Shenanigans are the top 10 most popular classic looks for summer 2012



I. Top 10 classic looks for chenille

In the past, whenever a new season arrived, owners liked to give Snowy a new shape. Currently, in the heat of summer, do Snowy owners know what are the most popular shapes for Snowy this summer? Let us tell owners the top 10 most popular classic shapes for the summer 2012 schnauzer. See what your Snowy fits!

NO.1 : The standard shape. The most common shape, the usually familiar standard shape is simple, just shaving the back, leaving the limbs and skirt, leaving only the white eyebrows and beard on the head. Its styling advantages: short hair parts as short as possible, and long hair parts to form a strong contrast, fresh and stylish. Keeping the length of hair on the abdomen and limbs looks like wearing a small dress, highlighting its beautiful appearance, like an elegant lady in grand occasions, and being natural and uninhibited in outdoor activities. However, not everyone likes the mustache look, and so do dogs. When the long hair over the eyes goes under the eyelids, it irritates the eyes without tears, and the long hair in the mouth covers the food, even their own hair will eat into the mouth.

NO.2: A clean and tidy look. Shave your dog’s entire body and cut the hair in the mouth into a round shape to look fresh and neat, the hair is less likely to get tangled, and it dries faster after bathing. Also, shave off the tail and cut the hair on all four legs short, so it is easy to take care of. Schnauzers are terriers with a hard, natural shape, especially highlighting the lines of the head and back. Therefore, these two parts must be cut with four different lengths of electric shears. The lateral lines on both sides of the body also need to be trimmed with scissors to make the lateral lines look more natural. In addition, the limbs should be cut into a cylindrical shape and the head, eyebrows and beard should be noted for their line and length. Dogs this short hair styling, perfect for owners who love to dress up, take it to different occasions can wear different types of clothes, look very different SWEET and malleable. Because the hair is cut very short, three months can be trimmed. The most important thing is to often comb the four legs of hair.

NO.3 The pony suit look. This look is also a familiar and popular look, also known to some as the little donkey look. Schnauzers usually have long hair on their bellies to look like a skirt and a beard on their faces. The back must be shaved or the hair will be too long creating a messy look. Therefore, the chin hair is cut into a V-shape, the eye brows are cut diagonally into a pointed shape, and the hair on the shoulders is cut flush along the hair stream to look like a skirt. Since this shape preserves the hair on the face, belly and all four legs, owners are advised to comb the hair once a day and trim it once a month to maintain length.

NO.4: The punk shape. This shape starts mainly with matching hair and clothes, usually with denim clothes and shoes, or combing baby’s exaggerated alternative braids to create a relaxed and lively, strangely cute Euro-American punk street style. Some Euro-American punk integrated rake mamas can try to make this shape for their children and not lose their cuteness.

NO5: Lady or teddy styling. Some parents may like other breeds at the same time for reasons that will mix baby shapes such as the curly hair of the schnauzer to create a similar lady or teddy style, personally I think that while not losing interest either, but always deviating from the schnauzer’s own bone structure style, the semi-soft semi-rigid style may be preferred by some.


Chenille facial grooming


NO.6: Baby Fat Shape. This shape tries to preserve the hair on all parts of Yuki’s body, exploring inspiration from physical fashion to create a unique fluffiness, do you think of couch wax? This shape is for Yuki whose ears hang completely over her cheeks, the hair on the top of her head is round and the hair on her ears hangs down naturally in the shape of a bear, the fat is very loved, the downside is that it is not easy to take care of in the hot summer and can aggravate the baby.

NO.7: Pride and Noble look. Suitable for snow with abundant hair. After trimming the ears, carefully trim the eyebrows and around the eyes. The rest of the hair cannot be repaired. The hair on the jaw and chest will complement the standing ears, giving a haughty and noble style.

NO.8: Selling the cute panda. This shape is suitable for light pretzel MM. The beard and eyebrows are light gray, but there is a circle of thin black eyelashes around the eyes. You can shave all the hair around the eyes to create panda eyes, and this shape can make the baby’s big eyes more cute and interesting, with a feeling that I still see.

NO.9: This shape is for children with naturally curly hair or strange facial features. On top of other shapes, this strange shape is rarely available, regardless of the amount of fat and hair, and it is important to have a natural rice ranch

NO.10: The Alaskan shape. This shape is suitable for a black chenille, but the beard and hair on the legs require pure white, with no other parts of the body having a stray color. Got Eskimo feet? Very cute. Note that owners will need to groom and care for this shape frequently, and it is a shape that requires patient care.

More classic Chenille looks


How beautiful is the chenille?



II. Facial grooming of the Chenille

The eyebrows are an important part of the chenille’s grooming, visually determining facial expression and accentuating the correct head proportions. In terms of grooming proportions, the ratio from the highest point of the ear position to the top of the eyebrow, the top of the eyebrow to the tip of the eyebrow, and the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose is 1:1:1. The shape of the eyebrow can vary depending on individual preferences. The general shape is similar to a crescent, but it is best to see half of the eye from the front to highlight Yuki’s sharp eyes.

During the actual facial, I have found that many koyuki have different head ratios. Generally speaking, the correct head ratio is at least 1:1 from the occipital bone i.e. the prominent bone at the back of the head that you can touch with your hands to the eyes and the eyes to the tip of the nose. but nowadays the vast majority of koyuki have a short nose part, in which case we need to cover this shortcoming with eyebrows, eyebrows, that is, above the eyebrows, try to shorten the distance from the eyebrows to the occipital bone and then determine the correct beauty ratio according to The length of the eyebrows, so you can make the skull cap short and the bridge of the nose long, making the whole face look more elegant.


Chenery also has dental problems, so as a Chenery owner, you must brush your teeth daily to prevent tartar, tartar and periodontal disease. You can purchase a chenille only special toothbrush and toothpaste at a pet supply store or animal clinic; a children’s soft-bristled toothbrush is fine, but do not brush your chenille’s teeth with human toothpaste, which chenille only has digestive discomfort. Brush the teeth with the right amount of toothpaste according to the instructions on the toothpaste label, remembering to brush the surface of each of the Chenery’s teeth. During the first few times, the dog will run away because he is not used to it, so you should be patient and help him get used to it. If your Sheltie refuses to brush his teeth, you can use a soft washcloth or sterilized gauze pad to wipe his teeth. Add some coarsely ground or crunchy food such as fruits and vegetables with more fiber to your Chenery’s food to rub the surface of his teeth when chewing and help clean his mouth.


Check your Sheltie’s eyes frequently for differences: excessive watering, eyes that are too red, and trichiasis indicating swollen eyelids in the corners of the eyes are signs of a problem that should be prolonged immediately for medical diagnosis and treatment. To clean your Sheltie’s eyes, gently rub them with a damp cotton ball or paper towel, and do not use hard objects such as fingers or cotton swabs, which can sting the eyes.


Look closely at your chenille’s ears each week for inflammation and redness. Smell for odors and feel to see if the schnauzer will only feel tingling. If everything is fine with your pet dog, just clean it with a dry cotton ball. If there is ear wax, dip a cotton swab in some glycerin and clean it carefully, or choose a cleaning product recommended by your veterinarian.


Chenille Grooming Tips


Third, how much can a chenille be beautiful?

Snowy is ready to go to the groomer for a trim after three months. This is because if Snowy is less than three months old, his resistance is still very poor. And with different kinds of dogs coming in for grooming every day at the pet grooming salon, it would be easy to increase Snowy’s chances of getting infected. However, owners can still help Snowy with simple grooming at home before he goes to the grooming store. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: first, the hair in the ears must be pulled out regularly, once a week, because if the hair grows out, ear mites will grow out and then it will be a pain to deal with. The hair should be cooked every day, because Yuki’s hair tends to get knotted up. Also, nails should be repaired regularly.

IV. Grooming Precautions for Chenrezig

Owners also have some tips for grooming Snow. The following details should not be overlooked:

1. Avoid frequent bathing

The chenille does not need to be bathed daily because dogs do not produce sebum as well as humans, and frequent bathing will not only wash away sebum to protect the skin, but will also increase the dog’s chances of developing skin diseases. Owners should not use human shampoo for convenience because human shampoo is too alkaline and will affect the secretion of sebum in dogs. If the dog is used to cold baths since childhood, it is very beneficial to its health. However, for puppies and dogs that are not used to cold water baths, it is easy to catch a cold.

2. Avoid cutting the shawl too short

Because a dog’s hair resists UV rays, it also stops the skin from coming into contact with various bacteria. To cut your pet dog’s hair, do not shave it completely, but leave it at least 3 cm long; it is best not to cut the hair under the dog’s stomach to prevent the dog from catching a cold while sleeping causing diarrhea and other symptoms.

3. Avoid spraying perfume for human use

The smell of dogs is sometimes strong, especially in winter bathing, and can get worse, but owners remember not to use people’s perfumes to avoid the smell because the perfumes people use are high in alcohol and irritate the dog’s skin, which can be serious enough to give the dog skin diseases.


Chenille grooming price

Everyday dental care for your dog

V. Chenery Grooming Prices

Divided into salon and home self-help.

1. Beauty salons:

The price varies from place to place. However, the price of grooming bathing and trimming for a chenille is usually around $100.

Suzhou: $85 if the member price is not between 100 and 120.

Hangzhou: The price varies a lot up and down. The price of a beauty treatment plus a bath is ¥120, and a bath plus a treatment is ¥40. Then the overall price for members is discounted by 15%.

Shanghai:Generally 80-250 RMB.

Heilongjiang:Generally around $150.

Beijing:In-home service is typically 60 RMB, including bathing, grooming, ear plucking, anal gland squeezing, and nail clipping; going to a pet store is more expensive, typically at least 80 RMB and 200 RMB.

: Pet stores are usually around $100.

2. Family self-help:

50ml ear wash for pets ¥9.90

Nail clippers for puppies and cats ¥16.00

Pet electric clippers, electric push clippers ¥168.00

Deep nutrition nourishing pet dog shampoo 500ml pet shampoo dog bath ¥20.00

If the chenille is bathed four times a month, the ear wash and dog bath will last for three months.


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