Dalmatian prices in major cities in China:

1. Price of Dalmatian dogs in Beijing

Ordinary Dalmatian is about 800 RMB

Purebred Dalmatians: 20,000 to 3,000 RMB

The biggest difference between male and female is 200 RMB

II. Shanghai Dalmatian dog price

Common Dalmatian: ranging from 4,000 to 600 RMB

Purebred Dalmatian: ranging from 10,000 to 1,800 RMB

The largest difference between male and female is $300

III. Dalmatian prices

Common Dalmatian: around $650:

Pure Dalmatian: $8,000 to $1,000 ranging

The biggest difference between male and female is 200 yuan

Four, Hangzhou Dalmatian price

Common Dalmatian: around 600 yuan

Purebred Dalmatian: about 1000 RMB

The biggest difference between male and female is 250 RMB




Exposing the Barleytown Dog Price Trap

When buying a Dalmatian, it is best to make a face-to-face transaction. This is because some dog dealers will steal the dragon to the phoenix, leading to the wrong version in the end. Also, care must be taken when trading:

1 If it barks, moves sluggishly, has dull eyes, a hanging tail, a slightly raised tail, and a lean physique, it is generally a sick dog and should not be purchased.

2 Caution should be exercised when purchasing if the seller is unable to obtain proof of relevant technical information, proof of pedigree, proof of vaccination, and transfer of signatures from both parties.




How to choose a healthy Dalmatian

1 Before buying, refer to some introductory information about this dog to understand the appearance and personality traits of this dog so that you have a good idea.

2 The body frame of the dog should be square.

3 The head should be long in shape, the muzzle should be slightly longer, the end of the nose should be black or brown, the lips should be thin, and the teeth should be clipped and bitten.

4 The ear roots are high, the ear pieces are soft and thin, long and round, hanging from the pendulous ears on either side of the head, and the ears have many markings.

5 The eyes should be round and bright, and the eyes should be dark brown.

6 The chest should be deep and slightly wide. The back and waist should be strong and powerful, plump and firm and arched, with the abdomen not obviously up.

7 The front limbs should be straight and firm, and the hind limbs should be muscular and strong. The feet are small and close to the foot shape of a cat. The foot pads are flexible.

8 The tail root is thick, the tail tip is thin, the tail is smooth, slightly curved upward, but not curled, and is of the sword-shaped tail type.

9 If the hair is soft and silky, non-white, mottled and dense, not round or oval, it does not match the breed.


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Mini-File: Introducing the Dalmatian Dog

Full name: Dalmatian commonly known as the Spotted Dog

Type: Medium-sized dog

Classification:Companion Dog, Family Dog

Size: 50-61 cm

Weight: 23-25 kg


Calm and alert; strong, muscular and lively; not shy; intelligent expression; symmetrical in outline; not exaggerated or rough. Keen, but gentle and sturdy in nature. The dog breed is lively, intelligent and diplomatic. And close to people by nature, liked by children. The Spotted Dog Dalmatian has great endurance and runs fast. The temperament is stable and outgoing, but majestic. Likes regular exercise and is energetic. The Spotted Dog Dalmatian is an angry and active dog and should be taken out for a daily walk or run in the yard.

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