Floor brush vacuum cleaner




A. Three types of vacuum cleaners for dog-owning families

1. Floor brush vacuum cleaner


1 Brush for pets. For pet hair loss on hard floors, it can easily pick up the hair, quickly concentrate on adsorption, and finally powerfully suck in the dust bag.

2 Floor brush for hard floors. Suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It fits the floor and powerfully absorbs dust from the floor.

3 Mini turbo suction head. It can remove fibrous fabrics deeply. The flip-top design switches between horizontal or vertical cleaning directions, making it especially good for removing pet hair from mattresses, sofas, carpets and curtains.

4 Fragrance pellets. Can be placed in a dust bag to vacuum and scent at the same time, which removes unpleasant odors from hair.



Mini-review: Part of the Electrolux Pet Lover series, a vacuum cleaner designed for pet households. Its advantage is that the various accessories are suitable for cleaning different home environments. The disadvantage is that the suction power is not strong enough. The market price is about $400, which is moderately priced.


Purification vacuum cleaner




2. Purifying vacuum cleaner


1 Purifies the air in your home, with a HEPA exhaust filter for small dust.

2 Comfortable handle with soft grip.

3 The Philips vacuum cleaner FC6130 has a one-touch easy to remove nozzle that doesn’t get your hands dirty when emptying the vacuum cleaner.

4 With cyclonic airflow technology, it has a triple filtration system.

5 Handheld vacuum cleaner with strong suction power and 900 watt motor.



Philips vacuum cleaners have been very popular. The advantages of this vacuum cleaner are handheld design, strong suction power and can be used for multi-area cleaning. Small size and easy to use. The price is about $265, which is good value for money. The disadvantage is that it is noisy and troublesome to clean.


Compound vacuum cleaner




3. Compound vacuum cleaner


1 Adjustable power and low noise.

2 No dust bag, easy to operate, easy to use.

3 Operating radius up to 8.5 meters, suitable for cleaning home floors, furniture and corners.

4 Dust full display, check from time to time if you need to clean the dust.

5 Compound floor brush. When you step on the switch control, the brush can suck hard surfaces such as floor tiles when it is extended; when you step on the control, the brush can suck carpets when it is retracted.

6 360° rotating round brush. Suitable for cleaning irregular surfaces or soft objects such as beds, sofas, curtains, books, book covers, etc..

7 Flat suction nozzle. Clean the corners and crevices of small areas such as aluminum doors and windows crevices, radiator crevices, computers, corners, etc..



Minor Comments: The advantages of this dog vacuum are strong suction, no need for dust bag, and you can pour dust directly after suction. The price is about $398, which is good value for money. The disadvantage is that it has a plastic smell. The appearance is transparent aqua blue, so you can see the amount of dust, which makes it easy to clean in time.


Cautions for using a vacuum cleaner

Tips for choosing a dog shampoo

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II. Precautions for using a vacuum cleaner

1. The only way to ensure thorough indoor cleaning is to make sure the vacuum cleaner itself is free of bacteria growth. The vacuum cleaner should be cleaned up in time after use with debris in the barrel and each vacuum attachment.


2.  Clean the dust bag after each job, also check for perforations or air leaks, clean the dust and dust bag thoroughly with detergent heated water, and blow dry to avoid clogging of the filter leading to reduced suction power.

3.  To prevent the suction power from dropping, you should wash the filter as well as the bag with water regularly and dry it in a cool place after washing before using it to restore the suction power.

Small comment: Vacuum cleaners are not only used for floor hygiene, but also for dust, bacteria and mites on sofas, bedding and curtains. However, while it is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner, it is also easily competent for some of the dead ends of daily cleaning. However, the cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner itself is a major issue that users need to pay attention to. Otherwise, it will cause secondary pollution.

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