Imitation porcelain double bowl

People are most important to people, and dogs are oh so important, and if you don’t eat well, it’s a listless appearance and painful to watch! Eating well starts with a good pet bowl, an essential item to take your baby on trips and walks. The following good pet bowls are the perfect companion for your dog.



Double bowl faux porcelain pet

Specifications: Large Total length above 24cm, total length below 26cm Single bowl diameter 10.5cm, bowl depth 5.5cm

Product Description: High temperature resistant, no odor, no deformation, sturdy and durable! The bottom of the bowl has a glue dot. Increase the friction with the ground, not easy to move and flip. Fine workmanship, guide angle design smooth, can avoid scratching baby! ~>

Non-slip design, unique and exquisite, very beautiful pattern, beautiful and delicious – super luxurious and beautiful top dog food bowl bowl to give your pet an appetite ^-^~>

Reference price: $9.80>


Stainless steel non-slip dog bowl



Pet Advanced Stainless Steel Non-Slip Dog Bowl for Small and Medium Dogs

Specifications: Medium Bowl mouth outside diameter: 15.5cm Bowl bottom diameter: 22cm High : 6CM

Product Description: Imported high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, foreign trade exports, superior quality, thick texture, compact and exquisite, is the first choice to prevent pets from chewing food bowl.

Reference price: $13.00>


Plastic Clear Snap-On Bowl



Plastic transparent snap-on bowl

Specification: Inner diameter 11.5CM Height: 12cm

Product Description:Bright colors and special height design greatly reduces the long ears that get wet when drink and eat. The foreign trade quality is durable and a good choice for Koka’s pets.

Reference Price: $8.50>


Love pet fish-shaped double bowl



Love Favourites Fish Shaped Double Bowl

Specification:Overall length 23cm Overall width 17.5cm Bowl height 3.2cm Bowl mouth inner height 2.5cm Weight 0.1KG

Product Description:Love pet fish-shaped double wrist 2009 new shiny listing imitation cute fish shape design novel and unique

Reference price: $3.80>


Spill-proof pet bowl



Splash proof pet bowl

Specification: 22.5diameter X 9height cm Wall thickness: 2.5mm Lid opening diameter: 14cm Weight: 260g

Product Description: Are you still worried about your little naughty egg getting wet and dirty on the floor when you eat and drink? The spill-proof dog bowl, which is popular in Europe and the United States, has finally arrived in China! With it, your worries are all swept away! It is a great way for dogs to eat and drink what they want, and even if they move a lot, they won’t spill much!

What’s more, when there is very little water in the bowl, even if a naughty dog accidentally overturns the bowl, the water will not spill. It’s especially good for big, spirited dogs.

This bowl has a very special use! It can be used in the car! I mean, on the road, oh, don’t worry about bumpy roads for long distances, there’s a splash-proof bowl and you can let the dog drink in the car.

Reference price: $12.30

Cartoon Pet Bowl



Cartoon pet bowl

Specifications: Small Base diameter 14cm*4cm high

Product Description: The product is slow to conduct heat, not hot, smooth edge, delicate and comfortable to touch, easy to clean.

A variety of varieties and shapes, the finished product is brightly colored, beautiful and generous, closer to nature and life.

Reference price: $1.88>

Foldable Pet Bowl

Nutritional Powders for Canaan Dogs


Collapsible Pet Bowl Travel Bowl

Specification: 15*10cmdiameter/height>

Product Description: Canvas collapsible water bowl, lined with waterproof layer, can be folded, unfolded is a water bowl water bowl food bowl after use can also be folded to place

Reference price: $5.00>

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