Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise


A. Winter Warmth Myths

[Myth 1: Wearing thick cotton clothes in winter]

In a pet supply store, Mrs. Wang, a citizen, took a beautiful schnauzer dog to pick out clothes. I saw several types of cotton clothes and down jackets suitable for this puppy. “There is a special finishing bag at home to put its clothes, light small sweater has 6 pieces!” Mrs. Wang said, “The day is cold, and look to Christmas and New Year’s, have to hurry to buy it a few sets of beautiful thick clothes to keep warm, the child is beautiful, my face also has a face, huh.” >

Myths Explained:>

Dogs have fur, which itself has the ability to keep out the cold. Not all dogs need to wear clothes in winter. For example, adult dogs with thicker fur and long hair do not need to wear any clothes. Wear too much, but make the dog’s body heat is not distributed, and thus easy to catch a cold. In contrast, the fur is particularly fine dog and still in the young, just before and after weaning puppies, you can add one or two pieces of clothing, the material is best to cotton-based.

[Myth 2: Dogs sleep on electric blankets too]

In the pet supply store, I also found that a variety of price points of cotton velvet dog kennel is very hot, the shopkeeper introduced this year, a special pet electric blanket with in the dog kennel is also popular with many pet owners. “The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get into bed, they can only lie on the ground, but the owners can’t bear to give them a warm enough nest on a cold day.”

Misconceptions explained:>

Dogs have the ability to protect themselves from the cold indoors. Nowadays, dogs are often brought up spoiled, and owners treat them like children, assuming they need to lie in a hot, warm place. Here, it is recommended that owners can prepare some cotton kennels for their dogs in winter, especially some young puppies, but electric blankets are not necessary, which will not only interfere with the normal function of the dog’s self-protection from the cold, but also increase the safety risks such as electric shock.

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