Baby pets need a lot of water, but we can’t just take a bowl or a plate to give our dog water, it’s easy to dirty the water, because the dog’s water problem can’t be ignored, and it’s easy to get sick if drinking dirty water. Especially when traveling with a baby pet, you can not bring dog food, but do not forget to bring a pet water fountain. Travel water bottle can not only be used as a water tool, but also as a drinking water tool, killing two birds with one stone, carry with you when you go out, convenient, clean and hygienic. Walking, car rides, excursions – drink when you want, your baby will never be thirsty again!



Pet Filter Drinker Anti-slip>

Specification: square, bottom width 22CM, mouth width 20CM, bowl height 8CM, depth 6.5CM; can hold about 1500ML of water at a time.

Product description: The white grid pad in the bowl can be removed, fill the water first, then snap on the grid pad, it can filter out some dirt properly when the dog is drinking, suitable for all dogs.

Reference price: $24.68




Dr. Pet Leisure Drinker

Specifications: Large

Product Description:

1. This waterer is a leisure pet waterer that allows your pet to use clean and hygienic water anytime and anywhere travel, walk, field, etc.. . The drinking device has a metal lock and is easy to carry around by hanging on your waist.

2. The water dispenser bottle is well sealed to prevent leaks. No excess water will leak out when your pet drinks, which saves water and keeps the water source in the bottle clean and sanitary.

3. Save water.

Reference price: $21.00>




Taiwan Champion Treasure Drinker

Specification: 800ml

Product Description: Can be fixed on the pet cage at will, the height of the water jug installed in the pet cage can be freely installed to meet the needs of different size dogs and solve the problem of turning over the pot when the dog plays! Kettle body for high-quality non-toxic plastic, drinking head quality stainless steel products, long service life, easy to clean. It is more convenient to take him when traveling or walking.

Championship series water bottles are especially suitable for small and medium-sized bearded dogs.

Reference Price: $65.00>




Portable water dispenser

Specifications: overall length of about 25 cm, of which the kettle is 22 cm long CM holding water about 500 ML>

Product Description: Made of high quality edible plastic, easy to use. When in use, the bottle is broken into the sink for water supply. When not in use, the bottle can be rotated and put into the sink.

Travel essential travel water bottle. Don’t let your beloved baby run out of water, and a clean and hygienic water source will prevent your baby from accidentally eating dirty water from the roadside! Perfect for dog-sledding, field trips and more.

Reference Price: $10.00>




Sitting water dispenser convenient for home use

Specification: 500ml

Product Description: Automatic refill basin, a refill bottle, the owner only needs to twist the water or pure water bottle on the basin every day, twist the bottle water can automatically flow into the side of the basin, add a certain amount due to pressure automatically stop, when the dog drink some will automatically add.

With this water dispenser, it definitely saves and reassures owners who have to go to work every day, and the dog can have enough water for him to drink ~ please prepare your own food and water utensils for each pet, and keep them clean often.

Ref: $18.00>

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Bobo Pet Drinker Regular>

Specification: Bottle height 25CM Bottle mouth diameter 6CM

Product Description: High quality hanging pet drinking bottle, solve the problem of dirty mouth hair when pets drink from food bowls, ensure the water quality is not contaminated. The wide mouth diameter design is suitable for large, medium and small dogs.

A good dog drinking bottle to hang on cages and other items so your baby always has water to drink! >

Effectively keeps water clean from flies, dust and other contaminants, and prevents hair around the mouth from getting wet.

Reference price: $8.00>

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