Character of Chihuahua



I. Chihuahua’s personality

Mild-mannered, loyal and dependent on their owners. Chihuahuas are loyal and dependent on their owners. After Chihuahua people, Chihuahuas want to stay glued to their owners. So, whether you watch TV or do sports, there will be a four-legged shadow following you. From this perspective, it is very appropriate to use Chihuahuas as companion dogs. Accompanying the elderly and children would be very sweet. However; when a Chihuahua feels lonely and isolated, it will bark loudly. If the breeder has not communicated and played with the Chihuahua for a long period of time, the Chihuahua can easily feel lonely because he is not being loved and cared for by his owner. When a Chihuahua feels this way, the Chihuahua will bark incessantly in the hope of getting the owner’s attention and focus. Therefore, when raising a Chihuahua, a petite and cute pet dog, we must communicate and interact with it regularly. At the same time, we should give the Chihuahua some special chew toys to distract the Chihuahua, reduce its dependence on its owner, and relieve the Chihuahua’s inner loneliness.

Both brave and timid. Although Chihuahuas in general are still naturally very brave and can defend themselves against larger dogs; they can still be intimidated and afraid of strangers entering them, and because of this personality, Chihuahuas are also better suited for a single family or each individual. Chihuahuas are very afraid of strangers, and sometimes this fear can turn into fear or phobia. To prevent Chihuahuas from becoming too nervous and fearful, breeders also need to expose Chihuahuas to more fresh food and people in their daily lives. However, we cannot force Chihuahuas to do certain behaviors when exposed to strangers. We must allow Chihuahuas to accept strangers slowly, and when the first contact cannot allow strangers to touch Chihuahuas so as not to cause fear and panic in Chihuahuas.

Smart and curious. Chihuahuas are smart, but she is curious about all new things and loves to explore. Therefore, as an owner, it is best to spend enough time with her every day or buy her toys to burn off her exuberant energy. Because Chihuahuas can have psychological problems when they are alone for a long time.

In general, although the personality of a Chihuahua is related to its nature, it is also closely related to the environment in which it lives later in life and how it is taught by its breeder. For this reason, in order for a Chihuahua to have a docile and friendly personality, the breeder also needs to spend more time and effort teaching and training the Chihuahua so that it can become a popular pet dog.


How to train a Chihuahua dog

Some of the most basic knowledge of dog training


II. How to train a Chihuahua dog

Come and train

Secure the collar with a 20-foot Chihuahua chain if a Chihuahua chain can be replaced with a thin cloth or shutter strap and wrap it around the neck. Reward the coat pocket with a tasty treat. Shorten the Chihuahua chain, hold one end of it in your hand, and call its name away. In a calm, decisive tone, gently pull the Chihuahua chain to call its name and say, Come on! If it doesn’t come, repeat the command and keep pulling on the slack part of the leash. Pull it over and say happily: Obey XX XX dog’s name. Also pat a bite of food caressingly. This time, open the Chihuahua chain and repeat the command 8 to 10 times. If possible, train three times.

After two or three days, if you call him, he will come voluntarily. Your goal is to teach him his name and what it means to come here. For general obedience training, you can use the following gestures: gently lift your right hand and extend your palm upward, then bring your arm back and place it diagonally on your body, resting the end of your palm on your left shoulder; ask your Chihuahua to come over.

Also; some Chihuahuas can do the come over subject well when trained at home, but when trained outside, such as in the park after opening the collar and commanding him to come over, the Chihuahua does not perform. If people go after Chihuahuas, they may run farther and farther away. The owner should call the Chihuahua’s name while walking in the opposite direction or hide and observe. The Chihuahua will come running back restlessly. Never scold the Chihuahua when it comes back because it can’t tell if you are scolding it for not listening to commands or for running back. After letting the Chihuahua come over, it should be made to feel that something good is waiting. Therefore, after giving the come over command for the Chihuahua to run back, it is not advisable to immediately evict it back to the Chihuahua house or scold the Chihuahua for something. Chihuahuas think they should be praised for obeying their owner’s instructions. If he scolds it at this time, it may cause the Chihuahua to stop coming back on command.


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