In the feed supply, the dogs should be fed 150-300 grams of meat and the same amount of cooked dry vegetarian material each day according to the size of the dog. The meat should be cooked with water, chopped, and mixed with a little boiling water and dry veggies before feeding. To feed at the specified time and place, and limited to 15-25 minutes to eat, can not delay the time, in order to develop good living habits. The feed must be clean and fresh, the food bowl and other utensils should be frequently washed and brushed, and clean drinking water should be supplied.

Feeding management of Dachshunds

The Dachshund must be ensured a certain amount of activity due to its special shape, long body and short legs, and tendency to put on weight, which can cause diseases in various organs. It should be allowed to walk and run around indoors every day. If you get sludge and dust on your body during the activity, you should wipe it off with a towel and a wet cloth to keep the coat clean and soft.

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