What to do about Chihuahua anorexia

title=”What to do about Chihuahua anorexia”

When, where and how the American Water Spaniel originated remains somewhat of a mystery. However, hunters in many parts of the United States have long appreciated the merits of the breed. Because the breed was first recognized and bred in large numbers in the Midwest, it is now believed that the dog developed and evolved primarily in the Midwest. Although this statement is not absolute, the combination of coat color, coat and conformation to the breed standard for external composition generally suggests that the Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever and, more recently, the older English Water Spaniel are its ancestors.

The American Water Spaniel is medium-sized, muscular, and powerful; it has an avid interest in hunting, receives control in the field, and exhibits an intelligent, agile, friendly, and docile personality. He has a keen sense of smell, excellent swimming skills, and is perfectly qualified to be a trusted guard for his owner.

The American Water Spaniel can be very intelligent, articulate, friendly, very happy to entertain its owner, and it is very personable. He is very jovial, has a tremendous energy and thirst for hunting, is relatively easy to manage when he is in the field, and makes an excellent watchdog in the yard.

Of course, the American Water Spaniel can get a cold and a fever, so what should you do if you have a fever? The following is a list of ways to help.

First, under normal circumstances, the body temperature of the American Water Spaniel is usually high at night and low in the morning, with a daily difference of about 0.2-0.5 degrees Celsius. The first thing is that the body temperature of the dog can be temporarily increased slightly when it is hot outside and when the dog is excited and nervous about the feeding exercise. Therefore, there may be some differences in the body temperature of the American Water Spaniel in the morning and evening during the day. In addition, when the American Water Spaniel has proctitis, frequent diarrhea or a loose anus, there is some error in rectal temperature measurement.

Second, most of the conditions that cause fever in American Water Spaniels are due to illness. For example, a fever from a cold, a fever from microcephaly or distemper, a fever from a disease such as gastroenteritis, etc.

To determine if the American Water Spaniel is feverish, the mercury column of the thermometer anal thermometer can be shaken below 35 degrees Celsius, sterilized with an alcohol cotton ball and lubricated, the dog examined can be held properly, and then the tail can be lifted slightly and the thermometer slowly inserted into the anus. When the American Water Spaniel is in a normal situation, the body temperature exceeds 38-39 degrees Celsius for a long time, which means that the American Water Spaniel is feverish and needs timely diagnostic treatment.

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