I, PUFFYPET Wild Vegetables Assorted Fruits and Vegetables Small Buns Strawberry

Veggie Buns

Vegetable and fruit buns

I. For 2 to 4

month puppies !



Wild Vegetable

Assorted Fruit and Vegetable Small Buns Strawberry

[Product Ingredients] Milk, wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, egg products, starch, glucose, xylitol, malt, deodorant, cod liver oil, minerals, multivitamins, trace elements complex.

Product Specifications 70 g

/ 80 g

Product price $5

[Product Description]

Be delicious and fresh breath !

The best daily snack for dog lovers Oh !

It melts easily in the mouth and has a crunchy texture. It rubs and cleans the teeth as the dog chews. This is the favorite snack for all

young and old

dogs. Also, this product is suitable for training. Feeding this product during training will make your baby pet more active and obedient !

One bite, perfect for reward training Comes in two flavors!

Both are the

tooth cleaning and deodorizing

best snack after a big fish


[Ark Review]

It effectively cleans teeth and removes bad breath. As the dog enjoys these tasty treats, his teeth get fully in and attached to the bun, then cleaned through multiple chews and rubs .

The crunchy, crisp bite makes dogs want to spend more time chewing, which allows for longer cleanings and ensures better teeth cleaning.

Reduces plaque and calculus buildup, leaving your pet’s breath fresh and free of unpleasant bad breath when approached. Perfect for older dogs and puppies with bad teeth.


2 Haggar Low Salt Original High Calcium Starter Cut

Hager Low-Salt Original High-Calcium Cheese Corner Cut

Hager Low Salt Original High Calcium Cheese Corner Cut


, Haggar Low Salt Original High Calcium Cheese Corner Cut

Cheese, whey protein, starch, wheat flour, vegetable fats, calcium phosphate

Product Specifications 80g



Product Price $38

[Product Description]

Good things don’t taste good enough at once !

A tasty snack that even the owner can smell and crave!

It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, it’s good for all sizes, it’s calcium and hair, and it’s delicious !



Cheese cubes are a minimum of


salt, rich in calcium, beautify hair, and help with the development and health of teeth and bones. It is delicious and chewy for dogs and makes an excellent reward snack and training treat. For dogs who are picky eaters and don’t like dog food, it can also be used as a dog food companion mix for dogs who love to eat !

Is your dog a picky eater and calcium deficient? Do you think his coat isn’t shiny enough? !

Come and buy HOOPET

home milk around the pellets. The pellets are small and mixed in with the dog food so they don’t choke easily. It is a good choice for reward dogs !

Calcium supplement, hairdresser, and change the picky eating problem. What a great snack !

Dogs eat and want to eat ! O∩_∩O~

One by one, they become gluttonous and obese ~~

[Ark Review]

The protein in cheese contains high amounts of organophosphorylated filaminic acid, which has a strong attachment to calcium ions and promotes the absorption of calcium in the stomach, which is good for dental growth and bone development, especially for

2 to 4

month old puppies. It is convenient to put a small packet in your pocket when training him. When it understands your command, you will give it one. Dogs will do well on good food !

There’s no end to it.


3 Goat’s Milk Nutritional Jelly Pudding Single pack, for puppies

Goat milk nutritional jelly pudding

Goat milk nutrition jelly pudding

three, Goat Milk Nutritional Jelly Puddingsingle pack, for puppies

Water, fructose syrup, goat milk powder, oligofructose, seaweed extract, lecithin, multivitamin, amino acid, electrolytes, trace elements.

[Product Specification] Single pack,




Product price $2~3

Product Weight



[Feeding size]



[Product Description]

I can’t stand watching my dog drooling next to me every time I eat something sweet. With goat milk pudding jelly, dogs finally have a delicious dessert !

It’s slightly sweet with oligofructose and contains goat milk powder. Goat milk powder has an odor of its own and most dogs love it.

[Product Features]


Goat milk Goat milk contains


of many nutrients and the bioactive factor α-1S

casein, which does not cause allergies in pets. And very high immunoglobulin, which can effectively destroy viruses and protect pets from harm, and full of hernia flavor, make your beloved pets crazy about it.


Oligofructose regulates the ecological balance in the body in both directions, promotes the rapid proliferation of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, inhibits the reproduction of exogenous pathogenic bacteria and harmful intestinal bacteria, reduces intestinal toxin pollution, promotes intestinal peristalsis, and facilitates vitamin and mineral absorption.


Lecithin is rich in Ω3

, Ω6

unsaturated fatty acids, which are indispensable for every cell, ensure skin regeneration, are the main nutrient for hair, inhibit hair loss and skin inflammation. It is a good aid in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

[Notes on consumption]


If you find the package is damaged and the contents are spilled, do not feed the dog.


The raw material contains goat milk powder, and the suspension and precipitation are normal, not a product quality issue.


Use as soon as possible after opening and keep refrigerated.


Containing fruit contains oligosaccharides, please use according to certain amount. See beginning


This product is a health and nutrition snack and should not be used as a medicine.


This product is a whole food, so be careful of children accidentally ingesting it and keep it out of reach of children.

[Ark Review]

This jelly pudding is mainly made from fresh goat’s milk, which is rich in


kinds of nutrients and active factors needed for dog’s growth, with higher protein and vitamin content than cow’s milk, and smaller fat globules and protein particles than cow’s milk, making it easier to digest and absorb.


iv Chicken Sushi

Chicken sushi

Chicken Sushi



month puppies are suitable for !


, Chicken Sushi

[Product Specifications] 80G


Simple pack


[Suitable for Dog Breeds] All breeds from 4

months old, puppies and adult dogs including pregnant and nursing dogs, etc.

Product Price $22

Chicken breast, fish, wheat flour, vegetable starch, red yeast rice, propylene glycol !

[Nutritional Analysis] Crude Protein: Content:


or more Crude Fat: Content


or more Crude Fiber: 0.4%

or less Moisture:


or less !

[Product Description]

Processed from high quality ingredients, it is tasty, tough, low fat and rich in high quality protein that can be fed to old dogs, puppies and adult dogs alike. Regular consumption is good for nurturing healthy teeth, preventing bad breath, easing the mental stress of your pet’s city life and preventing excessive obesity. Starting with stomach digestion and intestinal absorption, the nutrients slowly make their way to the surface of the skin, filling every hair, day after day, making your pet as bright as satin and full of praise.

How to save

Closed, keep in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening

[Ark Review]

Adjust the feeding amount appropriately according to the breed, age, health condition, pregnancy, exercise level, etc.

Please do not feed too much. Training is recommended as a reward, appetite regulation, nutritional health, dental health and weight loss, on-the-go portability, and ideal for !

Puppies should consult their dog owner or doctor before eating any snacks




v Chicken Banana Pie

Chicken Banana Pie

Chicken Banana Pie


, Chicken and Banana Pie

Product Specifications


[Shelf life]


monthsat room temperature

[Feeding Amount] Puppies


per day

[Product Price] $30

[Product Ingredients]

Selected chicken breast, olive oil, honey, rice flour, dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids omega-3

fatty acids, omega-6

fatty acids


carotene, vitamin E

, vitamin multivitamin and mineral calcium lactate, zinc chloride, iron sulfate, copper sulfate VE

, VD3

[Product Nutrition Guarantee Value]

Crude protein ≥28%

Crude fat ≤6%

Crude fiber ≤6%

Crude ash ≤2.5%

Calcium ≥0.2%

Total phosphorus ≥0.2%

Carotene ≥0.1

Vitamin E≥0.2%

Salt ≤0.1%

Moisture ≤20%

[Product Description]

This nutritional food is made from refined chicken breast and Spanish olive oil and banana, carefully baked with a unique process to improve the function of your pet’s digestive system and beautiful hair. The unique Ω-3

ingredient can effectively promote blood circulation and reduce the occurrence of vascular diseases in pets. Long-term rationing of professional nutritional food can slow down the aging process.



Directly for dogs with healthy teeth for 4 months or more



This product is a pet snack with excellent palatability;


Eat the deoxidizer in the bag



The surface of the product was analyzed for white powdered nutrients salt, calcium

. Non-quality reasons.


Do not allow your dog to consume olive oil directly or in excess.

[Ark Review]

Bananas have always been one of the favorite fruits for dogs, not only because they are nutritious and tasty, but also because they are paired with high-protein chicken. This golden combination not only enriches your puppy’s nutritional needs, but also makes the hair bright and shiny. The thiamin contained in bananas increases a dog’s appetite, aids digestion and eliminates bad breath, making it an essential choice for puppy snacks !


F Thick Spiced Beef Strips

Dog owners pay attention to what their dogs are wearing

Dense Beef Strips

F Thick Spiced Beef Strips

[Product Size] 100g Short Package

[Product Price] $25

[Main ingredients] Inner Mongolia high quality beef

All Breeds [for Pets]

[Product Description]

What is the best way to feed your dog? If you let your dog answer this question, the answer would probably be the same – feeding meat is best!

Vegetables and grains of any kind, no matter how nutritious, are not as completely digested and absorbed as meat. No matter how advanced the dog food is, no matter what magic substances have been added, it is ultimately the quality and content of animal protein.

These beef strips have no additives, no color, all natural product, nutritious and very enjoyable for dogs to eat as a teething and reward, and nutritional supplement, or as an appetizer if the dog is not appetizing. Selected high-quality beef, good taste, natural food, the best choice for dog snacks or rewards; high protein, low fat, rich in oxalic acid, iron and other trace elements, long-term consumption to help avoid excessive dog obesity; no coloring and preservatives, suitable for dogs of different periods and sizes

[Product Features]

Beef contains enough vitamin B sarcosine to promote protein metabolism and synthesis, increase muscle, build strength, and improve the dog’s immunity.

Beef contains vitamin B12, which is essential for the production of red blood cells, whose role is to bring oxygen to muscle tissue. B12 promotes the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids, providing dogs with the energy they need for intense training.

Beef is a high protein, low fat food. Therefore, in addition to providing better nutrition for dogs, dogs eating beef will not gain weight or become angry.

[Ark Review]

Dogs are carnivores with a short intestinal tract. Normal foods e.g., plant protein foods are only 50-60% absorbed in dogs, while animal proteins, i.e., meat, can reach over 95%. Beef is the highest animal protein content in meat, very much in line with the physiological needs of food animals. Give your dog beef on a regular basis and you will find that your dog will be happier and more content.


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