Quality wins: professional weight loss treatment

Immediate effect type

1. Quality wins: professional weight loss treatment

According to Star News UK, a company called Pet Fitness can solve the problem of obesity in pet cats for their owners.

Pet Fitness is a store that specializes in weight loss for pets. According to reports, after 100 days of professional weight loss sessions, a super fat cat can immediately lose weight and become a slim cat that is only 9 years old.9 pounds about 4.5 kg.

Professional weight loss treatment


Editor’s Note: This is the fastest way to encounter the most professional method. Of course, the cost may be higher. This method has a quality assurance. It’s perfect for parents who like to fight and make decisions quickly.
Food therapy: Pet weight loss diet

2. Food therapy: pet weight loss diets

Give your pet a low-fat, low-calorie, low-protein, high-fiber diet. When a dog is on a diet, it is most important not to change the weight of the food, but to feed the diet prescription. The pellet size of the diet feed is no different from the regular feed, but the fiber in these feeds is increased to make the dog feel full, but not as high in calories, so with the diet formula feed, you can keep the dog’s food intake, but reduce his calories for the purpose of making the dog lose weight.


Editor’s Note: Food therapy is viewed differently for both pets and people. Some subjects work, but others don’t see results. But give it a try.
New science: pet diet pills

3. New science: pet weight loss pills

Yarvitan, a weight loss pill for dogs, is the world’s first weight loss pill developed specifically for dogs to lose about 6.4 kg per month.Yarvitan liquid, is simple to administer, owners just sprinkle it on their dog’s food and let their pet eat it together. Twice a day for three weeks with the drug L stopping for 2 weeks and then taking it for 3 weeks. The results show that this diet pill can make dogs lose an average of 8% of their body weight. Yarvitan can effectively reduce the risk of diseases such as arthritis in dogs and extend the life of overweight dogs by 18 months.

Taiwan Province has also developed a Chinese dog and cat health food that helps older pets with cardiovascular health, improved skin tone, and weight loss. Also on the market is Samba’s Cellulite Fitness, which eliminates fat and fitness, removes fat, maintains fat and water balance, and restores and maintains your pet’s beautiful physique.


Editor’s Note: Since the advent of the first dog-friendly diet pills Yarvitan pet-friendly diet pills have become one of the products that many pet owners want to wear. The review has two stars mainly because the small side has not tried these products and does not know how effective they are. Parents may want to consider using it.
Change your diet and control your weight

Step by step type

1. Change your diet to control your weight

First, get a handle on the total amount of feedings. This is the most important item to control your pet’s weight. Pay attention to each food you feed your pet and use a cup to control the amount you feed. Usually, the amount of food needed for different weight animals is stated on the pet food bag, so follow the lower limit. For example, if you are reminded to feed 2-3 cups, feed 2 cups.

Second, control the type of food you feed. Don’t feed your dog junk food like pizza, ice cream, cookies, or barbecue. It is best to make your own fresh food, such as carrots, brown rice, lean meat, etc.. It is important to note that some foods, although acceptable to humans, are toxic to animals. Be careful not to feed your dog or cat grapes or raisins, mushrooms, chocolate and coffee. In addition, tomatoes and garlic may also be toxic in cats.



Editor’s Note: Good eating habits are important, and if you can quickly correct your pet’s poor eating habits, you may be able to save the cost of buying weight loss feed, a special treadmill, or attending a weight loss program for your pet, which is a double whammy.
Increasing your pet’s exercise and circulation

2. Increasing your pet’s exercise and circulation

It’s important to mention the pet treadmill designed specifically for pets. Compared to regular treadmills, pet treadmills not only have the same principles, but also look very similar. What makes it unique is that the crossbar of the front support has an adjustable and tightening chain lock. When the pet moves on the treadmill, the owner can first fix it on the chain lock to prevent the pet from running. Fix the dog on the treadmill and run one to twenty minutes a day, so you don’t have to take it out for a walk. This will ensure that the dog gets enough exercise even if it’s indoors.” >

Fixing exercise to increase caloric expenditure, in order for the dog to lose weight successfully, we should increase his caloric expenditure to achieve weight loss. For puppies, with a stable body condition, a slow walk for 20 minutes once a day in the morning and evening; for big dogs, keeping 2 times 30 ~ regular walks for 40 minutes a day will increase calorie consumption and increase stamina through exercise.

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Small comment: Losing weight step by step is good for your dog from either perspective, and losing weight incidentally conditions your pet’s body and forms good habits. More exercise and walks are necessary for your pet to keep up.

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