I. Dietary care



I. Dietary care

The quality of the hair is directly related to the nutritional status of the dog, so to have good hair color, you have to eat well.

First of all, we need to know what nutrition helps to improve the coat quality of our dogs.

Protein-Adequate protein ensures the quality of your dog’s hair growth, resulting in faster, stronger hair growth and improved split ends. Especially for long-haired dogs, adequate protein is less likely to break the hair.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E has anti-aging and antioxidant effects, improves the body’s immunity, protects the integrity and function of cell membranes, and keeps the coat healthy.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential for proper bone calcification, it promotes intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and helps the skin and hair absorb and break down nutrients.

Fat – Fat is the main substance that keeps your dog’s coat bright and also helps it absorb other nutrients. A lack of fat can cause itchy skin, increased dandruff, and a rough, dry coat.

So what kind of food will keep your dog’s coat healthy?

1. Professional dog food

Professional dog food is formulated with dog nutrition experts to ensure that all aspects of dog identity are effectively taken care of. The balance of micronutrients and fat content can help you gently replenish your nutrition.

2. Foods that supplement protein and fat

Moderate amounts of lean meat, hard-boiled egg yolks, and vegetable oils all contribute to a shiny coat. However, too much fat can cause many other problems. Therefore, it is important to be careful when preparing these foods for your dog and not too much.

3. Foods for micronutrient supplementation

Seaweeds and vegetables are micronutrient-rich foods, but essentially no special supplementation is needed unless your dog shows signs of severe micronutrient deficiency.

[Nutrition reference]

Food: rice; vegetables chopped and fed mainly cabbage;>

Ingredients: potatoes boiled and mashed, sweet potatoes; meat: at the time I bought a beef heart and lungs for $1, cooked and ready to eat for a week; do not add mashed vegetables preserved, such as garlic, ginger>

Eggs:Feed raw. Raw eggs can be considered hair-colored lubricants>

The bones are like fan bones, gnawed after the fire;

Medication:Internal parasites, dewormed with pomegranate root available at herbal stores in boiling water, have relatively little effect on dogs.

Whether the dog is fat?C, parasites can be judged by whether the hair roots are pasted.

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Many moms and dads with pet dogs think that if they buy their dogs good supplements or supplements, their dogs will grow a nice, soft coat, but that’s not true. Medicine is not as good as food. Dog tonic, rely on dog food. Good quality dog food is enough to give the dog balanced nutrition, which is the basic decision to ensure the dog’s shiny coat. From this season, you can give your dog some particularly beneficial nutritional food, such as hairdressing, which can make your dog’s hair more resilient, less prone to breakage and more vibrant in color. As a rule of thumb, after a week of eating it, the dog’s coat color improves significantly.


II. Coat grooming



II. Coat grooming

[1. Grooming]

Grooming is a very important part of your dog’s daily care.

1, Method

Comb once in the morning and once in the evening for 5 minutes a day.

2, order

Starting from the neck, from front to back, top to bottom, from neck to shoulders, then according to the back, chest, waist, abdomen, body, then the head, and finally the limbs and tail, combing one side to the other.

3, Technique

Comb the hair in the direction of hair growth and comb it quickly. Some people comb long-haired dogs with only the surface of the long hair and neglect to comb the undercoat hair underneath. The dog’s undercoat is soft and dense and can easily form tangles and even cause eczema, ringworm or other skin diseases if left uncombed for a long time. When combing a long-haired dog, you should comb layer by layer, i.e. turn up the long hair and then comb the bottom hair.


1. When combing your hair, use special instruments, not human combs and brushes. The comb is used by holding the back of the comb in your hand, swinging it gently with your wrist, and combing horizontally, alternating between coarse-, medium-, and fine-meshed combs. The needle comb has many teeth. To comb, lift them with one hand and comb the other part.

2. Soft and delicate movements when combing the hair, not rough and brutal, otherwise the dog will be sore, and special care should be taken when combing the hair near sensitive areas such as the external genitalia.


3. Pay attention to the dog’s skin. Clean pink is good. If there is redness or eczema, there may be parasites, skin disease, allergies, and other problems that should be treated promptly.

4. Parasites such as fleas and lice are found and should be treated with insecticides promptly.


5. When a dog’s coat is heavily contaminated, it should be groomed with a special conditioner and baby toner.


6. The coat will be brighter if you can wipe the dog’s identity with a towel soaked in hot water before grooming.







Hair knots are an embarrassing topic. If your dog has knots, it only shows that you usually don’t take enough care of him. If there are knots, take care of them as soon as possible or you could easily develop more skin problems.

1. Method

For dogs with severe tangles, a comb or wire brush should be used to comb along the direction of hair growth from the tips and then to the roots. Little by little, do not comb hard as it may cause pain or hair pulling. If the rolling felt is serious, you can use scissors to cut the felt pieces along the direction of the hair root and then comb. If you still can’t comb it, you can only cut the felt.

2. Notes

1 If a dog’s hair gets wet and then returns to dry, they will shrink like wool. At this point, combing them is impossible, so a knotted dog will never get wet.

2, dealing with knots is a very patient job. The dog owner must give twelve minutes of patience to deal with it, as long as there is patience can certainly open the knot.

3 If the dog has more than one knot, or if the knot is too severe, the tidy-up will not take too long. No more than 10 minutes of combing at a time, with moderate breaks and encouragement, will help eliminate the idea that the dog is resisting the struggle.

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Now is the time of year when dogs are growing their hair, with thicker hair, denser fuzzy undercoat and longer beautiful back hair. It is very important to take care of your dog’s hair from this season onwards. If you take good care of it, the dog will be beautiful and have a grooming foundation. Otherwise, long-haired dogs like Shih Tzu, Poodle and Bichon will be a mess like a mop. The most basic way to take care of your dog’s body hair is to comb it. Daily combing of the body coat removes dirt from the body coat, stimulates the skin, promotes blood circulation, and makes the body coat neater.

Grooming your dog’s coat can also remove ticks, fleas and other parasites. During the grooming process, you can also check the skin again. If the skin is elastic and pink is normal, if it is red or eczematous, you may have a skin disease or parasitic disease.

For dogs with hair that is below medium length, comb the hair first in reverse and then in a downward direction in order to remove large pieces of dirt and dandruff for neater hair. After combing the hair, you must wipe the body coat with a hot towel in order to remove the fine dirt. It makes the skin look better.

Brushing your dog’s coat daily can help remove a lot of dead hair, which is an essential way to eliminate a full coat. It also prevents the hair from tangling and acts as a massage. It also enhances the resistance of your dog’s skin by improving blood circulation. As the saying goes, “If the skin does not exist, the hair will not be attached”. It is important to have a healthy skin to keep the hair smooth.


III. Bathing and Showering

The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair

title=”The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair”

Ancient Shepherd Dogs

III. Bathing and Showering

Proper bathing practices are also key to ensuring the quality of your dog’s coat. For dog bathing, use a dog-specific body wash, not a human one. Many people know to bathe their dogs, but often don’t. The body wash left in the hair can often cause skin diseases.

[Precautions are]:>

1. Be sure to groom the coat before bathing.

This will comb through tangled hair and prevent tangles from getting worse. To ease the dog’s pain while combing, one hand can hold the hair shaft while the other hand can comb.

2. The temperature of the bath water should not be too high or too low.

Generally 36°C in spring and 37°C in winter is appropriate. Too cold or too hot water can adversely affect the dog’s hair follicles.

3. When bathing, be sure to prevent the shampoo from being combed into the dog’s eyes and ears.

Rinse thoroughly and do not leave shampoo on your body as this can irritate your skin and cause skin inflammation.

4. Take a bath in the afternoon or at noon, and don’t take a bath when the air is humid or rainy.

Because a lot of oil is removed after a bath, do not leave your dog in the sun to dry after a bath.

5. You should not bathe too often.

Frequent bathing washes away the oil layer of the coat and skin, which may cause skin diseases and dry and split hair.

6. The best time to condition hair is when they are fresh out of the shower and parents use a hair dryer to straighten their hair.


[Tools]:Hair dryer, shank comb, needle comb, row comb

The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair

title=”The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair”

Shih Tzu

[Tools]:Hair dryer, shank comb, needle comb, row comb

[Specific operation]:>

1. Blow side comb with handle until 70% dry;>

2. Needle combs are straightened in layers and blown and pulled all the way through;

3. Grooming layer by layer.


1 When blow-drying one part, wrap the rest in a towel to prevent natural drying. If the hair is already dry, no amount of pulling will straighten it!

2 Using a handle comb, comb through the layers and if there are any knots in the fur, you can tear them apart by hand, little by little. It is best to spray a small amount of combing water mist in advance, not to get all the hair wet. You can also use diluted conditioner instead.

3 Key points in choosing a shampoo for your dog: Buy a dog shampoo, and in addition to the dog-specific shampoos on the market, you can choose a mild human-use soap or baby shampoo, but you can’t fool them with adult shampoos.

4 After the shower, hair is completely straightened, it’s easy to comb it on a daily basis, if the shower doesn’t completely straighten it, even if you comb it every day, it doesn’t work, it will curl back in a few hours! In a usual comb, comb every three days.

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Dog care

cleaning and grooming includes daily grooming, maintenance, bathing and styling, as well as cleaning and grooming of eyes, ears, teeth, paws and other body parts. These tasks provide direct and indirect grooming benefits, ensure the dog’s health, and make the dog more comfortable and energetic every day, and are therefore essential to the dog’s life.

In addition, if you take care of your dog’s body coat and skin by bathing him regularly, it is easy to detect any abnormalities in the body coat and any skin damage in time to avoid delaying the dog’s treatment. Owners who insist on long-term emotional communication with their dogs can build a better relationship of trust between the two. Therefore, the daily time spent on dog care is a pleasure for both the owner and the dog.

Therefore, bathing and showering is an important means of emotional communication between dads and their beloved dogs, and can quickly build a better trusting relationship. People feel comfortable when they are groomed, and dogs, like people, will feel relaxed and happy if they are well groomed and physically relaxed. Act quickly, dear moms and dads! 6

IV. Outdoor sports

The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair

title=”The big picture of why pet dogs shed hair”

Pine Stiff

IV. Outdoor sports

[1. What to look for when you take your pet out]

1. Choose a time period with higher temperatures, such as 12:00 to 15:00;>

2. If the area has started heating and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, it is better to put a coat on the puppy when you go out in the morning and evening;>

3. Try to give the dog a gradual acclimatization process from going outside to being outside, such as spending more time in the hallway;>

4. Be sure to wear a leash when you go out to prevent naughty puppies from wandering off, picking up roadside food, and getting into car accidents;>

5. Don’t forget to clean up your dog’s feces and keep your walking place clean in time;>

6. Bathing in winter is not easy. After walking home, use a hot towel to scrub your dog’s face, lower belly, hips, all four paws, and tail.


[2. What to watch out for when exercising with your dog]

1 Make sure there is plenty of time. When a dog owner takes his dog out, he should give the dog plenty of time to exercise and play. This will ensure exercise.

2 Remember not to exercise after eating, as this is likely to cause digestive problems.

3 Try to avoid exercising your dog before and after feeding.

4 Help your dog exercise in a variety of ways. Jogging, walking, hiking, or playing Frisbee with your dog can help build fitness and help control weight in the winter to keep your dog from gaining weight.

5 Dogs in poor health should be dressed with care. Especially dogs in poor health can wear cold-proof clothing made of thick material when they go out.

6 Provide clean drinking water at all times. When your dog is playing outdoors, be sure to bring enough adequate and clean drinking water for your dog.

7 Prevent frostbite in dogs. Although we encourage people to take their dogs out for exercise in the winter, dog owners are advised not to go out in extremely cold weather to avoid frostbite.

8 You should clean your dog’s bed and change the mattress frequently. This is not only good for your dog’s health, but also keeps the air in the room fresh.

9 After the dog exercises, the dog owner has to pay attention not to put the kennel in a place where there is an excessive wind, so that the dog dog does not catch a cold when resting.

10 Pay attention to wind and heat colds. When dog owners take their dogs out for exercise, they should pay attention to keeping warm. Being rained on, blown by the wind, and wet in the kennel after exercise can cause your dog to catch a cold, and in serious cases, may induce bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. An effective measure to prevent colds is to keep warm, stay dry, and prevent cold winds.

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In early spring, for pet dogs, the sun is their best friend. On sunny and warm days, strengthen your pet dog’s outdoor exercise to enhance their fitness and improve their resistance to disease. Let your dog bask in the sun Not only does the sun keep you warm, it also kills bacteria in your hair and helps with calcium absorption, especially for the growth and development of your young pet dog’s bones, preventing chondromalacia in young pet dogs.

Tanning is definitely good for your dog’s hair growth. The right amount of UV radiation can kill harmful bacteria, and with enough exercise, it can stimulate his blood circulation, which helps him grow healthy hair. If we take good care of our dogs, they can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the great outdoors!

Life is about exercise. Bring your beloved dog and enjoy the best of the sunshine outdoors. :Photo Tribe

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