Dogs are born with a clean disposition, which leads parents not to be careless when caring for them. Of course, the same is true for the bathing gel chosen. Otherwise, dogs can be very unhappy if they are uncomfortable bathing. High-quality bathing gel will produce more targeted products according to the skin and coat characteristics of different breeds of dogs. It is not harmful to the dog after use and makes the dog’s skin and hair healthier.

Step 1 Dogs should not use human shampoo and body wash

  • 1. The PH value of human skin is different from the PH value of dog skin, which is weakly acidic for humans and alkaline for dogs, so shampoos and baths for humans cannot be used for dogs
  • 2. Many people bathe their dogs with products used for human use. If the dog’s skin is well tolerated, it is not a big problem. If the dog’s skin is poorly tolerated, it can cause skin irritation, itching, and other problems.
  • 3. It is best to use special pet baths or pet shampoos to help bathe your dog, as pet baths and body washes contain antiseptic and insects formulas to treat and prevent fungus, mites, and ticks.

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Step 2 Understand your dog’s skin condition

The only way to choose the most appropriate body wash is to treat the right symptoms.

1. Understanding the differences in skin pH in dogs

A dog’s skin is weakly alkaline pH of approximately 7.5 When a dog’s weakly alkaline skin encounters the same alkaline body wash, it cleans and protects the skin’s surface oils, creating dryness that causes a range of problems such as itching, allergies, dandruff, lowering skin immunity and causing skin disease. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a body wash for dogs with moderate PH product value.

2. Understanding the differences in skin structure in dogs

Dogs typically have only 3 to 5 layers of skin. So although dogs have thick hair to protect them, the skin structure is very fragile, so choosing a special dog pet shampoo that is gentle and non-irritating is obviously the best choice.

3. Understanding the differences in dog coat characteristics

Different breeds and sizes of dogs have different hair textures. When choosing a body wash, eradicate the characteristics of the dog’s hair and choose a non-irritating body wash product that softens the dog’s hair.

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Step 3 Choosing the right dog body wash

The skin conditions of humans and dogs are different. Therefore, to protect the health of our pets’ skin and hair, we should choose exactly the right special shampoo/body wash and conditioner for our cats and dogs based on their age and skin condition.

1. Basic types of pet shampoos/baths:

General Shampoo: As the name implies, this means that all body types, breeds, and coat colors are suitable for general shampoo baths, some of which contain special ingredients and conditioning factors such as proteins and plant extracts. Quality shampoos thoroughly clean and condition your pet’s skin and coat.

Tear-free shampoos: These shampoos are formulated to be relatively mild and non-irritating, and are generally suitable for young pets with sensitive skin. Medicated shampoos: such as lice, flea, itch, and antiseptic shampoos, which can act directly on the skin during pet bathing and can assist in the treatment of skin diseases, ectoparasites, etc.

Concentrated Shampoo: Typically used in pet stores, homes with large dogs, or multiple pets. Diluted for cost-effective use. Hypoallergenic Shampoo: A soft formula with no fragrances or colorants. It is specifically designed for pets with particularly sensitive or allergic skin.

Color Enhancing Shampoo: Designed for pets with colored coats, it enhances the brightness of the coat and makes the overall coat color more natural and bright.

Conditioner: Just like people use conditioner after washing their hair, the main function of conditioner is to form a protective film on the surface of the hair, which can better nourish and protect the hair and keep your pet’s hair smooth, soft, bright and less prone to tangles over time. Also, using conditioner during bathing can make it easier to comb out the knots.

2. Choose the right pet bath for your pet at different growth stages Pets, skin and hair conditions vary greatly.

Adolescent bath selection: Adolescent pets have more delicate skin and should use mild shampoos and baths that will protect their skin well and are safe and non-irritating.

Adult body wash options: Adults are more concerned with hair health and care. Many bath bombs for adult dogs and cats can be used regardless of breed, with more targeted options for different breed hair characteristics. Bathing lotions can be chosen by the color of the hair. For example, light-colored dogs can choose a bath for light-colored dogs. This bath can effectively remove yellow stains and restore your pet’s natural color; in addition, for colored breeds such as blondes and reds, you can choose a shampoo with a color-enhancing effect.

Choice of bathing solution for skin diseases: Also, dogs and cats with skin allergy symptoms and skin diseases need bathing solutions with medical effects. Such as flea and tick removal, mite removal, and antiseptic, and anti-itch shampoo bath.

Different hair bath options: Depending on the pet hair bath also has different functions. For dogs and cats whose dry hair tends to get tangled, you can choose a moisturizing and hydrating bath; for dogs and cats who need to keep their shape, you can choose a fluffy bath; for dogs with a large body odor, you can also choose a bath with some scent effect.

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Step 4 Use the right body wash

  • 1. There are many different products on the market, but some are not professionally formulated for pets at all. It is recommended that you choose a better quality dog body wash because dog body washes are far more expensive to formulate and produce than human body washes. Cheaper products mean inferior and unprofessional
  • 2. Dogs have different breeds and skin adaptations, so be sure to choose the right body wash for your dog.
  • 3. The same brand of body wash has different functions. Pay attention to the choice when buying
  • 4. It is best to wear gloves when bathing your dog, as some people are allergic to dog bathing gel, especially those formulated to remove worms, which are harmful to human skin
  • 5. If body wash gets in your dog’s eyes during bathing, don’t worry regular pet body wash is inherently a tear-free formula and is as safe as a baby wash; if it is not regular, you should go to the vet to have your eyes washed. You can wash your eyes at home with a special pet eye wash. If you can’t wash your dog’s eyes with chloramphenicol eye drops.

Tip: Be sure to drink enough water before bathing your dog so that you don’t drink water during the bath. In addition to body wash, you can also use a special hair powder to bathe your dog.

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