1. IQ of the Border Collie

Border Collie Training IQ Top Border Collie Training
Border Collie

I. Border Collie IQ

The Border Collie’s IQ ranks first among dogs. The Border Collie’s IQ is equivalent to that of a 6 to 8 year old child, and intelligence is one of its key characteristics.

Most of the top 10 dogs in dog IQ understand and remember new commands less than five times after hearing them. They have a 95% completion rate when their owners give them power and can respond within three seconds; they can still learn well even when their owners are undertrained. If you are a training expert, you can train your Border Collie to be better and brighter, so you will find the Border Collie easier to keep.

II. Border Collie training

Is the Border Collie easy to train?

Because of the Border Collie’s high IQ, I can undoubtedly say that the Border Collie is a well-trained dog.

2. How to train a Border Collie? The Border Collie is a dog that is well trained.

Border Collie Training IQ Top Border Collie Training
Border Collie

How to train a Border Collie?

Training the Border Collie to stand and stop

Border Collies can stop at any time to be evaluated by a judge on code or wait quietly while other dogs are considered.

To train, start by walking your Border Collie 2 to 3 times on a lead, and when you stand up yourself, let the dog stand up naturally and give the code: stand and stop at this time. After shouting the word stand, it’s best to pause before calling the word stop and to do so in a gentle voice. At the same time, use the palm of your hand about 50 cm in front of the dog and make a hand gesture to press down on the dog’s nose to make it stop.

At first, need to repeat the code several times, facing the Border Collie and staring into his eyes, pushing your palm back and forth in front of the dog’s nose. If the dog tries to move, immediately shout, stop, don’t move, and watch as the dog’s eyes get sharper and the gesture should increase. Pay attention to the cooperation of the code, the gesture and the eyes, and gradually increase the practice time.

If the Border Collie sits, you can hold your hand gently under the dog’s belly, but not so hard as to cause the dog to stand in an unnatural position. When the Border Collie stops, shout stop, and praise him.

3. Tip: Border Collie Training Considerations

Border Collie Training IQ Top Border Collie Training
Border Collie

Tips: Border Collie Training Considerations:

  • 1. Border Collies can be trained for no more than 5 minutes at a time, several times a day.
  • 2. Choose an appropriate snack reward, but only for training.
  • 3. Gradually replace food rewards with verbal praise.
  • 4. Be patient when training your Border Collie and don’t be hasty.
  • 5. The Border Collie learning process is always fun and exciting
  • 6. Use the same code and hand signals each time you train your Border Collie; keep the code short and the hand signals clear.
  • 7. Choose an appropriate time for training, such as before and after meals.
  • 8. Avoid being distracted by the Border Collie.
  • 9. It is essential to make eye contact and body language with your Border Collie.
  • 10. It makes sense to practice and review often.

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