Personality Strengths of Beagles



I. Beagle’s personality


Affinity: Beagles are lively by nature, not afraid of life, and very much like to be close to their humans.

High obedience:Beagles love to be close to their humans, so training them to become famous dogs is easy with a lot of discipline.

A keen sense of smell: Beagles have a better nose than other medium-sized dogs, so they were later trained as drug dogs and are now often seen in major airports around the world working with people to filter passengers for drugs.

Good athletic ability ability: The Beagle is well known among hunting dogs for its strength and stamina, so it is an excellent choice for people who like to walk or exercise with their dogs.

Good health: The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Kennel Club have found that Beagles have the lowest incidence of disease among medium-sized dogs, so with good breeding there is usually no trouble with illness.


Disadvantages of the Beagle’s personality




Too much barking: The Beagle’s nickname is the Forest Bell. In ancient times, yelling to warn owners was an advantage, but now it has become a disadvantage. The Beagle is a highly alert dog, so it often yells, which can be a nightmare for people who live in apartments.

Excessive appetite: The Beagle is a standard big eater. Some experts have found that no matter how much food Miguel gives him, he must eat it, even before his stomach rises. Too much food and obesity often lead to cardiovascular disease in the Beagle, so controlling food intake is an important preventive measure.

Active: Although the Beagle’s liveliness brings affinity and sunshine, the Beagle is overly physical. If expressed improperly, it can cause damage.

Easily forgetful:Beagles often play crazy, like wild horses off the leash and out of their owners’ control, so pay special attention to their moods.

Curious and destructive:The Beagle’s curiosity is arguably number one in the dog industry, and everything is determined by scratching and biting. But Beagles have sharp teeth, so it’s often scary to be caught; plus Beagles are overly physical and playful, and furniture and other household items may suffer if they are not well controlled.


Is the Beagle a good dog?

The Beagle is a good dog.

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Beagle dogs

II. Is the Beagle a good dog? >

In general, Beagles, despite their lively and cheerful nature, are not every family’s pet. The reason is that the Beagle’s curiosity, the amount of activity it requires and the time you spend playing with it, and the growling sound it makes when it is disgruntled or bored are not suitable for urban apartments; and the Beagle is always a 100% pack animal that likes to bark and make noise when in a pack, so it is best to have a single one for home breeding. If he is the only pet in your home, better be prepared, Beagles are the kings of destruction!

Tip: How to train a Beagle to calm down?

Many parents with Beagles know that if they don’t train their Beagles from a young age, they grow up to love to bark, which not only disturbs people but also gets in the way of a normal life. Let’s look at these seven tips on how to teach your dog not to bark.

The exercise quiet method:Beagles are most likely to howl on their backs when they are bored. The reasoning for this is the same as sitting on a girl’s floor getting up to sing before you graduate from college. In short, you’ve had your fill. So exercise is a good way to go. Exercise will burn your dog’s energy and keep him mentally satisfied. A tired Beagle would love nothing more than a good night’s sleep.

Out of sight, out of mind: I don’t know if you like talking on the wall, but experiments tell us that some dogs will shut up quietly after the audience leaves. So when your Beagle cries in front of you, you can turn away and the dog will get bored.

The sugar-coated decay method: Sugar-coating is very effective to some extent. A foreign animal behaviorist did this experiment. When a Beagle barks, he rings a bell. The dog closes its mouth, eats a snack and praises the dog. After a long time, when the Beagle hears the bell again, he naturally calms down.


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