference in peacetime to regulate his stomach, if there is fever and mental performance should be inflammation, you can refer to the above enteritis treatment or go to the hospital for examination and treatment .

3. What should I do if my puppy gets cold and has diarrhea?

If you catch another day when your dog will have diarrhea and form a rule, don’t worry too much because the dog will usually do it on its own after those days. Of course, we should keep the dog properly warm. If the dog has diarrhea due to a cold, we can make a warm water bag in the dog’s kennel to warm his little tummy. If the situation is very serious, make sure to take some medication to regulate the stomach.

In addition, massaging the dog’s stomach can also be therapeutic. This is done by massaging the dog with the palm of your hand 3 inches below the umbilicus this is the Guan Yuan point of the Ren Chakra. Place your palm against the dog’s stomach and rub in one direction. The massage takes about 30 minutes and is quite effective for diarrhea and abdominal pain.


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