Now many people have pets at home, so the question arises, now is the season to eat walnuts, so dogs can eat pecans? Is it good for dogs to eat pecans?

Dogs can eat pecans?

Dogs can eat walnuts, but not in excess.

Dogs eat walnuts, can make the dog hair more shiny. But eat too much, it is not easy to digest, and easy to fart.

It is advisable to give the dog as a snack, a small amount is appropriate.

can dogs eat pecan pie

Dogs diet taboos

1. Chocolate (can be fatal)

Caffeine in chocolate is a deadly poison for animals, it will reduce the amount of blood delivered to the brain, the higher the purity of the chocolate contains the higher the caffeine content, the greater the danger to dogs.

Poisoning symptoms: ① severe drooling; ② frequent urination; ③ dilated pupils; ④ rapid heartbeat; ⑤ vomiting and diarrhea; ⑥ extreme hyperactivity, high energy; ⑦ muscle tremors; ⑧ coma

2. Onion (dangerous)

Raw or cooked onions contain disulfide, which is harmless to humans, but can cause the risk of red blood cell oxidation in cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cattle, and may cause hemolytic anemia. Generally 1-2 small slices of onion is enough to damage the operation of red blood cells, affecting the amount of oxygen delivery, which in turn does not provide the body with the required amount of oxygen.

can dogs eat pecan pie

Symptoms of poisoning: ① weight loss; ② fatigue, laziness; ③ frequent shortness of breath; ④ depression; ⑤ rapid pulse rate; ⑥ weakness; ⑦ film-like secretion from the gums and mouth

3. Liver (dangerous)

Liver is one of the favorite foods of dogs, many snacks or dog food contain liver, eating a small amount of liver is actually good for dogs, but too much may cause nutritional problems. Because liver contains high units of vitamin A, too much can lead to vitamin A poisoning or vitamin A excess.

Vitamin A excess disease: ① deformed bones; ② rapid development of elbow and spine bones; ③ weight loss; ④ anorexia, no appetite

4. Bones (dangerous)

Do not feed bones that will break, broken bones may cut the dog’s esophagus and cause choking

Choking phenomenon: ① white and blue gums; ② panting; ③ open mouth breathing; ④ grasping the face; ⑤ shallow and slow breathing; ⑥ unconscious, pupils dilated

5. Raw eggs (dangerous)

Raw egg white contains a protein called ovalbumin, which depletes the dog’s body of vitamin H. Vitamin H is an essential nutrient for dog growth and fur health. Raw eggs also contain germs, such as salmonella, which can cause vitamin H deficiency.

Vitamin H deficiency: ① hair loss; ② weakness; ③ growth retardation; ④ bone deformities

Dog’s diet nutrition with

1. Food for puppies

The puppy age range refers to most breeds at 1-12 months.

And large and giant dogs (50 pounds or more) for 0-18 months of puppies.

The average puppy needs adequate protein and fat for growth.

to promote muscle and bone development.

Large breed puppies need extra calcium and phosphorus to reduce the risk of hip disease.

to reduce the risk of hip and joint disease in dogs

can dogs eat pecan pie

2. Food for adult dogs

Adult dog food has a ration of protein, fat, and carbohydrates

The average dog at this stage is around 13 months of age.

Large and giant dogs are usually between 13 and 18 months of age.

They, in turn, require special high-energy foods that

Provide more calories to adult dogs.

3. Low calorie food

Packages labeled no more than 1409 calories per pound “low calorie”, “low fat” and “low fat”.

“low fat” and “inactive” labeled dog food.

The best low-calorie foods are those that contain fewer calories.

If the dog’s goal is to lose weight, then the intake of low-calorie food

can dogs eat pecan pie

4. Senior food

Older dogs are usually 6-7 years old

Need to be able to reduce the fat content of the senior food, the

Increasing the fiber level is more helpful.

For dogs with low exercise to maintain a stable weight is good

And these foods contain ingredients that reduce salt and phosphorus.

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