When the emotion expressed by a dog’s tail wagging






Just wagging the tail tip

In some small expectations, the dog’s tail will be up and will only wiggle a small amount at the tip. But when the expectation is confirmed, the range starts to increase.

2. Large tail wags

When you are expecting or happy or excited, the tail will wag sharply from side to side from the root to express happiness.

Wagging slowly

Wagging the tail slowly is a dog’s way of expressing hesitation or overwhelm. The higher the uneasiness, the lower the position of the tail.

IV. Horizontal wagging

When the tail is not high, but only wags sharply at a low level, it represents the complex emotion of a dog that is restless but indomitable.


When the dog’s tail is not wagging the emotion expressed

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5. Stand tall

The tail is held high when the dog is happy, extremely interested, and other positive feelings, or some dogs will put their tails on their backs.

Tail on the body

When a dog is extremely upset, the tail will droop close to the buttocks. At this point, the dog’s whole body will tense up and the feet will bend slightly and move backwards. Although the expression and voice will be extremely strong, it is clear from the tail whether it will struggle with fear.

7. Put it between your feet

Most dogs will put their tails and clouds between their feet when they are extremely fearful, and some dogs will get close to their bellies. However, some dogs will make a blessing on the cloud kite I ε碌 difficult? son.

PS: No tail OR short-tailed breeds

For these breeds, we can watch the muscle activity of the buttocks and imagine the tail getting longer. You have to use your imagination. Source:>

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