ABCs of dog training Good dog breeding manual


I. Developing a puppy’s honest character

After a dog is born for 6 months, it is an emotionally rich period. At this time, emotional education can build a solid emotional foundation with it. You can caress it and make it understand the importance of obeying its owner.

In addition, this period should also involve him in different human and animal encounters to develop his honest and cheerful character.

Caressing is essential to develop his sense of obedience

When grooming your dog, touch not only the head and back but also sensitive areas such as the ears, fingertips, and palaces, so that he gradually gets used to being caressed and brushing his teeth and cleaning his ears will not be difficult.

Also, if the dog is on all fours with his belly exposed, it means he has surrendered or pampered. At this point, you should gently caress him and develop his sense of obedience to his owner.

Groom your dog’s entire body regularly from a young age so that he gradually realizes that grooming is also a pleasure.

2. Let him interact with people and other animals to develop his social skills

If you only let him have contact with his family at home, he will be nervous once he changes to a new environment. Therefore, to develop its happy social skills, it should be exposed to people and other animals early to gain lots of social experience.

When exposing him to other dogs, to prevent him from being scared, expose him to gentle dogs first and then slowly to other dogs. Familiarize the dog with dog language during play.

3. Communicate verbally while playing and gradually get used to humans

Talk to him, play with him, and make him realize that people are not scary animals. Soon, he will have a strong sense of trust in his owner.

/ABCs of dog training Good dog breeding manual

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Second, let the dog help the owner title

I believe relatives can do an excellent job of developing a loyal personality in dogs, and if you train your dog a little bit, you can enjoy the service your dog gives to you.

Perhaps what you want most is for your dog to help its owner carry things. Imagine the comfort of a dog who brings you slippers when you come home from a hard day’s work.

It only takes two steps of training to accomplish a little dream.

1. Have the dog slowly open his mouth, then you give the bite command, then put a newspaper or other item in his mouth and gently hold his jaw until the dog can understand his owner’s meaning and bite the actual item.

2. Have the dog bite the object, then the owner leads him on a leash so the dog can get used to chewing and walking. Once successful, always remember to reward the dog. Repeat several times until you get good at it. The dog walks to the far side on its own to get something for the owner.

ABCs of dog training Good dog breeding manual

III. Getting the dog to wait for its owner

1. Keep the training simple. Think about when you were in kindergarten and the teacher taught that one plus one equals more than simply writing those numbers on the board for everyone to see, and everyone knew that one plus one equals two. So it is with dogs. In addition to giving the command to sit, you would be wise to reach out and make a hand signal that you can master. When the dog sits, you will walk forward for a moment. If he follows you, you should bring him back to the same spot and then repeat the command and supplement it with a hand signal.

2. Do this, and repeat it. Don’t forget to reward your dog when every action is in line. While you’re at it, think about how you resist not getting a penny bonus when you work overtime.

3. Once you become proficient, you can try to distance yourself from your dog gradually, and eventually, your dog is trained to sit obediently within your line of sight and wait for you.

After the editorial: I only choose two typical training here to introduce to my relatives. As long as he can develop the dog’s honest character, the other training can be done well and satisfy all kinds of small selfish desires of the relative. Why not enjoy the joy of training your dog and then want the dog taking care of you :

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