The first appetizer of summer: roasted fatty beef dog food fragrant rice

In the heat of mid-summer, as the temperature rises, our appetite diminishes little by little and many times we don’t eat voluntarily. Dogs too, it’s hot, they are lethargic all day long, and they don’t even want to touch it with fragrant dog food. As parents, we can give the dog some DIY dog food-based dog summer food, so that the dog appetite. Here, I will introduce five DIY dog food treats for dog parents:


Roasted fatty beef dog food spiced rice

The first appetizer of summer: roasted fatty beef dog food fragrant rice


A bowl of fatty beef, soy sauce, sesame oil and dog food for shabu shabu.

[Food preparation]

1. Cut the fatty beef into thin strips, add a little soy sauce and cooking oil and mix as much as possible.

2. Bake in an oven at about 200 degrees for 3 minutes. Fatty beef has a lot of fat in it, so it’s especially flavorful when baked. If you like it juicy, 3 minutes is enough, if you like it slightly charred, bake it longer.

3. Remove the fatty beef from the oven and pour it into the dog food while it is still hot and stir to mix the roast with the dog food. The more evenly it is mixed, the better.

5. You can give it to your dog if you keep it semi-hot or not cold. If it’s too hot, it will not digest well for the dog. If it’s too cold, the oil in the fatty beef will condense and the dog food will turn out in pieces.

Editorial Review

If you find that some of the fatty beef sticks together after roasting, be sure to cut them apart with scissors before putting them in the dog food, otherwise your dog will just pick the meat out and eat it, and be left with a tub of dog food.

Fatty beef from the freezer will be frozen solid and cannot be grilled directly. You can put the fatty beef in a microwaveable bowl, add water, thaw it in the microwave, and roast it.

Cling film should be purchased that is suitable for microwave cooking, otherwise toxic substances are produced when heated in the microwave, which can affect the dog’s health.


Summer Appetizer #2: Sausage, Egg and Dog Food Rice


Sausage, egg and dog food rice

Summer appetizer #2: Sausage, egg and dog food rice


Two sausages, an egg, a little salt, and a bowl of dog food.

[Food preparation]

1. Cut the sausage, taking care to cut it into small pieces.

Break the eggs and set aside in a bowl.

3. Add the chopped sausage to the eggs and continue to disperse, mixing the sausage with the eggs and adding a pinch of salt.

4. Heat a frying pan and add oil. When the oil is hot, pour the mixed eggs and sausage into the pan and scramble them.

5. Pour the scrambled sausage and eggs directly into the dog meal bowl where the dog food has been placed, and stir well with a spoon.

Editorial Review

If you think your dog would be better off with less salt, then you can omit the salt addition in step 3.

In step 4, you can fry them a little older so you can fry the oil in the sausage and then mix it with the dog food for a better flavor. Also, try to use a spatula to cut the eggs and sausage into smaller pieces so they can be more easily mixed with the dog food.

The last thing to note is that even if the sausage and egg meal is ready, you should not give it to your dog right away because the food is very hot at this time of year.

You have to stir it patiently to speed up its cooling so you can also give each dog food a delicious aroma and make the whole tub of rice delicious, deliberately for the dog next to you to smell so he will increase his appetite.


Summer Appetizer #3: Sweet and Sour Cheese Rice


Sweet and sour cheese rice

Summer appetizer #3: Sweet and sour cheese rice


A bowl of yogurt, olive oil, and dog food.

[Food preparation]

1. Heat a little olive oil in a small saucepan over low heat.

2. Place the yogurt in a saucepan and slowly melt as it heats.

3. Be sure to keep the heat low and try to use chopsticks to get the cheese to spread.

4. When the cheese is soft turn off the heat and pour the dog food into the pan, stirring well while it cools.

5. Once completely cooled, the cheese will mix with the dog food, if curdled and stirred with chopsticks.

[Editorial Reviews]

Sour cheese is a great nutrient-rich, digestive aid. Most dogs love it. On hot summer days, dogs are more likely to eat something sweet and sour to whet their appetite.

Sour cheese can spill into hot olive oil, so be careful. Also, it’s best to wash the cheese pan while it’s hot, otherwise the temperature drops and the cheese curdles on the bottom of the pan and is not easy to brush.


Summer Appetizer #4: Shabu Shabu with Spiced Dog Treats


Shabu shabu with spiced dog food

Summer appetizer #4: Shabu shabu with spiced dog food


Sliced shabu shabu, water, and dog food.

[Food preparation]

1. Supermarket-bought shabu shabu slices in small packages: operate when the meat is not thawed, tear the plastic wrap into squares and place the meat in the two corners of the wrap.

2. Roll the plastic wrap into two rolls: don’t roll it too tightly, or the wrap will strangle into the meat when frozen and not peel off easily. It is easy for dogs to eat one roll at a time.

3. Wrap the lamb into small packages: fold the other two corners of the wrap so that one wrap can wrap the meat for two meals for the dog, taking out a small roll of meat on one side at a time.

4. Cook the lamb slices:Put a small roll of lamb in a small bowl, put half a bowl of water in it, and heat it in the microwave. Depending on your preference, you can also add a little salt.

5. Microwave pan heating:Heat the 8000W microwave pan for about 2 minutes, the heating time depends on the amount of meat. Just like we do with shabu-shabu, the meat is cooked to a color that can be cooked slightly older so that the next step is better with scissor cuts.

6. Cut meat with scissors:The reason for cutting meat with scissors is that it saves you the trouble of brushing the board after cutting the meat with a knife.

7. Stir the dog food:Put the dog food in a bowl and stir it.

Editorial Review

The best thing about this shabu-shabu mix is that it’s frugal and nutritious. No preparation time is required. Before each dog’s meal, take a roll of meat and turn it in a microwaveable pan. Lamb is very high in protein and vitamins. It tastes great when mixed with dog food. Dogs love to eat their parents and save time.


The fifth appetizer of summer: shredded chicken and mixed vegetables with dog food

 Three key criteria you need to know to buy dog food

Shredded chicken mixed with dog food

Summer appetizer #5: Shredded chicken and mixed vegetables with dog food


Two small radishes, a bit of celery, 150 grams of chilled chicken breast, and a bowl of dog food.

[Food preparation]

1. First, cook the carrots and celery and cut them into fine julienne strips.

2. Cook the chicken breasts in water and tear them by hand into small strips.

Then put the shredded radish and celery on the plate, and finally the shredded chicken.

4. Mix the above ingredients well with the dog food.

Editorial Review

Simple, healthy meals for dogs include chicken and a few vegetables for a more balanced diet. Dogs need such refreshing meals in the summer when temperatures are high.

To keep your dog’s appetite good in the summer, we might as well stay home and DIY the perfect summer meal tailored to your dog and go for it.

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