Introduction to common grooming products

Until then, it is important to note that all of these nutritional grooming products contain hormones. First, don’t use them on dogs that are too young. Second, don’t use them for a long time. It is best to stop for about a month in between.


1. Mayo Vitapro

Timely supplementation of possible deficiencies in daily feeding, such as environmental changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heavy workload, illness, etc. Pets with poor appetite, dislike of food, picky or partial eating, indigestion, roughness and lack of shine need timely supplementation. Mayo vitamin contains a variety of unsaturated oils, suitable for pet fur growth, to promote the pet’s digestion; more rich Omega 3, Omega 6. vitamins and minerals. Allicin, yeast and the mineral selenium improve health, vitality and immunity.

Product Specifications: 300ML>

Price: 100 RMB

8IN1 Bright Coat Beauty Oil

2. 8IN1 Bright Coat Beauty Oil

Provides trace elements and vitamins needed for healthy skin and bright coat growth, effectively relieves dry skin, shedding, itching, dark color, dandruff and other skin symptoms; directly drops into food; 5ML per 9 KG body weight per day for adult dogs; 5ML per 4.5 KG per day for puppies during pregnancy, lactation and recovery; coat is especially dry, severe shedding, dandruff can be doubled for 5 days and switched to regular dose.

Product specification: 236ml

Price: 70

 US IN Premium Nutrition

3. US IN Premium Nutrition

The main ingredients include soy lecithin, wheat germ, corn, soy, meat and bone meal, animal and vegetable oil vitamin E, cod liver oil, multivitamins, complex amino acids and minerals. Thoroughly improve skin allergies and itching, prevent pet eczema, hair loss and dry skin, often catching skin and itching, nervousness and lack of vitality; smooth estrus, increased number of fetuses, sufficient milk; improve immunity, balance the required nutrients, provide hair protection; strengthen bones, improve reproductive capacity; strong physical condition of dairy dogs, effective improvement of barking and neurotic personality. Mainly for female dogs especially those going into labor, sick dogs and dogs with weak constitution! >

Product specifications are 680g and 3061g respectively

Price:$80 and $350 for the above sizes>



4. AKC Nutritional Beauty Coat Powder

Pure natural materials prepare rich EPA, DHA 11 vitamins, 5 amino acids, 10 trace elements and minerals. It strengthens the immune system of dogs and cats, helps keep the coat moisturized and protected, and keeps your pet healthy with soft, bright hair!

Product Specifications: 1 lb

Price: $110

Cuisinart Nutritional Gold Powder

V. Maxelline Nutritional Gold Powder

A vitamin supplement with high purity omega 3 OMEGA3 daily aromatic food helps dogs improve their coats to their best condition. Every hair has a healthy shine from the bottom to the tip. If dogs and cats have skin diseases, using this product will remove skin viruses, normalize skin production and reduce recurrence.

Product specification: 227G>

Price: $100>


6. High quality seaweed powder

Take half the amount of gold powder, the effect is better than gold powder. Suliko Seaweed Powder is the number one selling product from Suliko and contains 19 types of marine plants and 60 trace minerals. Perfect for dogs that love to bite their tails and lick their paws. High Seaweed Powder helps to improve the thymus and thyroid gland controls the immune system, hormone system and enzyme system. The hormonal system promotes hair growth, especially hair re-growth in areas of hair loss. Improves the animal’s coat color and helps to keep the nose black. It also helps to eliminate redness on black coats such as Rottweilers and Dobermans. High Seaweed Powder helps repair any damaged tissue and can be fed to pregnant dogs to reduce hair loss. Sulico has done its own experiments with Seaweed Minerals and found that hair is thicker, nails are longer and less likely to break. High Seaweed Minerals helps rebuild the immune system. Dogs usually digest 73% of their food, and with High Seagrass Minerals, dogs can digest 92%.

Product Specifications: 227g and 454g

Price:$160 $250 above sizes>

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