Will the Afghan Hound shed the hair? In daily life, many people like to have pet dogs, of which the Afghan Hound is more popular, but the Afghan Hound’s coat is relatively long. The following shares whether the Afghan Hound will shed hair, let’s look at it together.

Afghan Hound can be classified according to how much hair it has. For hair care, be very careful. Afghan Hound’s coat requires highly natural so that people look and feel very silky, Afghan Hound is about six months old when it starts to change its hair.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

The most attractive thing about the Afghan Hound is its long, flowing, silky hair, and the long hair that flies gently in the breeze makes it even more gorgeous. The Afghan Hound does not usually shed in life, but due to climate change, health effects and so on, the beautiful Afghan Hound also has the time to clear.

What should a breeder do when it sheds?

For parents, the first thing they should do is to find out what causes the Afghan Hound to lose its hair. For examples, endocrine disorders, seasonal climate changes; excessive salt intake; poor nutrition, severe lack of protein and vitamins, fleas, lice, ear mites and other parasites, and so on.

Simply put, the physiological hair loss of Afghan Hounds due to seasonal climate changes is a normal phenomenon and cannot be avoided. For this reason, parents should not try to stop the physiological shedding of the dog, at this time, the owner only needs to strengthen the daily maintenance so that the Afghan Hound can shed and change hair smoothly and normally, to ensure that the dog can grow back a healthy and shiny coat is the most important.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

In addition, alleviating the Afghan Hound’s hair loss should be the right medicine. We know that your dog’s coat needs enough protein, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients to grow. So when you prepare food for your dog, you must pay attention to the content of nutrients to provide adequate and comprehensive nutrition for your dog, so that its hair can grow shiny and healthy. At the same time, parents can take their dogs to sunbathe, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun can effectively sterilize, but also help the absorption of nutrients in the dog’s body, to promote blood circulation, the Afghan Hound hair change has absolute benefits.

To avoid the Afghan Hound from losing its hair, in addition to a healthy diet, you must also manage its daily life and do a good job of daily care. For example, comb its hair every day; bathe it regularly to clean it; do regular in vitro deworming to avoid parasitic pets and trouble; guide the Afghan Hound to carry out the necessary exercise and so on, these are effective ways to ensure the health of the pet dog and relieve it of hair loss.

do afghan hounds shed

do afghan hounds shed

Do Afghan hounds shed hair?

The Afghan Hound generally does not shed, and its coat will be finished changing at about 6 months of age. After the hair change, its hair can be vertical to the ground, requiring daily combing of the coat. During the shedding period, you can use 1~2 cups of conditioner and 2 tablespoons of coat oil mixed and diluted as the last rinse, left on the coat without washing off, it can prevent the coat from tangling, to strengthen the effect you can add 1 tablespoon of strong conditioner again.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

Use the highly moisturizing coat mousse on the hair of the ears, then wrap the ears in a clean cloth and tie them with a wide band. To prevent them from dipping their long ears into the water when they drink, the tied ears should be tied to a collar.

What to prepare before raising Afghan hounds

  • 1. Prepare the Afghan Hound house: Afghan Hound house should be placed in a quiet, darker place, preferably in the winter and summer cool, ventilated and sheltered place, if possible winter and summer should be chosen in different places.
  • 2. The Afghan Hound’s defecation place should not be changed at will: once the location of the defecator is set, try not to move it around again to prevent the Afghan Hound from defecating anywhere because it cannot find it.
  • 3. Choose a suitable Afghan Hound food bowl: If you choose a plastic bowl to do the Afghan Hound’s food bowl, it is easy to be chewed by the Afghan Hound, and dirty is not easy to wash, buy a more expensive stainless steel basin may be better. It is best to buy the bottom is more stable, not easy to knock over.
  • 4. Choose and Afghan Hound matching collar: collar has a variety of leather, synthetic leather, nylon and metal and so on. Small dogs are best to choose soft ones, while long-haired dogs are prone to hair loss or neck hair if they use collars.
  • 5. In order to keep the Afghan Hound’s hair and skin clean, don’t forget to prepare a hygiene and cleaning supplies for him, such as shampoo, conditioner and comb, brush, as well as nail clippers, tweezers, cotton swabs and so on.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

Finally, buy some daily necessities for Afghan Hound, such as dog water bowl, dog food, sleeping mat, dog crate, leash and so on. In addition, some chew bones, chew gum, paw plates, toys, etc., can also be properly prepared.

Afghan hound’s color variety

The Afghan Hound is an outstanding shepherd and hunting dog in the ancient country of origin, with a keen sense of smell and excellent eyesight, so it has been successful in hunting many times. Because of its noble appearance and excellent companion dog, it is widely favored by people from all walks of life in Europe and America. The Afghan Hound can come in many color combinations, all of which can be surprising. But the rarer color combinations can also be slightly more expensive because they cater to the market, aesthetics, or are rare. Of course, each different color Afghan Hound has its own fan base, and it’s not easy to tell which color is more popular.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

Afghan Hounds give off an aristocratic air, noble, lonely and cool. They have long and dense hair on their bodies, which gently waves in the breeze, making it look even more beautiful and attractive. Afghan Hound’s . Hair color, mainly black covered red, black, iron covered gold, cream color (gold), white, spot color, blue, domino color. The Afghan Hound’s body, loin nest, ribs and legs are covered with dense, silky hair, and its coat is fine and soft in texture. And its hair is shiny. The hair on its head is very stylish, draped in a silky shape, and looks long and long. When it runs, the hair gently flutters up, giving a sense of floating. Strictly speaking, there are not many requirements or restrictions on the color of the Afghan Hound’s coat, so many colors are allowed. Of course, generally colored, or a combination of colors will be better, which will give a more noble temperament.

Afghan Hound can shed hair

How to choose an easy to train Afghan Hound

  • 1. When you are not very strong ability to train Afghan Hound, do not pick a litter of puppies in the largest one to buy, because generally, such puppies have a strong desire to control, not easy to train.
  • 2. Select a puppy with a strong desire for objects. You can take a tennis ball and throw it from the front of a litter of Afghan Hound puppies, and the Afghan Hounds that go after the ball are generally more intelligent.
  • 3. No food in your hand, call them from a distance, the first puppy to run over is more dependent on the owner, and easier to train.
  • 4. When the puppies are playing together, make a strong clap or stomp on the side, it is best not to choose a scared and frightened puppy, such puppies are less courageous, and later may be very barking.

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